Anapa, boarding house "Sofia": reviews

The Black Sea resort of Anapa is a city of sun, sea, fun entertainments, children's health resorts and good memories, carefree relaxation and an unforgettable pastime. Recently, construction of new and renovation of old tourist business facilities is being actively conducted here. Curious fact - very fond of this ancient female name in a nice city called Anapa. Pension «Sofia», hotel «Sofia», medical center «Sofia», guest house with the same name, a sanatorium ... How did the tourist come here not to get confused in all this? We will try to acquaint you with all the "Sophia" available in Anapa, tell in detail what service in each of these facilities you can get and how much you will pay for it.

Pension - Hotel Sofia (Anapa): how to get there?

This tourist site is also called a spa hotel, a sanatorium, and just a hotel. In fact, this is a private boarding house, in which there is an opportunity to receive medical treatment. It is located on the most famous and longest Anapa Avenue, which stretches as far as the village of Vityazevo and is called Pionersky. The house number is 19-a. Nearby there are public transport stops, water park. Sanatorium "Sofia" (Anapa) is located 6 km from the railway station. Gemete station, where trains from any Russian city come. From the station you can get to the boarding house, taking a taxi for 500 rubles, or for 22 rubles to get on minibus number 100, which stops just at the station. She does not go so often. Therefore, another cheap option - from the station on foot (about 450 meters) pass in the direction of the water park (it can be seen from the station). There there is a stop of minibuses № 128, 134, 114. The interval of movement - no more than 5-7 minutes. All minibuses go along Pioneer Avenue, and, indeed, the village of Dzhemete is located on it.

You can arrive in Anapa not only by train, but also by plane. From the airport it is expensive to go to a boarding house by taxi, and cheaply - by a minibus going to the central bus station, where you change to public transport.

The territory of the boarding house

Bright, not fading in summer or in winter, flower beds and evergreen gardens is famous for the beautiful Anapa. The boarding house "Sofia" does not fall out of the general background. Its territory, albeit very compact, is drowned in blooming roses of all sorts. On this, you can say, small, but always radiant clean territory fit a huge pool surrounded by green lawns with sun loungers and umbrellas, an excellent bar, tables of which shelter from the sun colored dome tents, playground, parking. Around are wide paths paved with tiles. Along them, flower beds, rockeries, cypress trees and junipers are planted. But the most beautiful and green corner is on the top floor of one of the buildings, where a winter garden with exotic trees from all corners of the earth and a small lake, whose water surface is adorned with pink lotuses, is located. For guests of the boarding house there is a bar, there is a cozy place for rest and relaxation.


He always tries to provide maximum services to his guests boarding house "Sofia" (Anapa). The reviews of holidaymakers here undoubtedly mention a huge outdoor swimming pool with an area of 600 squares. Sun beds and umbrellas are always available, the water is clean, there is almost no smell of bleach. Nearby there is the same bar with tents. For children, the hotel has a playground and a games room, the walls of which are decorated with portraits of cartoon characters. There are slot machines (30 units), there is a children's bowling alley, a labyrinth, an autodrome, a cinema hall. Adults can have fun playing billiards, bowling club (there are 6 tracks), as well as in the sauna, Turkish, Japanese, Russian or infrared bath, relax in the massage room (the procedure is included in the tour price). Reception desk is open 24 hours a day.


Located in a city such as Anapa, the boarding house "Sofia", of course, will be remembered by tourists living conditions that they provided at this resort. In the boarding house, vacationers are offered 4 high-rise buildings and 7 cottages, in which there are 185 rooms. Categories:

1 . Standard. Area up to 37 squares. Equipment - a set of necessary furniture, refrigerator, TV, air conditioning, amenities in the form of a shower, toilet and washbasin.

2. Standard comfort. Area up to 37 squares. Equipment - a set of bedroom furniture, wardrobe, bedside tables, table, chairs, sofa, refrigerator, air conditioning, TV, amenities.

3. Suite comfort. The area is up to 40 squares. The equipment is the same as in the "standard comfort" plus a balcony.

4 . Junior Suite. These rooms are two-room, up to 56 squares. There is a bedroom, living room, hygiene room. In the bedroom there is a double bed, bedside tables, wardrobe, chairs, air conditioning. In the living room - soft furniture, TV, refrigerator, balcony. In the bathroom there is a toilet, a washbasin, a hair dryer, a shower cubicle with hydromassage.

5. Suite. These rooms are three-room, two-story. Area up to 70 squares. The room consists of 2 living rooms, a bedroom and a bathroom. Equipment - 3 air conditioners, bedroom set, upholstered furniture, 2 TV sets, refrigerator, balcony. In the bathroom there is a toilet, bidet, washbasin, shower cubicle with hydromassage.

6. Apartment. These rooms are three-room, one-storey. The area is up to 100 squares. There are 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 2 hygiene rooms. In the rooms there are 2 sleeping sets, 3 TV sets, 3 air conditioners, refrigerator, upholstered furniture. The bathroom is equipped in the same way as in the "suites".

7. Luxury apartments. These rooms are four-room. Area - up to 140 squares. There are 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, kitchen, 2 hygiene rooms, 2 balconies. Equipment - 4 air conditioners, refrigerator, 4 TV sets, bedroom and upholstered furniture sets, kitchen electrical appliances and dishes, dining table, chairs. The bathrooms are not the same. In one there is a shower cubicle with hydromassage, in the other - a jacuzzi bath.

All rooms in the boarding house are decorated according to individual design, view from the windows - to the sea or to the inner courtyard of the hotel. Cleaning, change of linen and towels are held on schedule. The minimum price for a double room (not in season) is 3400 rubles with meals and some medical procedures.


The most sweet fruit and the most delicious baked on the coast is Anapa. The boarding house "Sofia" always has these products in its menu. Meals are served on a self-service basis, that is, a buffet in a stylishly decorated dining room. Use of it is included in the room price. In the menu - a variety of salads, meat, fish, vegetables in different forms, pasta, rice, divine cakes, dairy dishes.


Certainly, the magic sea will be remembered for vacationers Anapa, boarding house "Sofia". The photo shows how the neighboring beach looks like. From the gates of the boarding house to him in the literal sense of 3 steps. Before the gate, you need to walk 3 minutes along the territory past flower beds, rosaries, palms and junipers. The beach near the boarding house is like its own, but in reality it can rest for everyone. Coverage - sand. The entrance to the water is good, the depth at the shore is small, which is invaluable for parents with small children. Cleaning the beach is not very good, but it is present. Sunbeds and umbrellas for hotel guests are free. Nearby there is a beach base "Crystal". There sunbeds are paid, but the coastline is cleaner.


Rest in Anapa in the boarding house "Sofia" is always bright and fun. There is a group of talented animators who do not give boredom to children or adults. Every day they arrange a holiday with the competitions for the holidaymakers (prizes and diplomas are given), shows, dance programs, conduct aqua aerobics, comic competitions. It is also impossible to miss the walls of the boarding house. Literally close to the dolphinarium, penguinarium, water park, many cafes, bars, restaurants, discos. There are also a lot of opportunities to go on dozens of excursions around Anapa and the Krasnodar Territory, visit the archeological reserve "Gorgippia", visit medical mineral springs.

Holiday Hotel Sofia (Anapa): reviews

As for the rest in this boarding house, people disagree. Some consider him the best in Anapa, others do not advise to go here. The noted advantages:

- convenient location (close to the sea, stops, entertainment);

- wonderful spacious, beautiful, comfortable rooms, chic bathrooms;

- excellent food;

- Fantastically good pool;

- wonderful animation;

- friendly staff.

Notable disadvantages:

- small area;

- poor organization of food (eternal lines, lack of food);

- The beach is not clean enough and not separate, but urban;

- there is no access system in the territory.

Medical Center

In the neighborhood of the boarding house, a new modern medical center "Sofia" (Anapa), located at the same address and very closely cooperating with the boarding house, was opened. On the one hand, vacationers can undergo examination on the latest generation equipment, take tests, get treatment, and on the other - patients who come to be treated can use the services of a boarding house, although the medical center has its own hospital. In this medical institution, you can carry out the following types of diagnostics:

- lab tests;

- ECG;

- Ultrasound of any organ;

- MRI;

- X-ray;

- endoscopy;

- mammography.

Here, all organs and systems of the body are examined and treated. In addition to the main treatment, in the center you can get restorative and preventive, implying modern effective physiotherapy and special programs.

Hotel Sofia

This cozy little hotel, which many call "the guest house" Sofia "(Anapa), is located along Astrakhanskaya street, house number 37. It is quite far from the sanatorium of the same name. Astrakhan street is located a little farther from the sea, about 10 minutes walk, but closer to the city center. The hotel has 17 comfortable rooms. They are designed for 2 or 3 people. The rooms are quite spacious, have modern design and new furniture. Equipment - comfortable large double bed or two single beds, desk, chairs, wardrobe, TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, telephone with access to the city network, balcony. In the hygiene room - toilet, shower, washbasin. The superior rooms also feature upholstered furniture. All rooms are located on the top two floors of the hotel. The minimum price for accommodation here is 1000 rubles per room. The first floor is occupied by a hall, a bar and a dining room where people can eat. The hotel has the ability to order breakfasts and dinners. Their cost is 350 rubles per person. You can spend leisure time in the hotel in the gym or at the tennis table. The sea is located about 10 minutes walk on the street. The nearest beach is city, with sandy cover.

Rest in Anapa

Some vacationers are wondering whether there is a tourist resort "Sofia" in this resort. The city of Anapa can offer its guests for comfortable accommodation of about 250 tourist centers in the city and in nearby surrounding villages. Living conditions in them are very different - from rooms of the category of luxury to "economy", with amenities on the floor or in the courtyard. Also, prices vary from 300 rubles per day (the tourist centers Paradise, Pegasus, Diana, Anna Teresa and others) to 2500-3000 rubles per day. The average price for hostels per room with amenities is 900-1200 rubles per day. The hostel "Sofia" in Anapa and the closest to it areas there. About the hotel "Sofia" vacationers leave the warmest reviews. This is a place for those who are looking for a quiet and comfortable holiday at the resort, coziness in the rooms, convenient location of their place of residence, so that it is close to the beach, stops, places of interest, attractions and entertainment.

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