Pantyhose "Omsa". Colors, models, fashion trends

The brand of tights Omsa differs unsurpassed quality, refined style of all products. A very dynamic company has become quite successful and has flooded the market of hosiery. Today it can be safely included in the list of leading firms producing pantyhose in Europe. Fashionable and independent women emphasize the beauty of their legs with pantyhose Omsa.

Basic information about the company

In 2004, and to this day, "Omza" - the main character of the advertising Shoking Legs. This popular Italian company sells its products all over the world. Such a reputation the company was able to achieve due to the regular release of commercials. In the early 2000s, the advertising headline of the firm were the words: "How much do you have from a woman?" Then the advertisement became the words: "Omsa knows everything about you." They attract the attention of more and more new customers in Europe, America and even China.

Characteristics of Omsa products by density

The term "DEN" is used to characterize the density of hosiery products, including "omsa" pantyhose. Colors, models of these products are very diverse. The density of Omsa products varies from 5 to 140 den. Transparent tights, characterized by subtlety and lightness, have a tightness of 5-10 den. They wear them in summer or under evening dresses. For spring and autumn, models with a translucent or completely opaque structure are suitable. Increased density is characterized by variants of "Omsa" in 30 den and higher. Well warm your feet in the cold winter season models above 30 den, sometimes with the addition of wool and cotton.

Basic Models

What models are tights of "Omsa" presented? Colors and styles are very diverse. Very common are products without compacted top. They fit under shorts, dresses and skirts. The most popular are pantyhose with a dense upper part in the form of shorts, panties or inserts. They are made of dense material and special weaving. Such dense zones protect the fabric from clasps, arrows and serve as a tightener.

Very original and elegant look styles with fishnet panties. If they are sewn crotch, then these pantyhose can be worn without underwear.

Last time in fashion clothes with a low waist. "Omsa" and here took care of stylish girls. The company developed models for hips. With them you can wear a trendy skirt or jeans.

Originality with seams and gusset

What other features are the tights of "Omsa" different? Colors, original seams and inserts please the admirers of this company. Products with flat and round seams are encountered. Flat seams are characterized by their comfort, so they are used more often. Basically they look like a wide light strip.

Models with gusset too often occur. It is made of cotton. Gusset is used not only for convenience, but also for durability and free walking.

Collective developments

Always quality and reliable tights of "Omsa". The colors and various lines of these products are very rich. This firm presents pleasant surprises for the elderly, young ladies, and also very young girls. Young girls are invited to use the collection of Omsa Design. In it there are models of the most fashionable shades.

Excellent development is introduced for women who are engaged in sports. In pantyhose, you can safely do sports exercises at home and in the gym. Nano-introduction is the elegant line Serenella, designed for very small beauties.

The most common line is Omsa Classici. It is represented not only by tights, but also by golf, stockings.

It is amazingly tempting to feel yourself in the Omsa Moda collection. Stylish beauties can find here both original tights, and stockings on elastic bands, original golfs.

About small female representatives Omsa also did not forget. Romantic princesses have prepared the Omsa Serenella Moda line.

Excellent development of the company are the daily and sports socks Omsa Sport.

Model Omsa Attiva is designed for prevention and minor correction of vascular foot diseases. All this is provided by a special weaving that slightly squeezes the foot down, and to the top it relaxes. In such pantyhose is provided a good circulation of blood, which prevents its stagnation. This model is made with a crotch, has flat seams and a tight socks.

In the catalogs of many stores you can find products "Omsa" with a density of 20 to 600 den. Here there are special pulling models, matte fasonchiki with a supporting effect, seamless pantyhose.

Especially popular among customers is the "Omsa Velor" series, which has unsurpassed quality and varying degrees of density. It has summer, spring-autumn and winter models.

And the fantasy tights of this company should be given special attention. Surprised and the colors of pantyhose "Oms". The photo below is confirmation. To find the perfect model, Italian designers go to different experiments, introducing effective strokes. On sale came claws with openwork seductive inserts, original lace patterns, contrasting coloring.

The palette of colors of pantyhose "Omsa"

Italian manufacturers on the packaging of their products write the names of shades in English. This applies to the color of pantyhose "Omsa". The translation of these shades is of interest to many customers. To learn it is not difficult. What are the colors of the "Omsa" pantyhose? The table of colors is presented above. Here are presented brown, black, solid, gray, white shades.

Many women will be delighted with a wonderful gift - a new model of tights "Omsa" with a golden logo!

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