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Pisces (zodiac sign): what signs are suitable and not suitable for the representatives of this constellation

Each person decides for himself by what parameters and according to which indicators he chooses his partner in life. It is worth saying that most people today trust horoscopes or at least take on what they advise. In this article I want to tell you about which sign of the zodiac is suitable for Pisces, and with whom it is better not to communicate with them.

Fish Aries

This is not a very good combination, because the Pisces are too sensitive natures, which rarely survive the fire of Aries. However, do not be scared, because the percentage of compatibility here is 48% (average), which is still not so terrible. In such a tandem, Pisces will be hard, but if you reconcile with the pressure of Aries, everything can very well develop.


If a person is a Pisces (zodiac sign), which characters are right for him? This is an important question. So, according to the temperament, this union will, at first glance, be good, because calm Pisces can get along well with Taurus laborers. However, as the course of events develops, more and more problems will arise. Thus, the Taurus will constantly be upset because of the impracticality of Pisces, and the Pisces will take offense at Taurus because of their stubbornness. As for the percentage of compatibility, it is quite small in such an alliance: 22%.

Gemini Fish

If a person has a zodiac sign - Pisces, compatibility with other signs, in particular with Gemini, can be quite good (in percentage terms - 75%). However, such an alliance has its own nuances. It will definitely be very passionate, but it can be destructive for both sides. In this combination, the Pisces will hold Gemini with their emotions, namely, with tears. As long as Gemini does not get bored, everything will be fine. However, with the slightest realization of such a little manipulation, the union will come to an end.


If a person is a Pisces (zodiac sign), what signs are suitable for him for a long relationship? This is exactly the representatives of the constellation of Cancer. Such unions are pretty strong, people in them are in harmony with each other, almost completely getting along. Relationships are quite passionate, but more often than not they are calm and very strong. As for compatibility, then it is almost 100%. This is one of the best unions for Pisces representatives.


Such a tandem is initially doomed. Too independent Lion will always press on the emotional and weaker by the nature of Pisces. And if at first everything seems to be smooth in the relations, it is only thanks to the patience of the Lions. However, it is rather difficult for such people to get along on one territory, these marriages are not strong, and the chances of success are quite low, below 30%.


This union can also be strong. However, only if the Virgin will be very patient and will forgive Pisces for their impracticality and general inability to live. Big laborers, Virgo often do not understand the representatives of the constellation Pisces: how can one passively live their lives? As for statistics, successful compatibility can be observed in about half of such unions.


So, Pisces (zodiac sign): which signs are right for them? A good alliance can be formed with representatives of Libra. This is a tandem of creative personalities. However, everything will be fine only if the Pisces are not too passive. Often they are simply too unwieldy for Libra, and representatives of such a constellation become uninteresting in marriage. Statistics here are quite optimistic - the chances of success are 75%.


If a person is a Pisces (a zodiac sign) which signs are ideal for him? This is exactly an alliance with Scorpio. This tandem will be ideal for representatives of Pisces. Here everything will be in harmony: everyday life, temperament, sexual component. Scorpions are ready to envelop Pisces with the amount of love and care that they absolutely need. Such an alliance gives almost 100% chance of success in a relationship.


Relationships Pisces with Sagittarius will be quite difficult. Evasive by nature Sagittarius will not be ready to give everything in order to please his Rybka. And daily scandals in the kitchen will tire anyone, and Sagittarius generally escapes after the first such violent quarrel.


What else could a sign like Pisces have, compatibility with other signs of the zodiac? Union with Capricorn does not bring anything bad. If the fish is ready to tolerate the constant absence of his partner-Capricorn and often possible loneliness, in such a pair everything will turn out perfectly. Otherwise, scandals can not be avoided. Another nuance: they need to be extremely careful with money, because both partners are extravagant by nature (Capricorn is excessively generous, and Fish simply does not know how to save). As for the figures, the compatibility percentage here is somewhat above the average, about 65%.


Such a union is doomed to parting. After all, the excessive emotionality of Pisces will always be broken about the external coldness and the estrangement of Aquarius. In addition, the tears and tantrums of Pisces Aquarius will very quickly become boring, and the union will simply fall apart. The percentage of compatibility here is rather low - 35%.


As for the emotional component, this is an ideal union. Pisces understand each other from a half-word, there is no place for scandals, love and romance are in the air. However, there is a weakness of such relations: the couple will be completely unadapted to life. Therefore, they risk either live in poverty or be rejected by the majority because of their impracticality and simplicity.

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