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Protein cocktails - for weight gain the best remedy

Large hard muscles - it is about them that a strong half of humanity dreams. But here's the paradox: not every male body has the prerequisites for the growth of muscle mass. Today, this problem is very easily solved, there are a lot of different means for increasing muscle mass, for example, protein shakes for weight gain and various other drugs for this purpose. They not only increase body volume, but also make a person more hardy and healthy.

Protein cocktails for weight gain are widely used today among people who are engaged in bodybuilding and just watching their figure, keeping it in perfect condition.

Many are afraid to use this remedy because of side effects. People think that protein in large amounts is harmful and dangerous for the kidneys. This opinion is not entirely correct, since protein contributes to good health and helps to keep blood pressure in the norm. But it can be harmful to people with such diseases as urolithiasis, problems of the musculoskeletal system and kidney failure. Cocktails are of three types:

1. Protein-protein , it should be used after exercise, it is intended only for weight gain.

2. Protein-carbohydrate , or geyner, it can and should be consumed before training, as it gives strength and endurance.

3. Protein-vitamin , it is supplemented with vitamins to achieve a greater result.

There are many such cocktails sold in specialized stores. In addition, protein shakes for weight gain can be done independently at home. There are many recipes, but the main ingredients are milk, cottage cheese, berries, fruit, protein. In different recipes only the amount of ingredients and their appearance change: for example, one needs a banana and skim milk, and in another - just milk and honey with raisins; One requires chicken eggs, the other only egg white, and the third quail egg.

On this list of means that increase the mass does not end. Many athletes also consume vitamins for weight gain. They are quite few, but they differ in anabolic properties and help in muscle growth. These are:

1. Pantothenic acid . The properties of this vitamin will slow the metabolism, which will cause a set of mass.

2. Carnitine chloride . Also reduces the metabolic rate, but also helps increase the amount of gastric juice, which leads to better digestion.

3. Vitamin "U" . Helps digestion, is a regulator of stomach acid.

4. Vikasol . Increases in the liver the white synthesis, makes the muscle tissue more active, which contributes to its activity for weight gain.

5. Acid is nicotinic . It makes gastric juice more acidic and increases its digestibility. With its help endogenous insulin increases its anabolic properties.

But also do not forget that vitamins - a thing though useful, but sometimes dangerous, and before using it is advisable to consult a doctor for the assimilation of your body these substances. So, today there are a lot of tools for muscle building: it's vitamins, and protein shakes - they fit everything for weight gain. And yet for a good figure this is not enough, you will have to put a lot of physical effort.

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