Dress from guipure: feminine and luxurious

Femininity is always in fashion. The perfect embodiment of this trend is a dress from guipure. This material is able to give the simple style an unusual sophistication and luxury. His bizarre patterns fascinate. And how men react to a woman in a guipure dress!

Designers do not cease to please fashionistas with excellent guipure masterpieces. Here are the collections of 2013 contain a lot of similar creations.

The main fashion trends:

- Black color is considered a classic for guipure, and this season he remains a favorite among fashion designers. And since lace itself introduces intrigue and mystery into the image, leading designers offer fashion models closed models: with long sleeves and "blind" cutouts.

- Red and blue colors are not inferior to the popularity of black guipure. Bright, rich shades have found their embodiment in many interesting models. But pastel colors also have a place to be. Designers presented dresses of beige, caramel, milk and bodily shades.

- Pleases the variety of styles. Now a dress from guipure can wear not only the owner of an ideal figure. Hide some drawbacks will help lush dresses. Popular promises to become a guipure dress-pencil and, of course, evening dresses from guipure.

- As for the lining of the dress, the boldest models do not have it at all. But those who think this decision is unacceptable, can choose a dress with a lining of the color of the canvas or a contrasting hue.

With what to wear?

The dress from the guipure itself is an ornament, so the image does not need to be overloaded with additional accessories. When choosing shoes, you must follow the general rule. It should be the same color as the dress, or a little darker. A universal option is black shoes.

Handbag - just a clutch. Delicate, with delicate inserts, for example. Strictly in the tone of the dress or contrasting color. As for jewelry, it must be added to the image carefully. Beige is also suitable for pearls, for black - silver and gold. If the dress is closed, do not wear a necklace. It is quite possible to do with long earrings.

If the dress is not lined, then the underwear must necessarily be flesh-colored. However, this outfit does not suit everyone. For a mini dress, you should not wear stockings. In another case, stockings or pantyhose should also be flesh colored.

How to care?

For washing gum dresses, only use delicate detergents. And you need to wash it with your hands, and dry it better in the shade. Ironing such products from the wrong side. Pay attention to the label of the dress. Perhaps it can not be ironed at all.

Dresses from guipure turn any woman into a goddess. They are mostly worn at solemn events and this is well-founded: the material itself looks festive and will look out of place at work or, say, at a picnic.

The main advantage of guipure is its practicality. It perfectly wipes and takes out almost any pollution.

Wedding dresses from guipure are easy. Summer brides should pay attention to them. Such models are not burdened by a lot of folds and lush skirts, so the bride will feel comfortable and easy.

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