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Quality lighting as a factor in increasing labor productivity

The importance of lighting is known for a long time. It is established that up to 90% of information about the world around us is obtained by sight. Lighting in this case is of particular importance not only for working capacity, but also for the psyche, emotional state. For this reason, it is so important to ensure visual comfort for employees.

High-quality lighting In offices should be primarily functional. It is impossible to ignore the style of the room, but first of all it is important to pay attention to the level of illumination, distribution of brightness, color temperature, color rendition and limitation of the blinding effect. All these indicators have precisely set digital parameters.

The best decision

To ensure increased light output, the best choice will be L-office LED lights. They are perfect for offices, offices and other public buildings. Among the main advantages of these devices are the following:

  • Universal fasteners provide quick and easy installation. Due to design features, L-office LED lights can be installed not only in recessed ceilings, but also on any suitable surface.
  • The housing of the luminaires is made of special plastic, which makes it possible to reduce their weight by half in comparison with existing analogues.
  • Uniform and soft light is provided thanks to the OSRAM Duris E5 LED and the Novattro Prism optical light diffuser, developed in conjunction with LEDEL specialists.
  • The coefficient of pulsation of the LED flux is less than 1%. Such high-quality lighting allows minimizing the burden on the organs of vision and maintaining labor productivity at a high level.

Applied technologies

LED lights L-office are created In cooperation with the German company OSRAM Opto Semiconductors - one of the leading manufacturers of LEDs for lighting devices. To ensure commercial and office lighting, the OSRAM DURIS LEDs will be the best choice. These devices allow you to get a comfortable indoor light.

Office LED lights using the LEDs of this series are characterized by high radiation efficiency. With an operating current of 65 mA, it is 145 lm / W. The compact size of the devices makes it possible to obtain uniform light.

Artificial lighting in offices is recommended as close to natural as possible. For this purpose, it is best to buy LED lights And arrange them in rows on the ceiling parallel to the window openings. Thus, the coincidence of the directions of natural and artificial light will be excluded.

There is no unequivocal solution to the question of illumination. This is explained by the fact that the office space is a complex system, the components of which are designed for different types of activities, therefore, they are issued in different ways.

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