Tattoos in intimate places: aesthetics of the forbidden

Tattoos in intimate places are becoming more popular. Previously, most visitors to tattoo parlors were ready to substitute only the hand, shoulder or back for the master. However, in today's trend, the lack of complexes: the chest, buttocks and bikini zone - places that are no less suitable for drawing.

The target audience

As practice shows, on tattoos in intimate places are solved mainly representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Truly, beauty requires sacrifice. It is impossible not to admire their courage, especially considering that tattooing is a very painful process, and even anesthesia does not always cope with unpleasant sensations.


Tattoos in intimate places are not only a challenge to the whole world. They have a number of advantages. Firstly, a picture hidden from prying eyes will not cause bothersome questions to others. "And what does that mean?", "Where did she stuff?", "Was it painful?", "How much did she pay?", "Is she permanent?" - all those phrases that were so painfully familiar to every owner of the tattoo will not bother you . It will be your little secret, a personal secret, which will help you to be liberated and feel more confident. Only your partner can see it. By the way, tattoos in intimate places will help diversify sexual life. If you notice that the passions have subsided and your second half in bed prefers not to look at you, but on the tablet screen, try to decorate the butt with a coquettish rose - surely it will warm up his feelings. Do not forget about the main function of a tattoo - aesthetic. A masterfully executed drawing can close a scar, scar, sore and other cosmetic defects.

What to spank?

The selection of a drawing should be done with all responsibility - after all, getting rid of it is almost impossible. It is not necessary to copy sketches from the Internet or to reproduce "the native painting" of your idol - try to think up something individual. In addition, before visiting a master it is recommended to study the values of tattoos. As for fashion trends, here you can derive some patterns. At the peak of popularity are tattoos on intimate places - inscriptions. Latin aphorisms, quotes from your favorite songs and books, the names of lovers - everything is limited only by your imagination. On the delicate female skin, floral ornaments and all kinds of fauna are amazing: birds, butterflies, dragonflies, lizards, chanterelles. The only thing that should be refrained from is a cat with a curved back. For the past few years, willing to fill it was so much that the innocent pussy has become a symbol of bad taste. Tattoos on intimate masculine places can also be any. As a rule, a strong sex prefers more "brutal" themes: dragons, tigers, scorpions, spiders ...

Features of care

How quickly your new tattoo will heal depends only on whether you follow the recommendations of the caregiver. Regularly process the application area of the pattern, after each wash, apply cream, do not scrub and do not injure the skin.

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