Why did the beloved pierce the nipples?

All the girls want to look beautiful and fashionable. And not only girls, but also middle-aged women do not lag behind fashion. Yes, there, sometimes you'll see a grandmother dressed up like that, just no words. Goes bodrenkaya, painted, in a hat with feathers, and on the body of a blouse - the last squeak. A sight for sight. That's why you will involuntarily think that all ages are submissive to beauty and love.

What kind of miracles you will not see in our time. Girls flaunt in clothes at a minimum, adorn themselves with tattoos, body painting and piercings. From under the tops, covering the breasts of young women, elastic nipples with ornaments worn on them can be seen. Sometimes you look at such a wondrous thing and want to ask: "Why did she pierce her nipples?" Although the answer is already on the surface. Our weak half is very strong in terms of artistic painting of his body. After all, a chic look of a female figure with exotic patterns. Let's see, why pierce the nipples of our favorite women? As practice shows, this is now very presentable, in the sense that feeding your body to a partner was a pleasant surprise. When a girl in a time of intimacy is in the same bed with a lover in love with her, and he has never seen her charm, then, believe me, piercing of the nipples will turn the head of any boyfriend, even the most experienced. If she pierced the nipples and put diamond earrings there, then know that your girlfriend is in love with you and does not think of anyone else. If she has put on other beautiful ornaments, it means that the charm is also meant for you, but you have to think about a more expensive gift, so that the beauty sparkles in the dark.

This step my dear friends are doing and in order to experience sensual pleasure in love games. Piercing in most women enhances the sensation of touching their tender nipples. Prelestnitsy always want to show and present their body to expensive men, and therefore know that if she pierced the nipples, then this gesture is intended primarily for you. The strong half is also peculiar to do piercings on this part of the torso. Although the most sexual place is the male breast, and not the nipples, but in addition to their sexuality, the males go to such a sophisticated step to take possession of the beloved's heart. Here common sense suggests that one way or another, all these decorations are made with one noble goal - to pay attention to oneself of a close person. In other cases, this is a tribute to fashion.

As statistics show, even striptease in clubs with pierced nipples earn more than the same scenic beauties without piercing. In our time, almost every beauty salon provides such a service as puncturing different parts of the body. Therefore, today more often you can see the girls punctured nipples. Photos, which we see in women's magazines and beauty salons, open truly amazing images of a female body decorated with piercings. You can admire this grace for hours. In any case, it becomes clear that such temporary troubles as painful punctures justify the invested funds. And so do not ask such a question: "Why did she pierce her nipples?" - If your beloved suddenly sparkled in the night with diamond pendants.

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