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Small drama theater: about the theater, repertoire, troupe

The Small Drama Theater is one of the oldest in Russia. Since 1988, his artistic director is an actor Yuri Solomin. Address - Theater Way, house number 1.

About the theater

The Moscow Small Drama Theater was established in 1756. It was then that the first troupe was assembled. The opening of the institution took place on the orders of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna. "Small" - was the first professional theater in our country.

His troupe presented the first performance "The Marriage of Figaro" to the public in January 1787. The repertoire then included Russian and foreign classics.

In 1803 the theater was divided into two troupes - drama and opera. Each had its own repertoire. But the management and the building of both troupes were common.

In 1824 the theater received its own premises - the former mansion of the merchant Vargin. In it it is located to this day.

In 1822 a new actor appeared in the troupe - the legendary MS Shchepkin. In the second half of the XIX century for the theater they wrote plays by A. Ostrovsky, I. S. Turgenev and many others.

Here the triumphant debut took place and the career of the great actress MN Ermolova began. M. Shchepkin opened at the theater school for future actors. In 1938 it was transformed into a school. And since 1943 - in high school.

Today, the Maly Drama Theater is an adherent of the traditions of the past. The basis of the repertoire consists of classical works.

Each season the theater presents 4-5 premiere performances. The troupe is touring all over the world. "Small" is the organizer of the All-Russian festival "Ostrovsky in the House of Ostrovsky". It is conducted in order to support provincial troupes.

The Small Theater is a national treasure.


The Small Drama Theater in the 2015-2016 season offers the following performances to the audience:

  • "School of Taxpayers".
  • "Mad Money."
  • "Filumena Marturano."
  • "The power of darkness."
  • «Tram« Desire ».
  • "Day by day is not necessary."
  • The Mysterious Box.
  • "Children of the Sun".
  • "The heart is not a stone."
  • "Cinderella".
  • "Wedding, wedding, wedding."
  • "Imaginary patient".
  • "Almost everything about love."
  • "Heirs of Rauberden."
  • "The Last Idol."

And so on.


The Maly Drama Theater has a huge troupe. There are a lot of famous names among the artists.

Actors of the theater:

  • Maxim Khrustalev.
  • Elina Bystritskaya.
  • Polina Dolinskaya.
  • Yuri Solomin.
  • Ekaterina Porubel.
  • Boris Klyuyev.
  • Ekaterina Vasilyeva.
  • Vitaly Konyaev.
  • Philip Martsevich.
  • Irina Muraveva.
  • Valery Knyazev.
  • Boris Nevzorov.
  • Gleb Podgorodinsky.
  • Vladimir Nosik.
  • Mikhail Martyanov.
  • Ludmila Titova.
  • Yuri Ilya.
  • Zinaida Andreeva.

And many others.

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