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"Oblomov and Stolz" - an essay based on the novel by Goncharov IA. "Oblomov"

The main characters of the novel IA. Goncharov's Oblomov are Oblomov and Stolz. The composition must begin with a description of the writer's intent. Goncharov shows the gradual death of the human soul. Of course, the author was not the first to bring such an image to the pages of the work, but he portrayed it in such a vast and multifaceted manner that literature before him did not know.

Barin Ilya Oblomov

From the beginning of the novel, the writer introduces the reader to the unremarkable master Ilya Oblomov. This is a typical image of the Russian nobility. Inactive, imposing, loose, passive. The plot is devoid of action, intrigue. Absolutely incomprehensible seems apathy of Ilya Oblomov. For days on end Ilya is lying on the couch in a greasy dressing-gown and thinks it over. There are a lot of ideas in his head, but none of them finds further continuation. Oblomov has no desire to start a conversation. He tries not to disturb the peaceful course of life in Oblomovka. His lazy dreams are interrupted only by petitioners who cash in on him. And Oblomov does not care. He is so far from reality that he does not even notice the true intentions of his "guests." And here Goncharov introduces the dream of Oblomov, who brings us to the childhood of the hero. That's where the reason for his behavior lies. It was in childhood that a man who was not adapted to life was raised from a boy. Indulging his wishes, protecting him from any action, Ilyusha was inspired by the idea that there is nothing to do, there is always someone who will do it for him. Typical position of the nobles who live at the expense of the peasants.

Arrival of a friend

Ilya Oblomov's life changes with the arrival of Andrei Stoltz, an old friend. Oblomov sincerely hopes that Stolz is able to change the current situation, is able to get him out of the state of half-slumber. And indeed, there comes a handsome young man, who has acquired both experience and money. It's not for nothing that Goncharov compares him to the bloody English horse. Unlike a friend, Stolz in Oblomov is alien to dreaming and laziness. He is a practitioner in everything.

It can not be said that Oblomov was always the same as now. In the days of his youth, Ilya and Andrei studied science together, enjoyed life, sought something. However, then alive and active Andrew could not captivate Oblomov with his enthusiasm, and gradually this young gentleman revived in his estate the situation to which he had been used since childhood. Stolz in the novel "Oblomov" is the complete opposite of the main character and at the same time the closest person. And it helps to reveal the characteristics of Ilyusha, to reveal and emphasize its advantages and disadvantages.

Friends from childhood

Heroes are friends of childhood. These are two completely different in nature of man, which brought fate. Ilya Oblomov from an early age was a favorite of the family. He lived in harmony with himself and with the world around him. Ilyusha had everything he wanted. His relatives protected him from all troubles. He grew up as a kind of darling of fate, being brought up on nannies' fairy tales, in an atmosphere of laziness and serenity, without much desire to learn, to learn something new. As a teenager, Oblomov gets acquainted with Stolz in the neighboring village of Verhlevo. A little gentleman, accustomed to be blissful in his estate, - Ilya, enters into a completely different world, energetic, new. The father of Andrew Stoltz early taught his son to be independent, having brought up German pedantry in him. From the mother of a friend Oblomov Stolz inherited a love of poetry, from his father - a craving for science, to accuracy and accuracy. Since childhood, he not only helps his father in business, but works and receives salary. Hence the ability of Andrei to make bold and independent decisions, to answer for his actions. Even outwardly, friends are absolutely the opposite. Ilya is a full, flabby, listless man who does not know what work is. On the contrary, Andrei is a smart, cheerful, active man, accustomed to constant work. The lack of movement for him is like death.

The table "Oblomov and Stolz", located below, will make it possible to more clearly represent the difference in the characters' images.

Love in the life of heroes

Both experience love differently in life. In love, Oblomov and Stolz are completely opposite. Composition by virtue of volume can not cover the totality of differences between the heroes of the novel. However, the theme of love should be considered.

When Ilya's dull routine brightens up Olga, he comes to life, from an flabby creature turns into an interesting man. The energy in Oblomov is the key, everything is necessary for him, everything is interesting. He forgets about his old habits and even wants to get married. But suddenly he is beginning to be tormented by doubts about the true love of Olga. The endless questions posed by Oblomov to himself ultimately do not allow him to change his life. He returns to his former existence, and nothing touches him. Andrew Stolz loves selflessly, passionately, giving himself up to the feeling without a trace.

Opposites converge

In other words, we see that Oblomov and Stolz (the work reflects a generally accepted point of view) are completely different people who have grown up in different environments. However, it was this difference that brought them closer together. Each of them finds in another what he lacks himself. Oblomov attracted Stolz with a calm and kind disposition. And vice versa, in Ilya Ilya is fascinated by life activity. The time of both tests for strength, but their friendship only grows stronger.

Table "Oblomov and Stolz"

Ilya Oblomov

Andrew Stolz


Oblomov is a tribal nobleman living in accordance with patriarchal traditions.

Stolz is the son of a German who manages the estate of a Russian noblewoman.


He was brought up in an atmosphere of idleness. Was not accustomed to mental or physical labor.

Since childhood, fond of science and art, early began to earn and make independent decisions.

Life position

Half asleep vegetation, dreaminess, lack of desire to change anything

Activity, practicality

Character traits

Kind, calm, weak, lazy, sincere, dreamer, philosopher

Strong, intelligent, hard-working, cheerful

Oblomov and Stolz are readers of this type. The work can be completed with the words of the author himself: "In him was that which is dearer than any mind: an honest, faithful heart! This is his natural gold; He carried it unharmed through life. "

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