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Culinary arts: how to cook crabs?

There are few people who would not like to eat seafood. Especially when it comes to crab meat. After all, no one will ever dispute his gorgeous taste and useful properties. But in order to get a very high-quality finished product, you'll have to work hard. You need to know how to make the right purchase, how to cut and most importantly - how to cook crabs. We will try to provide some useful information about this.

Why do we love crab meat so much?

The answer is simple enough - for the presence in it of certain vitamins and macro / micronutrients. Which ones? Vitamin A and B. The first has a beneficial effect on hair, nails, skin, eyesight and the human immune system, the second - on the work of his nervous system and brain, as well as the cardiovascular system and metabolism. Micro / macro elements:

  • Potassium - useful for blood pressure and bone system;
  • Iodine - metabolism and thyroid gland;
  • Zinc - brain activity, memory, formation of bones;
  • Sodium - promotes good digestion, muscle tissue;
  • Magnesium - nervous system, immune processes;
  • Calcium - bone tissue renewal, metabolism.

After mentioning the useful properties, we will dwell in more detail on how to cook crabs, so that they are also delicious.

How to cut boiled crab?

Cutting is a very important step in the preparation of a delicious dish. Most often the landlady buys this seafood in the already cooked form. Well, what to do with it?

  1. Make the right choice when buying. It is advisable to look inside and make sure that there is a lot of meat. Prepare a home tool for cutting: two bowls, a board, a skewer made of metal, a teaspoon and a small hammer.
  2. We put the crab on the board, with our backs down, we unscrew the claws and legs, we put them back.
  3. Put your thumbs on the lower shell, bend the upper one from both sides and take out the spongy gills of grayish-white color.
  4. From under the shell we get a long white oblong part. There and in the place of joining the claw, in the cracks, there will be many pieces of very tasty meat, scrape it out and lay it on bowls - depending on the color.
  5. Pincers break with a hammer and with the help of a skewer extract white meat.
  6. Season with ground pepper, salt, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. In this case, the meat is laid out: on the one hand - brown, on the other - white. Decorate with parsley and serve with mayonnaise and a green salad.

How to cook crabs yourself?

For this we need: two kilograms of crabs, one leaf of a bay leaf, five peas of black pepper, two pieces of cloves, a teaspoon of sea salt, one clove of garlic and one lemon. We put a large pot of water on the fire. Immediately place there clove, pepper, bay leaf and salt. Garlic, passed through garlic - also into the water. We cut the lemon in two and squeezed it into a saucepan. We are waiting for boiling water and send our seafood there. We came to an important question about how much to cook crab. Do this 15 minutes. No more, no less. Now you know how to cook crabs. We serve them whole or cut them as described in detail above.

We cook delicacy - we cook crab claws

This part of the seafood is a well-known delicacy, which, with its constant use, will bring great benefits to the body, since it lacks fats, but there is a lot of protein. There are many ways of how to cook crab claws. We will consider one that is simpler.

Ingredients : for one kilogram of crab claw we will need a liter of water, sea salt and 70 grams of sugar. It's much easier! Cooking for a couple. Pour the water into a saucepan, add sugar and salt, stir. We rinse the claws, put them in an enameled bowl, and it - on a saucepan and close with a lid. So we cook 10 minutes, we take out and let it cool down a little. It is recommended to serve on a flat large dish with the addition of creamy melted butter. Sugar gives a special flavor. You can also use a steamer for cooking.

Cooking chicken with crabs in Indonesian

It is clear that there are many different ways of cooking from the seafood we are considering. Here the most important thing is that one of your favorite dishes are crabs. There are always recipes for cooking . Let's try to cook something a little exotic, for example, chicken with crabs in Indonesian.

Let's prepare the ingredients : chicken pulp - 250 grams, canned crabs - 125 grams, rice - one glass, water - two glasses, onion - 3-4 pcs, Bulgarian pepper - one piece, garlic - two teeth, sugar - one teaspoon, One tomato or cucumber, a banana, an egg, vegetable oil - one tablespoon, ground nuts - two tablespoons, to taste - salt and red ground pepper. We rinse the rice, dip it into salted boiling water and cook until the state of crumbly porridge. Cover with a napkin and, in order not to get cold, put it on a water bath. We clear sweet pepper, onion and garlic, rinse, grind and fry in vegetable oil a little. Add the chicken, cut into small cubes, sprinkle with salt and pepper, fry until the meat blushes. We put rice, sugar, meat of crabs and 3-5 minutes still fry. As a side dish we use circles of hard-boiled eggs, tomato slices or cucumber slices, banana slices, ground nut. Immediately served on the table. Bon Appetit!

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