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How do cats get bred?

Anyone who lives a cat, sooner or later, thinks about tying. Nature still demands its own. Both cats and cats are sexually mature already by 6-9 months. Behavior is changing: the cat is measuring the territory, can "adapt" for themselves some kind of soft toy; The cat begins to meow, changes the gait (the tail raises and bends the back), starts rolling on the floor; If you attach a napkin to the loop, you will find a wet spot. One of the main signs of the cat's readiness for binding: when stroking the back, it takes its tail off, trembles and searches with its front paws.

But this does not mean that the breeding of British cats at this time is permissible. The animal is too young for that. But think about finding a partner is the time. This applies to those who are planning to knit Scottish cats. It is better to introduce a cat to a cat in advance, but to knit after the second (for a third or later) estrus.

If you have a purebred cat or a cat, then you need to look for a couple in the club. It also discusses the breeding of cats, all conditions (including calculation), the date is assigned. The arrangement is transferred to paper and sealed with seals and signatures. The document will become insurance against various kinds of claims. It can be done at home, in an arbitrary version.

Two weeks before the mating, in order to avoid anomalies, all "chemistry" is excluded (the cat is not bathed or treated with sprays), vaccinations are not performed at this time. Both representatives should be checked for the presence of diseases in the clinic. Biting of cats without preliminary examination by a veterinarian is undesirable. Take a certificate signed by a veterinarian, which will later help in resolving disputes, if something suddenly goes wrong.

The cat must be wormed (7-15 days before knitting). Claws are cut off. The mating is conducted on the territory of the cat, not the cat. It is important! Not every (even wise old experience) cat will cover a cat in an unfamiliar territory. It is desirable that one of the animals has already been untied.

Biting cats, how does it happen?

So, the cat is grafted, grafted in advance, without fleas (like a cat) and is ready for mating in the territory of the owner-cat. Usually, outside intervention is not required. But difficult moments still happen. It happens that because of the stress, heat stops, renewing in a few days. Sometimes the girl's mistakes are mistaken, that the estrus is actually there, they bring the animal to the mating, and the cat does not react. Here, nature can not be fooled. The cat will feel right away.

When the cat is released, the cat is immediately taken to sniff at her tracks, thus determining the condition of the lady. The cat or indifferently leaves (then there is no sense to continue and it is better to go home before a more suitable time), or shows interest to the guest, telling loud meowing about readiness for courtship, which, in fact, he starts. If there is no sign of aggression on the part of the cat, you can leave the pair alone, but it is better to control the first pairings. The cat begins to flirt with the cat herself, but does not immediately allow. This is a cat's ritual. When approaching, the cat gets a paw on the muzzle (that is why both claws are clipped), the cat recedes and begins to "persuade" again with its sugary-interrogative "mrr-meow ... ..", comes again and again receives another blow and an expression of dissatisfaction hissing. How long this continues, the cat decides. She can harass a cat for a day, or can let it go quickly. But if the cat is bored with such begging, he is able to come up, slap his face, and, grabbing the scruff of the neck, to tie up, and without waiting for permission.

The cat is able to make several matings per day. It depends on his abilities and, of course, the nature of the cat. Execution of marital duties will continue until the cat does not understand that the cat is already satisfied, after which interest in the partner is lost. This is explained by the change in the smell of a mated cat. It happens that the cat remains in the hunt for several more days (the number of matings for the number of kittens is not affected).

Find out if the mating of cats has been successful and if your girl has become pregnant, you can only do it in three weeks, not earlier. The nipples turn pink and swell, appetite increases, drowsiness appears. In a month and a half, the babies are already being probed. Childbirth occurs from 64th to 70th day.

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