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Fishing in the spring. When the spring begins to peck carp?

Many anglers consider carp fish to be very interesting and special, worthy of respect and personal approach. In addition, carp grows to very impressive sizes. Than not a "dream fish", which you just need to catch at least once in your life! Probably, therefore, carp are considered to be powerful fishing trophies. There are also true lovers of this breed in nature who know everything about it. To this kind of knowledge can be attributed and when the spring begins to peck carp. After all, the success of the fishing can depend on this. Even a properly equipped fisherman, in the absence of a bite, can return home without a catch.

Features of behavior: the end of winter

The advent of the time when carp begins to bite in the spring, directly depends on his behavioral preferences at this time of year. In winter, this fish reduces its activity to almost zero. Previously, it was generally believed that carp in winter falls into a state similar to anabiosis in frogs. But it turned out, according to modern research, is not entirely true. The fish gets into flocks and leaves for places where it's warmer. And in the pond it is deep pits and backwaters, where even in severe frosts the temperature is about four degrees Celsius. There carp survive the winter, because from there it is almost impossible to get it. Some craftsmen, of course, catch carp in winter, but you should try very hard to stir and make the wintering fish peck.

Features of behavior: early spring

The time when carp starts to peck in the spring, it can be said, depends on its thermophilic nature. It is known that this is, rather, the southern fish, who loves the warm water temperature (although there are not so many claims to the quality of the habitat of this domestic carp). But carp loves heat very much. Therefore, the appetite for carp depends on the temperature of the surrounding water, which means that it is also cool. Experienced fishermen know that when the spring begins to peck carp, it means that the water in the pond, for example, has already warmed up enough. In cold water, this fish immediately loses its appetite and becomes rather sluggish, it is difficult to force it to react to the bait.

Optimal temperature conditions

There are special signs in the fishing environment associated with natural phenomena, which can be determined when the carp begins to peck in the spring. There is an old opinion that before lilac blossom and ripening after ripening, there is already nothing to catch in the context of carp fishing. Maybe in the 19-20 centuries it was. But in today's conditions, when the climate on the whole Earth tends to change, it is better and more logical to still rely on temperature data. Researchers of the life of carp it is believed that it begins to actively move and feed at a water temperature of over 12-14 degrees Celsius. Earlier reaching this mark a good biting of this species of fish is a rare exception to the rules. However, again, if the sun shines strongly in March and the air temperature stably keeps at high levels, then the water gets warm enough, especially at a shallow depth. There carp can go out and feed. So banal measurements of water and air temperatures and the maintenance of a nature diary for a carp fishing lover will not be superfluous. Based on these testimonies, you can determine with sufficient confidence when you begin to peck carp in the spring, so as not to miss catching fishing. And certainly without trophies you will not remain!

Territorial features

Carp is found in almost all the reservoirs of our homeland. And Russia, as you know, is also rather big by its length. Therefore, the time when it begins to peck carp in the spring in the suburbs, for example, differs from the timing in other areas. On rivers, as a rule, this occurs earlier than in closed water bodies - lakes and ponds. This is also due to the fact that the flow of water quickly blows the ice cover. And carp is very important after the winter to be saturated with oxygen before starting to take an interest in food. In the ponds, ice costs longer, but it is possible to artificially bring carp fishing closer, drilling many holes in the ice at the end of winter and cutting through the ice-hole, so that the water breathes better and is saturated with oxygen. So do experienced fishermen, so that the time has come when he begins to peck carp in the spring on the pond. Much depends on the weather: how much this spring was early. After the ice has descended on the pond, the fish retreat for some time from oxygen starvation (this period can last up to several weeks) and only then proceeds to normal life.

When begins to peck carp in the spring in the Urals

With the onset of spring and the beginning of the warming up of water, this fish prefers to stay at depths not exceeding several meters, where the sun's rays reach . Therefore, in late April - early May, you should try to catch carp in places with a weak current (in places with fast water simply does not have time to warm up, and carp too fond of warm). It is also necessary to avoid debris and shady areas when choosing places, where there is also little sun. When begins to peck carp in the spring in Chelyabinsk, for example? You can begin to try at the very end of April, the number after the 25th (but again much depends on the degree of warming up the water column, from sunny weather and other things). And in the cold spring, maybe, only in May! Sometimes, in the late winter, the question of carp hunting can generally be postponed to the middle of May (after the 9th day).

When begins to peck carp in the spring in the Krasnodar Territory

Here, from carp fishing things are a little different. The climate here is warmer, and the water warms up faster and earlier than in other northern regions of Russia. Therefore, you can go to carp in early-mid-April. But anyway, better before fishing, so that it was as successful as possible, monitor the temperature of the water and air.

Ways to catch in spring: float fishing rod

Some fishermen prefer to fish in the spring for an ordinary float fishing rod with a fairly thin line. But here the issue of camouflage comes to the fore. It was given that carp - a fish greedy for feeding, but very cautious. It is noticed that he can see a man from the water, as well as a fishing rod with a nozzle and a fishing line. This leads to carp being worried and not biting. Therefore, the effect of human presence should be minimized. It is also forbidden to shout loudly, as the fish feels sound vibrations, and this frightens it away. To throw in spring a float fishing rod it is necessary to try in shallow water, where this fish goes out to warm up and feed. Recommended for use carp bait, usually composed of cereals and seeds with peanuts. From popular ancient baits is a worm and undercooked potatoes. Of the newfangled - different boilies.

Ways to catch: feeder

In April, the water gradually warms up in all the reservoirs, and the time comes when it begins to peck the carp in the spring on the feeder - this fishing tackle for fishing. Of course, it also has its drawbacks. For example, the fact that the feeder itself - a box with food - always draws to the very depth. Therefore, probably, experienced anglers prefer not to use it in very deep water bodies. But in the spring, when the carp goes to bask in the relative shallow water, - it's the most! Feeder is a feeder-cage, in which the lure is charged. The main part of the bait diverges on the bottom, and carp is not in vain called a "vacuum cleaner". Fish, sucking food, sucks and hook, hiding in the stain of food. If the hook is heavy, a plastic ball is put on it to facilitate suction. Actually, the feeder is a descendant of the old kind mackerel, which is still known to the fishermen. In the makuhu, located for good burial on a lead plate and stuck with elastic bands, hooks are stuck, and the tackle is thrown from the shore on the line. The principle of action is the same as the carp projectile described above. An important rule: do not throw both tackle far from the shore, trying to get into shallow water, where you can expect a good bite.

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