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Cake with berries

Long since the existence of a pie on the table was a guarantee of well-being, so the girls taught them to bake from childhood. For a while, such pastries were even valued above bread, and today it has not lost its popularity. Recently, on the home table of many housewives, you can often find a pie with berries or fruit filling. It has great taste, beautiful appearance and delicate aroma, and also contains various vitamins and micro-macro elements, therefore it is useful for adults and children alike. It should be said that the latter is very fond of eating with cream, washed down with compote or fresh tea.

A cake with berries is rich in recipes, as there are a lot of varieties of fillings and dough. Berries such as currants, cranberries, bilberries or gooseberries are used for baking open cakes, and cherries, raspberries and strawberries are in closed (most often puff).

Consider a few recipes, like baking a cake with berries.

Cherry pie with cognac

Ingredients: two hundred grams of butter, six hundred grams of flour, three yolks, one hundred grams of sugar, half a glass of sour cream, one packet of baking powder, one spoonful of starch. Filling: seven hundred grams of cherries, two hundred grams of sugar, two spoons of cognac.

First of all, you need to make a dough. For this, the oil is softened and ground with flour. Yolks with sugar beat, add sour cream, flour with butter, starch, baking powder, knead the dough and leave it for forty minutes in a cold place.

In the meantime, prepare the filling. To do this, the cherries are mixed with sugar.

After a while, the dough is divided into two parts (unequal). The big spread in the oiled form, making the skirts, top put the cherries, sprinkling them with cognac. Then, the remaining dough is divided into two equal halves, one of which is made with a grate on the cake, and the second is a spike that is attached to the edges of the product. Baking is put in the oven for forty minutes.

Sand cake with berries

Ingredients: half a kilogram of blueberries, two hundred grams of sugar, two glasses of flour, one egg, one yolk, two hundred grams of butter, one vanilla sachet.

Berries are washed, poured with sugar and left for one hour. Meanwhile, in the egg and yolk, add two tablespoons of sugar, vanilla, softened butter, flour and knead the dough.

The finished dough is put in a cold place for half an hour, then a quarter is put aside, and the rest is rolled out and put in a greased form, making the sides. From above pour berries and cover with the remained test, having made from it a lattice. The product is baked for forty minutes.

Pie with cottage cheese and berries

Ingredients: seventy grams of creamy butter, one hundred and fifty grams of biscuits, two hundred and thirty grams of fat cottage cheese, one spoon of vanillin, four tablespoons of powdered sugar, and three hundred grams of sour cream, three glasses of cherry, eight spoons of currant jam.

A cookie crumb is combined with pre-melted butter, mix well, put into a mold and put for half an hour in a cold place.

In the meantime, the cottage cheese is whipped, sugar powder, vanillin added and mixed again. Sour cream is also beaten with a mixer until it starts to hold the shape, then add to the cottage cheese. The resulting mixture is spread into a mold (on top of a crumb) and again put for half an hour in a cold place.

After a lapse of time on top of a layer of sour cream spread cherries and poured jam from the currant. The pie with berries is ready.

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