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Sarepta motor boat: description, technical characteristics

The motor boat "Sarepta" was developed by the engineers of the Volgograd Shipyard. The vessel in question was supposed to be used for long tourist walks. In addition, the developers have tried to give the floating means an expanded functionality that allows towing water skiers, engage in research, patrol, rescue activities.

general information

Such use presupposed increased and unique requirements for the technological and structural equipment of the vessel. The popularity of the boat "Sarepta" earned thanks to reliability, high-quality assembly of the sides, hull and bottom, as well as high-speed performance.

The motor boat has a number of advantages in comparison with similar models. It provides a sliding cabin, which by means of moving to the rear part formed an open cockpit above the control compartment. If necessary, the cabin could be removed completely. Manufacturers successfully combined trims and a good keel bottom. These decisions gave the ship excellent seaworthiness.

Housing design

The hull of the boat in question is made of an alloy of aluminum and magnesium. The thickness of the bottom is two millimeters, with a similar indicator of the sides half a millimeter thinner. The parts of the case are connected together by a welding method, which made it easier to maintain and minimize the riveting areas.

The Sarepta boat is equipped with stiffeners and a set of frames, which further strengthen the hull. The trunk is made of an oak board and is adapted for fixing a pair of motors, with a total capacity of 50 horsepower. The buoyancy of the vessel is provided by special blocks, located along the perimeter. Additionally, foam elements are installed under the sides and deck. Such a design allows the swimming device to be on the surface of the water even when completely flooded.

Inner space

Aluminum motor boats "Sarepta" are equipped with a sliding type felling, which makes it possible to release part of the space if necessary. The remaining equipment of the cockpit in many ways resembles the car layout. The whole-curved glazing is made over the entire width of the hull, comfortable entrance to the cockpit provides flat and wide sides in the bow.

In the complete set to the cabin a tent is attached, with the help of which it is possible to equip a closed space like a cabin. Soft and hard seats are laid out, transforming into sleeping places, which can comfortably accommodate at least three people. Under the longitudinal banks are provided lockers, and access to the fuel tanks is carried out by reclining the stern sofa.


The boat "Sarepta" is equipped with special seals on the windows, which prevent splashes from entering the wheelhouse. The control post is located at the panoramic "frontal", and the mechanical glass cleaner and rear-view mirror simplify the maintenance of the vessel in difficult weather conditions.

On the side parts of the sides are mounted oarlocks for oars, which are used for engine breakdown or in case of need of noiseless movement. The trench is a vertical board with a thickness of up to 30 millimeters in the rear and a height of one and a half meters above the surface of the water. Boat motors are attached from above to the transom with the help of staples. They can be combined with special traction, which synchronizes the control of the boat. The dimensions of the power units are unified and compatible with most boats. The propellers are removed, they can change rapidly to adjust the speed or thrust.

Technical indicators

The motor boat "Sarepta" has the following technical parameters:

  • Length / width / height to the maximum - 4,65 / 1,6 / 0,65 meters;
  • Degree of keel angle in the bottom part on the transom - eight;
  • Passenger capacity - six people;
  • Total power limit of power plants - 60 horsepower;
  • Index of carrying capacity - 450 kg;
  • The maximum wave height is 750 millimeters;
  • The weight of the vessel with the equipment is 235 kg.

Below is the decoding to the schematic image: 1 - hatch; 2 - nasal handle; 3 - frontal wall; 4 - handrails; 5 - sliding element of felling; 6 - a back of a seat; 7 - niche under the engine; 8 - mooring storage compartment.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Sarepta boat, the technical characteristics of which allow it to be used for various purposes, has objective pluses and minuses. The advantages of this vessel include the following:

  1. Excellent performance with good stability and germination on the wave, which provides trimaran contours.
  2. Against the waves the boat "Sarepta" goes softer than many competitors in its class.
  3. Starting stability is at the highest level, which is highly valued by scuba divers.
  4. The presence of a sliding cabin, giving the opportunity to quickly hide from the weather or make an open version of the vessel.
  5. A qualitative material for the manufacture of bottoms, which is not subject to corrosive processes.

The disadvantages of the swimming device under consideration include weld metal deformation on the sides, especially in the first modifications. In addition, if the elements are welded poorly, they are less reliable than fixation by riveting.


Aluminum motor boats "Sarepta" are an excellent means of transportation for long-term tourism, patrolling, service tasks, as well as a tugboat for water-skiers, scuba divers.

It is allowed to operate the vessel in fresh and salt water at a wave height of up to 750 millimeters. Consider the main boat motors, which are most often used:

  1. "Vortex-30" is an economical option, with a power of 22 kilowatts, it provides stable gliding at a speed of up to 30 kilometers per hour (with four people on board). The fuel is consumed in this amount in the amount of 0.37 liters per kilometer.
  2. "Vortex" with a capacity of 14.7 kW - is used in combination with a propeller, the pitch of which is 240-260 mm. Optimal vessel ships with two or three passengers.
  3. A pair of Vikhr-M engines provides a speed with five people on board to 47 km / h. The fuel consumption is about 0.65 l / km, using standard screws 24 * 30 centimeters.
  4. Two Neptune-23 engines are integrated with two-bladed screws with a diameter of 230 millimeters. The speed indicator in this configuration is 55 km / h.

In conclusion, it can be noted that the Sarepta boat, which can be tuned by hand, is considered one of the most successful developments of Soviet shipbuilders. Until now, the ship has been successful because of its reliability, practicality and versatility.

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