Paphiessa Hotel and Hotel Apts 3 * (Cyprus, Paphos): description, facilities, reviews

Cyprus is one of the most popular tourist destinations. After all, you can not only relax on the sandy beach, enjoying the fresh sea air, but also with a head to immerse yourself in local history and interesting culture.

If we talk about the cities of Cyprus, then one of the most famous and untwisted resorts is Paphos. Of course, in this area a large number of hotels operate all year round. One of the comfortable and inexpensive places to relax is the hotel Paphiessa Hotel and Hotel Apts 3 *.

Of course, to begin with, tourists are looking for any interesting information, including data on the exact location and infrastructure, living conditions in the rooms. It is worth learning more about nutrition and leisure in the hotel. So what is a hotel?

Where is the hotel complex?

First you need to find out more about the location of the hotel, because this factor is important. Searching hotels in Paphiessa Hotel and Hotel Apts 3 *? Paphos, one of the busiest and brightest resorts in the country, is where you will spend your holidays in a quiet area.

Immediately it is worth saying that the beach is not very close - the distance to it is about 1000 meters. Nevertheless, the road does not take much time. For those who are burdened by daily walks, a transfer is provided. The coast, as well as the city center, can be reached by public transport, the stop of which is very near the hotel.

Walking distance - shops and cafes, which is very convenient. By the way, the airport is located 15 km, so the road to the hotel does not take much time.

Information about the territory and infrastructure

Hotel Paphiessa Hotel and Hotel Apts 3 * is small but cozy. It consists of one large three-storey building, built in Cypriot style. Despite the fact that the hotel has been operating for several decades, it meets international requirements, and repairs are conducted here quite often.

By the way, the hotel's courtyard is quite spacious. Here tourists are waiting for the terraces for recreation, alley for walks, and a swimming pool, and sports grounds, and even a small but very beautiful Mediterranean garden. The territory pleases with an abundance of greenery, flowers and discreet scenery.

Hotel complex Paphiessa Hotel and Hotel Apts 3 * Standard (Paphos): rooms

This is a small hotel, consisting of 35 rooms. Here tourists are offered standard double rooms, more spacious "studio", as well as apartments where guests can use not only the bedroom but also the living room and kitchenette.

What kind of accommodation can be expected by staying at the Paphiessa Hotel and Hotel Apts 3 *? Reviews say that the rooms are comfortable, despite the relatively modest arrangement. There are comfortable furniture, as well as household appliances, including a TV (in some rooms it is old, but it works and gives the opportunity to view the usual satellite channels), individual air conditioning and radio. If you paid for a room with a kitchen, then, of course, you can count on household appliances and cooking utensils.

The bathroom is small but clean. Water is served regularly. At your service - shower, washbasin, mirror and a set of large towels.

What food should the traveler count on?

When planning a trip, food should always be taken into account, because otherwise the vacation can be spoiled. So what can the hotel guest Paphiessa Hotel and Hotel Apts 3 * count on?

The hotel provides an all-inclusive system, which means that tourists are provided with a full three meals a day. Reviews say that the menu is quite diverse, the dishes are always fresh and tasty, and the service staff copes with the work. You can count on snacks, fresh salads and fruits, dishes from meat and fish, fresh seafood. The cost of accommodation includes drinks, but only from local producers.

Guests enjoy spending time at the local cafeteria, where they are offered cocktails, light snacks and delicious homemade desserts. Not bad time can be and in local bars (there are two of them). Tourists can rely on chilled drinks and strong booze.

Beach: distance, entertainment and facilities for tourists

If you decide to relax in this resort, then for sure you expect to spend at least some time on one of the picturesque beaches. What can the hotel complex Paphiessa Hotel and Hotel Apts 3 * offer to its tourists?

Cyprus is famous for its beautiful coast. And just 1000 m is one of the most beautiful and busy public beaches of Paphos. It can be easily reached on foot, but travelers also enjoy a shuttle and public bus services.

Since the beach here is public, then, of course, the rental of sun loungers and umbrellas is paid separately. On the shore there are several bars and cafes where travelers are offered chilled drinks and traditional Cypriot snacks.

The beach is covered with soft sand, the water is clean, and the entrance to the sea is convenient - many tourists do not use special footwear, although it is better to stock it up. The waters are calm, but from time to time the waves rise, which pleases the fans of windsurfing. On the beach there is a team of experienced rescuers.

Of course, people who prefer a more active holiday, here also do not get bored. Tourists have the opportunity to rent a canoe or boat, make an exciting walk on a boat or a yacht, get a lot of vivid impressions of water skiing and parasailing. On the shore there is a spacious playground for volleyball and other sports events. There is no time for boredom in anyone.

Additional service: what does the hotel offer?

The hotel is perfect for overnight stays of tourists who spend most of the day in the city or on the beach. Nevertheless, there are some additional conveniences. For example, the reception desk is constantly working here, where you can not only get information, but also call a taxi or arrange an appointment with a doctor (the staff will help you).

At the administrator for a small fee you can rent a safe in which your valuables and documents will be completely safe under constant supervision. Luggage storage is also available for your convenience.

Hotel Paphiessa Hotel and Apts 3 * (Cyprus, Paphos): how to spend your free time?

In the courtyard of the hotel there is a small swimming pool for tourists. Here, clean water, and around are comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas. Here, tourists sunbathe, swim and spend time in communication. In cold weather or in the evening, you can relax by the indoor pool, where the temperature is always as pleasant as possible.

For guests of the Paphiessa Hotel and Hotel Apts 3 * there is a sauna and even a traditional bathhouse. Here, tourists can relax in the spacious Jacuzzi. You can pass the time for playing tennis. There is a TV room with a large collection of films, as well as a karaoke bar where travelers enjoy having fun. From time to time on the territory of the hotel live music is played, and for the guests arrange different performances.

Conditions for leave with a child

Since many parents today prefer to spend their holidays with children, the availability of appropriate amenities is also considered an important issue. Hotel Paphiessa Hotel and Hotel Apts 3 * is often used for family holidays. On the other hand, tourists say that with small children here may not be so convenient.

Of course, you can count on some degree of comfort, including the possibility of delivering an extra bed in the room, as well as the availability of a chair for feeding in a restaurant. By the way, the child can also eat on the territory of the hotel, because the menu is quite diverse. As for entertainment, then there is a small pool in the yard for the guys, where they have fun. For a reasonable price, parents use the services of an experienced nanny.

Feedback and recommendations from former guests

It is always useful to get acquainted with the official information about the hotel. What are the conditions for the Paphiessa Hotel and Hotel Apts 3 *? The reviews are mostly positive, but it should be noted at once that the hotel complex is used by most travelers only for overnight stay and breakfast.

Repair here was conducted recently, so the rooms are quite clean and cozy (by the way, clean here regularly). Not everywhere there is a new home appliances, but everything works, and the devices perform their basic functions. The bathroom shines with cleanliness, and hot water is available around the clock. Meals at a decent level, as there is always something to choose from - even the whimsical tourists do not go hungry.

To the disadvantages can be attributed except that the distance to the beach. On the other hand, the cost of living in a hotel is very low, which makes it so popular.

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