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How to cook sturgeon in the oven

How to cook sturgeon in the oven, probably interested in lovers of healthy eating. A fish, such as sturgeon, is extremely tasty, no matter how it is cooked. It is appreciated precisely for the uniqueness and tenderness of taste, as well as for sturgeon caviar. On sale, such fish is found in frozen form and, of course, fresh.

Sturgeon in the oven entirely, and even cooked with spices and various vegetables, is an unconditional super delicacy. Baked in the oven, the fish, perhaps, and much more useful for the body than fried. Sturgeon in the oven can be prepared by any hostess or host at home.

How to cook sturgeon in the oven yourself? Before baking fish, it must be thoroughly gutted, and unnecessary parts are removed by shearing. Now the sturgeon needs to be thoroughly washed with running water from all sides. You can say that the beginning is laid, but before you cook sturgeon in the oven, you need to rub it with salt and let it stand for a while. Usually up to ten minutes, but can be less - about five minutes. After the fish is saturated with salt, the excess must be washed off with running water.

Now it takes a few minutes to dry the sturgeon, putting it on a paper towel. Before you cook sturgeon in the oven, that is, before you put it into it, you need to season the fish with spices. This can be parsley, thyme or, for example, black pepper. Here you need to try not to pour excess, so as not to break spices specific fishy smell and not spoil the whole ritual of cooking delicacy.

How to cook sturgeon in an oven in spicy sauce. Ingredients will need the following:

  • The fish itself (sturgeon) - weighing half a kilogram.
  • One carrot,
  • Breadcrumbs - 200 grams,
  • Two chicken eggs,
  • Two onions,
  • celery,
  • green pea.

To sturgeon was easier to clean and gut, it should be dipped for several minutes in a pan with hot water standing on the stove. After the fish is cleaned and gutted, prepare the broth. In the same water (broth), you must add crushed herbs, onions, carrots, peas, celery in advance. The broth should be seasoned with a bay leaf and salt to taste. Purified sturgeon is immersed after the mixture boils.

The contents are cooked over low heat, and then cooled. Sturgeon should be cut into small slices. These slices are breaded in pre-cooked crumbs and butter butter. Having spread out on a lattice, we place all slices in an oven and bake up to full readiness. In the meantime, a special hot sauce is being prepared. For this purpose, in special dishes you need to mix horseradish, mayonnaise and sugar. Insists such a refueling in the refrigerator for half an hour. That's all! The fish is served with dressing with the addition of a garnish of vegetables.

Another recipe. This time it will be sharp in the oven entirely with sour cream sauce.

It will take us, of course, the fish itself - a semikilogram sturgeon. Sour cream should be oily, salt and black pepper to taste.

With scraped fish cut off all the cartilage. First, carefully, sturge the sturgeon with pepper and salt and put it in a frying pan. Also now you need to grease the fish with sour cream and sprinkle with olive oil. Adding about a gram of one hundred and fifty water, we send it all to the oven. The temperature should be average. Baking sturgeon, therefore, periodically need to be greased with its secreted juice. The procedure takes an average of half an hour.

After our delicacy dish is ready, the sturgeon should be cut into slices in portions. Now the slices are laid out on a serving dish. Pieces also need to be poured with a sauce in which sturgeon was prepared. As a side dish, potatoes with vegetable salad are perfect. And you can decorate a dish with lemon slices. All this turns out very tasty and useful. I wish you bon appetit!

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