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Shooters for the weak PC: the best games

Shooters - this is one of the most popular genres of computer games. The gameplay is sharpened on shooting and confrontation with enemies. The genre itself is divided into several branches. These video games are among the oldest. Nevertheless, this direction is popular to this day. Annually, many new programs are coming out, where the player is able to kill the enemy both in a single company and in real time. However, the system capacity requirements also increase every year. Shooters for the weak PC nevertheless exist and are popular until now.

"Counter Strike"

Many shooters for weak PCs try to copy the legendary game Countstrike. In the environment of gamers, it is also known as "CS", or "Contra". The gameplay itself is extremely simple in understanding. But this makes the game incredibly addictive. Released in 2003, version 1.6 is popular now.

There are two teams in the game: terrorists and special forces. The player can choose any of them. The game is divided into rounds, each for 5-7 minutes. To win the round, you must destroy all the enemies or perform special tasks, such as the withdrawal of hostages or the bombing. For each task performed or a killed enemy, money is credited. They can be spent on the purchase of weapons and equipment.


In the arsenal there are copies of real weapons. One of the most popular is the AK-47, M-16, a knife and a pistol with a cartridge of 7 cartridges. There are three types of grenades: blinding, smoke, fragmentation. Rounds occur on different cards. In the original version of the game they are several dozen. But special programs allow users to create maps of their own design, which increases interest in the game.

In 2012, the company "Valve" released an online version of "Counter Strike" - "Globes Ofiens." Its system requirements are somewhat higher than the standard game, but it is quite acceptable. Other shooters for weak PCs have higher video card requirements.

"Call of Duty"

Shooters for weak PCs are often the progenitors of modern popular games with high demands. These include the famous video game Call of Duty (in Russian "Call of Honor"). This is not just a great shooter with comfortable gameplay, but also an exciting story. The gameplay will take you to the battlefields of the Second World War. The "Holy War" version is extremely popular in the post-Soviet space. The player is invited to go through complex missions for a Red Army soldier named Vasily. In this he will benefit from various types of weapons and ammunition. At the same time, the character can carry no more than three weapons. These are PPSS assault rifles, German Mausers (which can only be obtained as trophies from a killed enemy) and heavy machine guns. For the hidden murder and shooting for long distances there is Mosin's rifle and some other sniper weapons of that era.

Shooters for weak PCs rarely boast such a well-developed physics and arsenal as in "Call of Duty." The main character can duck, crawl, shoot because of shelter, beat with a butt of weapons. Also in some missions there is the possibility of firing from various types of weapons, such as tanks, machine guns, howitzers and so on. The atmosphere and scenery of Soviet cities and villages, as well as Russian speech will make the gameplay an unforgettable experience.

Team games shooters for weak PCs

One of the most interesting areas in shooters is games that are sharpened for the team game. They can be played both with friends and with random people on the network. Online shooters for weak PCs, as a rule, have sequels, after which the old version is no longer supported. However, there are various online platforms for such games (such as Garena and Steam). Quite popular shooter of this genre - Left 4 Dead. In this game, you and your teammates (or bots) will have to confront a horde of zombies.

The game process consists in the passage of individual mission maps. You will have to fight with hordes of zombies to get to the point of salvation. For this you can use both weapons and improvised means like a hockey stick, chainsaw, a baseball bat. To survive, will have to be clearly coordinated with teammates. For example, one lures a zombie, another throws a can of gasoline (in the game you can pick up some things), and the third shoots at it. Also in the game there are various "bosses" - especially powerful mutants. In the game on the network, you can pass a mission and for them, which is not in a single company.


Shooters for weak PCs often use as motive the fighting that really happened in history. One such is Battlefield. In it, the player can fight other users on large-scale maps.

The uniqueness of this game is the presence of a set of objects with which you can interact. For example, you can take a plane, a car, a tank. There are also such specific options as the call of artillery fire and the detonation of plastic explosives. The best shooters for weak PCs take the example of the gameplay "Battlefield". And their relevance indicates a good quality.

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