What is a bandana, how to tie and how to wear it

Today there is a huge number of a variety of headgear. These caps, caps, caps, hats, hats, canopies, kerchiefs, etc. Their purpose is the most diverse - protect from the cold in frost, protect the head from overheating in a strong heat, serve as an element complementing a stylish image, etc.

One of the most popular variants of the headdress is the bandana. Now almost any person can answer the question about what it is.

Bandana is a piece of square-shaped cloth of a rather large size. And you can see it not only on the head, but also on the neck, arms, legs, hips of people of different ages.

How is the bandana worn ? How to tie it? These questions are answered below.

Usually the bandana is worn on the head, tied in different ways. On the neck tie in front or back. The arm is placed on the wrist, forearm, elbow or shoulder. You can adjust the bandage to the foot. Quite a common option - to attach a bandanna to clothes, a belt or a bag - it looks somewhat unusual and very stylish. Variations can be many. You just need to show a little imagination.

Here, for example, you have a bandana. How to tie it, you still do not know. But there is nothing complicated. It can be done in different ways.

So, the ways of tying bandanas:

  1. Fold the product diagonally into a triangle and place it on the head so that its middle angle is on the back of the head. At the back, tie the knot. It can then be turned on its side or placed in front. Leave the remaining free edge under the knot.

  2. All the same, but the free end of the kerchief hangs freely over the knot.

  3. Fold the handkerchief to make a pentagon. Otherwise, the process is similar to the previous one. The only difference is that there is not one, but two ends of a kerchief on the back of the head.

  4. You can slightly change the sequence of actions - firstly tie a knot, and only then do the rest.

  5. It is not necessary to fold the product clearly in half - you can leave a small overflow.

  6. Smooth the bandana several times, getting a wide strip of tissue. Tie around the head and tie the knot back / side / front.

  7. Female version: you can just twist several times, getting a kind of "tourniquet" and wrap around the head, leaving the ends free to lie on their shoulders.

  8. As an option - tie the neck in the manner of a handkerchief. You can even top of the shirt.

  9. From the top bandanas you can put on a baseball cap. In this case, the best option is to tie it in the first way.

  10. Tying a hand, you should make a wide strip and then wrap around the right place on your arm.

True, there is a unique seamless multi-functional bandana. How to tie a handkerchief, the manufacturer of which is the company "BUFF" (so the product is called "buff bandana")? It is made so that it can be worn in many ways. They use this bandana in different conditions and for different purposes - in running, in heat, in skiing, when riding snowboard, motorcycle, bicycle or just for beauty. The presence of a buff bandana in the wardrobe indicates the advancement of its owner. But do not forget that the classic is always in fashion.

A few tips for fans of bandanas:

  • In order to keep it well, fold it into several layers.

  • For the same purpose, you can turn it 1.5-2 cm base.

  • Place the knot closer to the nape of the neck. Then he will not move out.

Having a clear idea of what a bandana is, how to tie this scarf and how to wear it, you can make a variety in your wardrobe and appearance and emphasize your own style.

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