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Fuete is a figure of dance

Fuete is the common short name for the movement in classical dance. It is performed as a series of repetitive rounds with a fast pace. When performing these movements, the working leg is opened to the side after the end of each of the turns by 360 degrees.

Basic definition

Fuete - this means "whip, customize, whip" in French. With the western method of execution, the working leg reaches a level of 45 degrees or higher. In performances that relate to the classical heritage of fouettes, this is usually one of the climaxes that the ballerina performs on pointe shoes. In the ballets Swan Lake, Don Quixote, Paquita and Corsair, the main character performs 32 described figures in a row.

According to the terminology, in the classical dance of rotation of this kind it is more correct to call Tours fouettés. A rare exception was the ballet "La Bayadere". There, a dancer performing the role of Gamzatti performs 20 described pas and a series of "Italian" fouettes. This movement on the stage is always performed en dehors, however, the direction en dedans is possible. As a more scenic variant, alternation of the approaches described above can also be used. Single figures in any direction can be used for transitions to different poses. They are used in a variety of combinations, because they are associated with other movements that make up the classical dance. In the terminology of the ballet, there are also groups of movements that have the word "fouette" in the names. It's about all kinds of bends.

Dictionary of Gallicisms

Let us clarify the meaning of the word "fouette" in this source. According to the information given in it, it is a figure of classical dance, which consists of a turn on the fingers of the first leg and simultaneous circular motion in the air of the second. For this group, pa is characterized by a whipping exercise that helps the dancer's rotation. Also, due to this figure, a change in direction of motion occurs.

Other sources

According to the "Dictionary of Synonyms" Trishin VN, the term "rotation" is equivalent in meaning to the term of interest to us. In the scientific edition of Ephraim, it is indicated that fouettes are groups of na in classical dance. It is characterized by a sharp movement of the foot. "Small Academic Dictionary" specifies that it is a figure of female dance. The word refers to the middle genus. Let's pay attention to other sources. Similar definitions are found in dictionaries of foreign terms of the Russian language, from Kuznetsov and Ozhegov.

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