How to create products of polymer clay

Currently, there is a large number of materials that help create works of art and simply beautiful things used in everyday life. One such universal material is polymer clay (PG), which is sometimes called thermoplastic or plastic. In the domestic market, it appeared recently and immediately won great popularity among artists, designers and ordinary people, fond of needlework, because products made of polymer clay have beauty and are unique.

Polymer clay is somewhat like plasticine, but when heated it hardens, turning into a strong plastic, which is the strongest among the various types of clays and plastic materials. In addition, the PG is so easy to use that it is widely used in the creation of products at home. It should be noted that the figures from the polymer clay are obtained in various shapes and colors, since when working with it you can create a large number of new shades, as well as when working with paints.

Polymer clay is self-hardening and requires baking.

1. Self-hardening SG:

A) easy. Such products of polymer clay quickly dry out, but they shrink. This clay is well suited for modeling paintings, sculptures and panels. Finished products are covered with oil paints or varnish, the frame can be wood or metal.

B) heavy polymer clay. This material is similar in its properties to ordinary clay, it is heavy and often cracked after drying, so it is suitable for creating small sculptures.

C ) cold porcelain. The material is well suited for creating colors, because it can be rolled into thin sheets.

2. Polymer clay requiring baking:

A) firm. Well suited for modeling small parts or jewelry.

B) soft GHG. Suitable for large parts.

When creating one product, you can combine these two types of clay, but it is advisable to purchase clay from one manufacturer. For today on sale there are various kinds and marks of thermoplastic.

Consider an example of making dolls of polymer clay with their own hands .

It will take Board for rolling clay, rolling pin, scalpel, brush, oil or acrylic paints. First you need to take a piece of clay and heat it until it becomes plastic. Then on a plastic board it needs to be rolled out to give a cone or oval shape. Next, the doll itself is molded, it can be completely different, depending on imagination and imagination. Scalpel cut out small details, such as eyes or mouth. The finished product is placed in the oven and baked according to the instructions. After the doll has cooled, it needs to be painted with a brush and paints.

Thus, products from polymer clay Can be very different, it all depends on the imagination of the sculptor. However, with the technology of making sculptures should follow a few tips. So, when molding from clay, the product can be given a certain shade with a cotton swab and dry paint, after baking paint from such a product does not get off, and it will look more beautiful. Bake the product immediately after molding, but do not open the oven immediately, it is necessary that the product is cooled, as with a sharp drop in temperature it can crack.

Products made of polymer clay attract attention with its beauty and unusual. Such material is easy to use, durable and environmentally friendly. Well suited to those who have children, because nothing so takes the child, as the modeling of various favorite heroes. In addition, this process develops small motor skills and attention.

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