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Univega bicycle is a guarantee of European quality, individuality and reliability

The embodiment of durability, reliability and advanced technologies is the Univega bicycle, which meets the highest European and world standards. Due to the optimal ratio of excellent quality and a democratic price, brand products deserve the highest ratings and recognition of buyers. Individual features of the bike of the same name brand are stylish design, excellent quality, incredible reliability, and multifunctionality.

A little bit about the brand

The founder of the legendary trademark is Ben Lavi, who emigrated from Iraq for a long time. The founder of the brand graduated from the Colombian business school and sent his knowledge to the right track by opening his own brand specializing in bicycle technology. Significant for the company was in 1970, in which it was founded. The homeland of the brand is the United States. Soon, the Univega bike has become an incredibly popular commodity in Germany, and since 1990 has been actively sold in this country. A few years later, Ben retired, and production facilities were moved to the territory of Germany.

Today the brand is part of Derby Cycle Corporation. He holds a leading position in the production and sale of products in Germany, Switzerland and countries of Asia.


Today the Univega bicycle is popular all over the world due to not only excellent quality, but also the widest range of products. The range of these vehicles is represented by seven series, which differ in the original arrangement of the component parts of the product.

  • RAM is a mountain variety of vehicles that have a rigid frame structure and light weight. This vehicle is focused on high-speed driving of an aggressive nature.
  • Flyte - a line of bicycles, designed for driving on absolutely any terrain, including in the city.
  • Terrento - a pretty good tandem city and mountain bike.
  • Rover - a line of vehicles aimed at long journeys due to the durability and strength of the parts.
  • Alpina HT - the classical interpretation of hard-teyl.
  • Alpina SL - a kind of TC, focused on driving in the style of cross-country. The two-wheeled bike is equipped with rear shock absorbers of reinforced construction and frame tubes of optimal weight and size.
  • VIA - the brightest and most popular representative of road bicycles company.

Brand Favorites

The most popular models are the bicycles Univega Alpina and Dyno. The first of them is equipped with an aluminum frame, which is incredibly light and durable. The bike is designed for adults.

Brief characteristics:

  • The plug has a spring-elastomeric design.
  • The fork stroke is 100 mm. With the latter, the spring stiffness is adjusted.
  • The rear suspension has a stroke of 80 mm.
  • The steering column is integrated.
  • The diameter of the wheels is 26 inches.
  • Wheel rims are made of aluminum.
  • Front disc brake .
  • Number of speeds - 24.
  • The steering wheel and the bicycle seat are adjustable in design.

The Univega Dyno bike is designed for kids from 1.5 to 3 years old. The frame and fork are made of high-quality alloy steel, characterized by incredible strength. There are additional removable wheels in the package. Thanks to the latter, the teaching process of riding a bicycle for a baby and his parents will be very enjoyable and at the same time safe.

Main characteristics of the model:

  • The size of the wheels is 12 inches.
  • The type of brake is manual.
  • The bicycle fork has a rigid construction.
  • The steering column is not integrated.
  • The rims of the vehicle have an aluminum interpretation.
  • There is no front brake.
  • The bicycle handlebars are equipped with protective soft pads.

Price policy

The Univega bike is an indicator of excellent quality and affordability, thanks to which the vehicle takes the leading position in the number of sales worldwide. The price range of brand products ranges from 7 313 to 14 333 rubles. For a product of this type, it's not that expensive.

Customer Reviews: Positive and Negative Moments

The two-wheeled bicycle of the legendary label, according to buyers, is very high quality and incredibly reliable. This vehicle will be amazing for both children and adults. The bike has a beautiful roll, good grip on the soil, it works noiselessly. A huge advantage of two-wheeled vehicles is a reliable frame, to which the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty. It is necessary to note an excellent adaptation of the bicycle to winter conditions, as well as road roughness and hummocks. Despite the rigidity of the seat, it is quite comfortable and comfortable.

In addition to positive moments, from the point of view of buyers, the vehicle has some drawbacks. The latter include an imperfect design of the shock absorber, which is not fixed at all, which causes a lot of inconvenience. Negative aspects include the insufficient size of the seat tube, which is not always enough for individual adjustment for the rider's growth.

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