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Hockey player Ryan Kesler: biography, sports career, personal life

Ryan Kesler is a famous American hockey player, winner of the World Youth Championship and silver medalist of the Vancouver Olympics in the US team. One of the most effective central strikers in the NHL.


The future NHL star was born in 1984 in a small town of Livonia, located in Michigan (USA). His love for hockey came from his father, who in his time played for the university team, and after becoming a coach of children's and youth teams.

At the age of 4, Ryan was already confidently skating. At the age of 16, he began attending a local hockey school run by Kesler Sr.. It was here that the talent of the future famous athlete was formed.

The beginning of a professional career

2002 was the starting point for the professional career of a young hockey player. Ryan Kesler joined the Ohio State University team. In the student league he managed to fire the red light behind the opponents' gates 11 times for 40 games of the season and gave 20 assists. These magnificent indicators for the debutant allowed him to get into the All Beginners team, three times to get into the Team of the Week, and soon to become the best Young Player of the month.

This game of the young defender could not be left without attention from scouts of other teams. The following season, Ryan Kesler made his debut in the American Hockey League for the club "Manitoba Mus". In his composition, the hockey player played 33 games and scored 11 (3 + 8) points.

Speeches in the NHL

In 2003, an event occurred that Ryan Kesler dreamed of all his life - the NHL took him into his ranks. In the draft 19-year-old hockey player was chartered by the team "Vancouver Canucks".

In the first season for the new club, Ryan played 28 games, in which he managed to score two goals and scored three times with productive programs.

Unfortunately, such modest figures did not allow the striker to gain a foothold in the team, so in the next season he was loaned to the already familiar to him club "Manitoba Mus." Here, the talent that Ryan Kesler concealed in himself was truly revealed. The hockey player spent 78 matches, in which he scored 30 goals, and also gave 27 accurate games. In addition, he helped the team make their way to the playoffs of the AHL.

Next year, Ryan Kesler returns to the Vancouver Canucks, for which he played for the next 9 years. Especially successful for the striker was the 2008/09 season: scoring 25 regular goals in the regular season and giving 50 assists, the hockey player was nominated for the Selke Trophy prize, which is handed to the most talented forwards.

Together with "killer Whales" Kesler 6 times went to the series playoffs. Season 2010/11 was the most successful for the team from Vancouver - in addition to winning the regular season of the NHL, the Canucks reached the Stanley Cup final, where they lost to Boston Boyins in a dramatic series. As a result of his speech, Ryan Kesler got the right to participate in the NHL All-Star Game.

The year 2014 brought serious changes for Kesler. He became a player of the hockey club Anaheim Ducks. For a new team, Ryan already in the first season managed to score 47 (20 + 27) points. This allowed him to gain a foothold in the main team, and a little later - to become the vice-captain of the "Ducks".

For two seasons with Kesler "Anaheim Ducks" twice won in the regular draw of the Pacific Division and went to the playoffs of the Western Conference, but, unfortunately, are not yet a serious contender for winning the most honorable trophy of the NHL - the Stanley Cup.

US Team Games

Ryan Kesler first tried on the form of the US team at age 17, when he took part in the World Junior Hockey Championship. Then in the final team of the United States beat the peers from Canada. Kesler managed to score 6 (1 + 5) points for six games.

In 2002, Ryan played for the US team U-18 in competitions under the auspices of the International Hockey Association. In eight games played forward striker scored seven points, which helped the Americans for the first time to win this tournament, and Kesler himself was voted the best player of the championship.

In 2004 the collection of awards of the young hockey player was replenished with one more gold medal - the Youth World Championship. As part of the US national team, Ryan Kesler played all 6 fights, having scored three goals scored, one of which he scored in the final against the Canadians.

A magnificent game for the "Vancouver Canucks" allowed the 26-year-old striker to break into the Olympic team of his country. In Vancouver, the US team in the dramatic final lost to the hosts only in overtime with a score of 2-3 and won silver medals. Striker Ryan Kesler took part in all six matches, in which he managed to double the red light behind the opponents' goal.

Personal life

Ryan and his wife Andrea raise a daughter Makaila, who was born in 2008. When Kessler played for the Canucks, during the season the family lived near Vancouver, in the small town of Kitsilano, and in the off-season the hockey player took his relatives to his native town of Livonia.

In addition to hockey, the NHL star is fond of racing cars, likes to walk with his dogs and play gambling.

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