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The years of Pushkin's life are the basis of the poet's work

Any Russian person educated in Russia has memories of gay school years, where teachers shared a part of their knowledge with students. Undoubtedly, in those days, the work of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin was given special attention. After all, it is impossible not to understand the value of the contribution to Russian literature that brought the years of Pushkin's life.

Since the birth of Alexander waiting for interesting events. After all, the roots of the family went to exotic Africa, where the great-grandfather Ibrahim came from, who has a familiar curly hair, but dark skin. Under sad circumstances, he had to part with his family and go to the court of Peter the Great, where he was waiting for a new surname Hannibal and a military career.

When Nadia Osipovna, a granddaughter of the arap Hannibal, was born on June 6 (May 26 old style) in 1799, a son with an incredibly curly head and plump lips, it became clear to everyone from whom he inherited these unusual features. But who could guess how bleak the childhood years of Pushkin's life would be? For unexplained reasons, parents spoiled only the youngest son Lev, so there was no time left for Sasha and Olga. Children were left to themselves, who, after such parental care, could condemn Alexander for his violent disposition? Growing up Sasha found an outlet in communication with nurse Arina Rodionovna, who tried to surround the boy with caress and attention. He managed to splash out all his unused emotions in his written works, which during the years of Pushkin's life have accumulated decently.

The only person who did not like the soul in the future poet was his grandmother, Marya Alekseevna. Every summer, Alexander and his family went to Zakharovo, where there was a family estate. It was in this place that the growing boy felt loved, happy, and most importantly, free! After all, vast natural lands and incredibly clean air gave such an incredible surge of positive emotions. Despite the years of Pushkin's life, lived away from this wonderful place, he never forgot about the feelings experienced in a distant, beautiful childhood.

When Sasha was 11 years old, he was sent to study science in the Lyceum, located in Tsarskoe Selo. During the training he was not among the best students, because he did not have the assiduity and could not tolerate mathematics and German language.

Why study these subjects, if it is possible to arrange cheerful zavarushka with friends and get a disciplinary reprimand with the inclusion in the list of the Lyceum? Although many teachers emphasized the fact that Pushkin spent years in the lyceum for their own benefit, since his incredible memory and mental abilities often made themselves felt.

A turning-point in 1812 changed the views of many lyceum students. But many of them remained active defenders of the autocratic Fatherland. At the end of the Lyceum Sasha entered the civil service. Who could imagine that a rebel trying to change the eternal course of things such as Pushkin does not stop the southern link? And he will become the greatest poet of our country.

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