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Delicious sandwiches: recipes. Festive sandwiches: recipes with photos

Sandwiches, canapés, croutons, and simple slices of bread with something upstairs are all delicious sandwiches. Recipes of these simple and uncomplicated dishes will be useful to you for breakfast, for a quick snack at lunch time. They will be useful in the case when the guests are already on the doorstep, and the main dish you were going to regale with them is still far from complete. And to submit to the festive table as a cold appetizer exquisite croutons with red or black caviar will not be at all disgraceful. In the preparation of sandwiches there are only a few rules and a huge, great space for imagination. You can invent your own author's delicious sandwiches. Recipes given below are not at all an unshakable canon. You can replace the ingredients at your discretion, add something of your own.

General principles of preparation

Etymologically, the word "sandwich" is of German origin: "buter" is butter, and "ford" is bread. Of course, over time, the dish "overgrown" with more sophisticated recipes. Now it's not just bread and butter. The basis can be toast, matzah, pita. Recently, sandwiches have been made on crackers and diet breads from rice flour. Oil also ceased to be an obligatory ingredient. It can be replaced by mayonnaise, mustard, curd mass, ketchup. Even the simplest sandwiches with cheese and sausage can be hot or cold, open or sandwiches. On the basis of the test you can put and some salads - too, will be very tasty.

But there are several generally accepted rules in the preparation of sandwiches. First, bread. It should be cut into thin slices (up to eight millimeters thick). If the bread crumbles, before grinding it, the loaf is dried. Sandwiches for the holiday should be small, preferably of the same size. They are served on a flat dish, decorated with greens, olives or lemon slices. The crustons take bread off the bread. Complex stuffing can be fixed with a skewer.

With Bulgarian pepper and cheese

There are so-called quick sandwiches, for cooking which is only a couple of minutes. They are good for breakfast or when you come home from work, clicking your teeth with hunger, like a wolf. To a sandwich with Bulgarian pepper became "fast", you need to have a handy grated cheese (100 grams) and homemade billet - marinated paprika. We cut white bread into slices, butter it with butter. Spread the grated cheese, and on it - a strip of marinated or fried in oil pepper. If desired, you can decorate everything with a sprig of dill.

Original "fried eggs"

These quick sandwiches are good for breakfast. We cut slices of white bread, cut out a circle in the middle. Frying pan with sunflower oil. We put out slices of bread. When they are browned from the bottom, turn over. In the middle of each slice, we break into the egg, making sure that the yolk gets into the hole. This option is good, if you like a frog. But you can do otherwise. Drive in the egg when a slice of bread is fried only on the first side. And then, when the protein "grab", turn the whole structure.

Sandwiches with tomatoes

Do not spend much time and effort to make delicious sandwiches. Recipes offer us a lot of options. Here, for example, a sandwich with tomatoes. For one serving, you need to take two slices of white bread. We will spread them with garlic and garlic. Lay out on top of one slice of freshly sliced tomato and greens. We'll cover the other with a crust of bread. In this recipe, you can endlessly experiment with smaltz. Mix it not only with garlic and salt, but also with roughly ground black pepper or with finely chopped greens of dill. Together with the tomato you can lay out the cucumber circles. The main thing is that the satiety of the smaltz is combined with the freshness of the vegetables.

Delicious sandwiches: recipes for a frying pan

If there is a little more time, you can prepare a snack so.

Option one, potato

Three two tubers, we drive in one egg. Solim and pepper a lot to taste. Preheat the frying pan with sunflower oil. Spoon a lot of weight on a slice of white bread and put in the hot fat stuffing down. Fry until a ruddy crust.

Option two, cheese-sausage

We break an egg in a bowl, beat it lightly with a fork. We cut a little boiled sausage, three hard cheese. We cut finely tomatoes. In the filling also add raw or toasted (as someone like it more) onions. We knead everything and put it on pieces of bread. Heat the fat in a frying pan and fry the sandwich stuffing down.

Lazy Pizza

Since we are talking about cheese and sausage, we will notice that having these basic products, you can cook a variety of sandwiches. Do not limit yourself by simply putting them on top of buttered bread. Sandwiches with cheese and sausage are very tasty hot. This is the basis for the success of pizza. But this Italian dish is nothing but a sandwich. Reluctant to mess with the pizza test? Do not need! Prepare it on an oblong piece of French baguette. We cut it along into halves. In a bowl we will crumble 150 grams of sausage, two tomatoes, a red Bulgarian pepper, and cheese. Let's stir two eggs. Add two spoons of mayonnaise, a little chopped greens, salt and favorite spices. This mixture is stacked on a halved baguette and sent to a preheated oven. Bake until the cheese is browned.

Recipes for birthday sandwiches

For a festive table, the appetizer should look elegant and effective. Here are a few ideas that you can surprise guests with. Sandwiches with red fish will look on the table with a shining poppy . One hundred grams of butter to soften, mix with 6 tablespoons black caviar. Smear thinly slices of a white loaf. Trout or lightly salted salmon cut into thin "petals". Lay them on bread, forming a flower. In the middle of the "poppy" to put a little black caviar. Cut the lemon slices into quarters. Decorate them with a dish in the form of leaves.

Recipes for birthday sandwiches are often advised to use a cracker instead of bread. It, naturally, should be unsweetened (salty, onions). We rub cheese, squeeze out garlic, add mayonnaise. Two crackers glue this stuffing. Top with oil and place a little red caviar.

With meat

If you have pork, boiled beef, basturma, roast beef or steak at home, you can make delicious sandwiches in the oven. Recipes recommend using rye bread for them. Meat cut into thin slices, tomato - circles, and onions - the smaller, the better. Cheese three. Grease the tray with lean oil, lay on it pieces of bread. From above we have tomatoes sprinkled with fresh herbs. We put meat and onions on them. Sprinkle with cheese and send the baking tray into the oven. Bake until the cheese cap. Separately we prepare sauce from grated horseradish, sour cream and greens.

Almost complete dish

Canapes and sandwiches are considered snacks, but the royal sandwich can replace the lunch. Fry in a vegetable oil finely chopped onion. We take it out on a plate. Fresh champignons clean. Cut into medium pieces, also fry. The same is done with chicken fillet. In a separate bowl, mix ketchup with mayonnaise, add finely chopped garlic. Pieces of rye bread are quickly dipped in milk and greased with sauce. We put them on a baking tray. The sauce should be down. We lay chicken, mushrooms, fried onions on an ungreased side. Cover with mugs of tomatoes, sprinkle with grated cheese. We bake for about twenty minutes. Bon Appetit!

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