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February holidays in Russia. Orthodox holidays in February

The shortest month of the year, February is a whole storehouse of various holidays, both Orthodox and state or recognized in narrow circles. What can we do, perhaps, such a mentality in our person - to honor the traditions and their, and the neighbor, and just those who like. Let's see what holidays it is worth to know and remember in the cold February cold.

The most famous holidays of February

If you ask an average citizen about the February holidays, then the first to remember the Day of All Lovers and, of course, the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland.

A touching and most beloved holiday of all lovers, which is just overflowing with petals of tender roses, bright postcards, lots of kisses and, of course, confessions of love - Valentine's Day. In all corners of the planet it is celebrated by adults and very young lovers who so desire to make at least one of the cold winter days full of warmth and smiles.

We must not forget the Day of the defender of the patronymic, which is celebrated by all men who served in the army, or plan to join the ranks of state defenders.

February 23 is a special day for a Russian person. At the state level, it was made a day off. That's why, if you planned a holiday for the February holidays, then you can go somewhere outside the city these days.

In the winter we love to celebrate professionally

Indeed, February is just full of various holidays. In some sources, you can find a lot of information about the holidays for each day. Most of them are professional, such as, for example:

- February 6 - Day of the bartender;

- February 8 - the day that is considered a professional holiday for surveyors;

- February 10 - diplomatic workers proudly declare that this is their day;

- February 14 - computer scientists can not only give Valentine's Day on this day, but also congratulate each other on the Day of the programmer ;

- February 21 - tour guides gather in their close circle to celebrate a professional holiday.

Unusual February holidays

It is worth noting that in the February calendar, you can find many interesting dates, about which most do not know. But still for those who are interested, let's list them:

- Do you like to be ill in February? Then you have every right to celebrate 11.02 The day of the patient, which is recognized at the world level.

- The day of the whale is officially scheduled for February 19. This date was not chosen by chance, it was on that day that a law was passed that prohibits whaling.

- To conclude this list, it is worth mentioning the International Day of Polar Bear. This is very important - to realize the importance of the existence of each species, and the polar bears were given this particular date - February 2-7.

We love the East so much

Many Russians just love to spend (or are still only dreaming about it) the February holidays in China.

If you have planned a weekend in the Middle Kingdom, then it's best to "rip" it there in February, because in China the New Year's date is not fixed, as we do, and in most cases falls precisely on February.

It will be the most unforgettable, bright, juicy, emotion-filled New Year in your life. Absolutely other traditions, for which it is so interesting to observe and even take part, will amaze you. Give yourself a similar charge of the February positive, so that the whole year be charged and alert. February holidays in China - it is always unusual and unrepeatable. Especially for the Russian soul.

And where to go for the February holidays in the state? Interesting ideas

Do not want to go abroad? If you want to spend the February holidays in Russia, then we hasten to please you - there are a lot of places that are recommended to visit real lovers of travel.

The simplest and no-lose option is to poison yourself in the capital, and, of course, St. Petersburg. These cities at any time of the year, in any month are beautiful, and there is something to see.

At the February holidays in Russia, you can also visit the domestic resorts, receive medical treatment in order to be full of energy and energy in the spring, overcome any difficulties and earn a decent rest on the best beaches in the world.

It is not bad to spend holidays in February visiting their relatives in the village. A lot of interesting traditions, about which you have not heard, you can see with your own eyes. And although many like to visit the village in the summer, in winter it is really a magical place, especially if you can be present, for example, at the celebration of Maslenitsa with all traditions.

Orthodox holidays, celebrated in February

Orthodox holidays are no less important and expensive for the heart. It is customary to read such traditions in most families, so it is important to know when exactly these orthodox February holidays come to celebrate them, showing their respect for religion and the church. Many people think that it's enough to give up work in this period, but this is a completely wrong attitude. Orthodox holidays have a deep sacral meaning, you can comprehend, only deeply plunging into religion, visiting the church.

Such holidays are classified into rolling and still. Everyone's favorite Carnival belongs to the Midsummer, since its date depends on the date of Easter.

For example, in February 2015, such ecclesiastical feasts in February as the Meeting of the Lord and Shrovetide fell on February 15 and 16, respectively. If you are interested in a particular church holiday, it is better to look for his date in the church calendar for this year.

What is worth remembering ...

Many people think that the Orthodox holidays in February - this is a good reason to meet with friends, to celebrate in their company. This is really so. But first of all, if you want to celebrate Orthodox holidays in February according to all canons, it is worthwhile to visit the church and listen to the advice of the clergy about the proper respect for church traditions.

In order to feel all the purity that any Orthodox holiday conceals in oneself, one should not forget about fasting and abstinence in entertainments, in order to purify both one's soul and body.

We are the creators of the holiday

Whatever it was, it is not necessary to expect any specific date, so that it's fun and interesting to spend time with people who are close to you. In the search for an answer to the question of where to go to the February holidays, you should first answer yourself - do you want to really go somewhere in the winter. A good tip for everyone who plans their vacation: do not tie it to some specific holiday dates of the calendar, it is better to do it when there is a desire and opportunity. With this attitude, any day of your life can be turned into a bright holiday.

February can be a real month of adventure, if you have free time for this. For those who like to visit overseas resorts, we want to open a little secret: it's best to go to the seaside in February - it's not a season, which means that the availability of the cost of tours and the absence of crowds of vacationers is assured.

The main thing is to find out the prices for tours in time, to choose the most suitable variant, so that in a hurry again you will not forget about something very important.

But still try to make every month of your life unforgettable, not only February. All in your hands!

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