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Mobile operators: how to activate the Megaphone SIM card

At present it is rather difficult to imagine a person who does not have a mobile phone with him. Mobile technologies are so firmly embedded in our lives that even grandparents already do not understand how they could manage without them. Calls, SMS messages, MMS, Internet - only a small list of the possibilities of mobile phones. And there is no doubt that these small (and sometimes not so) electronic devices are great for our existence.

In our country, mobile services are provided by several operators. One of the most popular is Megaphone.

So, you bought yourself a mobile phone. What to do next? And then you need to contact one of the centers of mobile communication and buy yourself a SIM card. By the way, if you purchased a mobile phone in one of the branded salons, then you do not need to go anywhere, you can buy a sim card on the spot.

Well, you have a mobile phone, a Megaphone SIM card - too. What to do now? And now you should help the staff of the Megafon branch. Activate the sim card they can masterfully! But often it happens that the sim card is bought elsewhere. Then you need to know for yourself how to activate the Megaphone SIM card, in which this article should help you.

Why do I need to activate the SIM card?

The fact is that no phone will not work without an active card, and there are no other ways to get it to work, except how to activate the Megaphone SIM card. All because each SIM card is attached to a specific person. This is done in order to reduce the amount of fraud by means of mobile phones.

How to activate Megaphone card

To do this, you need a computer with the ability to access the Internet. You need to go to the company's website, go to the section "Authorization" and enter the login and password in the required fields. The login here is your phone number, which is indicated on the SIM card package, with a PUK code that can also be found on the packaging under the protective coating layer. After that you will be asked to enter your personal passport details in the appropriate fields. Do not be afraid, the site administration will by no means allow you to get this data into someone's hands. If you did everything correctly, you will be informed by the message that the card has been successfully activated and registered.

By the way, on the question of how to activate the Megaphone SIM card, there is one more answer, but this information will be useful only if you already have an activated SIM card.

How to activate the Megaphone SIM card with the help of the second SIM card

It is necessary to dial the combination * 121 * PUK * NUMBER # on the phone with the activated card, where PUK is the same PUK code, and NUMBER is your phone number. Now press the call key. If all the actions are performed correctly, then on both phones will come messages confirming the activation of your second number (your passport data will be associated with your second SIM card when you activated the first one).

Everything is very simple! The main thing is the desire to understand the intricacies of the process!

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