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Yakut husky: a description of the breed and photos

Dogs, which we will talk about today, belong to one of the oldest breeds. According to archaeologists, the sites of ancient people of the Neolithic Age that they found on the territory of present Yakutia, the sleds and bones of dogs (presumably Yakut laikas) are found to be 7800-8000 years old.

Yakut husky is from the village of Nizhnekolymsky Ulus. In this region, dogs with blue eyes have been born since ancient times . Until quite recently the breed was on the verge of extermination.

Historical reference

The Yakut Laika is bred in the northeast of Russia, in places that have long been called "canine rivers". They have a lot of fish, so it's easy to feed the animal. The peoples of western and central Yakutia called it "saha yta", which in translation means "Yakut dog".

The peoples of the north have used these dogs for a long time to travel through snow-covered terrain. In addition, the teams were necessary postal services, scientific expeditions, border guards. In the middle of XX century in the territory of Yakutia, there were more than thirty-three thousand dogs of this breed, but by the end of the century, with the arrival of technology, the number of these animals was sharply reduced. Gradually, the Yakut husky began to disappear. And it is not known how this story would end, if VZ Dyachkov, a retired enthusiast, had not taken up his job. Only nine years it took him to restore the breed Yakut husky.

At the moment it is not recognized by the FCI, but officially registered in the Russian Cynological Club. This can be considered a very great achievement.

External Features

Yakut husky, a photo of which you can see in our article, is a compact and fairly strong dog, medium in size, with well-developed muscles. The growth of males at the withers is 58 cm, females - 55 cm.


The correct rounded shape is proportional to the size of the animal. Lips are dense and dry, with well-defined pigmentation. The ears at the base are wide, high-set, standing, but half-standing are allowed.


Unusual blue, almond-shaped, with black edging.


Thick, but without excess fat. The skeleton is massive in males, the bitches are much smaller.


Like many animals of the north, the Yakut Laika has a luxurious "fur coat". The wool of these animals is very thick, the undercoat is well developed. It is straight, shiny, to the touch quite rough. On the hind limbs and forelegs, there are thick stripes.

On the neck is a fluffy "collar". The tail is covered with thick wool of medium length.

Disqualifying flaws are considered to be sparse and not too fluffy wavy or too soft (silky) wool.


The standard allows spotted color in any combination - black and white, gray-white, white-black, white-gray. In addition, it is possible to have white-black with red spots, black with red marks, red-white color. To vices include monophonic color of any color, except white.


The Yakut Laika, whose photo can be seen in the handbooks of the dog handlers, is unpretentious by its nature. She eats much less than other common hunting dogs. The diet should consist of boiled meat (preferably beef), porridge (millet, wheat, oatmeal, rice), boiled fish (preferably sea), sliced fresh vegetables (mostly carrots), dried fruits. It is necessary to add vitamin-mineral complex.

An adult animal is fed twice a day (in the evening and in the morning). An approximate menu can look like this: 300 grams of boiled meat, 100 grams of raw vegetables, 130 grams of boiled cereals, a little "kaltsessoderzhaschey" food. If the load of the dog is great, you can add a raw egg.

To prevent dental and gum disease, it is necessary to give raw husks and tendons. Do not forget that the dog should always have free access to fresh water. It must be changed at least twice a day.

From the diet should be deleted sweet confectionery, smoked products, condiments, dairy products. They can provoke a variety of dog health disorders.

Dry food can be used only as a reward for the execution of commands and for obedience. 2 times a month the Yakut Laika needs unloading days - give only biscuits and water. This is necessary for the purification of the body. Further on, what kind of representatives of the breed Yakut husky character.


We remind that for today the Yakut husky is not very common in Russia. Description of the breed suggests that these animals are very friendly to humans. They are mobile and bold, flexible and contact, sociable and temperamental.

Laika is passionate and persevering, caring and patient with respect to her owners. These beautiful and proud dogs are capable of much for the sake of the owner, whom they love selflessly. The loyalty and loyalty of these animals is unlimited. But they will be effective only in case of a real threat. With such a dog, you can safely and confidently walk, without fear for your safety, leave the house under their protection. Laika requires attention and care from its owners. Especially reverent for young children.

To the unfamiliar people husky, it would seem, completely indifferent. In fact, they closely monitor and are ready to act instantly if necessary.

These dogs combine seemingly incompatible traits: calmness, endurance and confidence of excellent sled dogs with the strength, mobility of a real hunter. It happens that these dogs in the harness are in conflict for the leader's place. Then experienced dog breeders act very wisely - appoint two leaders at once. On this conflict is exhausted.

Care and maintenance

The Yakut husky feels great in a cold climate, it is uncomfortable in the heat. Therefore, husk should not live in an apartment, even in severe frosts it will be better in an open-air cage than in a warm apartment.

If the hunting instincts of this dog are not satisfied, then it may feel unrealized, and therefore become restless.

Otherwise, the care of these animals does not differ from the care of other hunting dogs. They must be regularly combed, monitor the health of the eyes and ears and paws. To wash the dog is recommended only before the exhibition or when the wool is heavily soiled. Be sure to use a special shampoo for dogs.

Choosing a puppy

If you decide to purchase a pet of this breed, then you must follow certain rules. Puppies of the Yakut husky are charming creatures. Fluffy lumps with blue eyes will not leave anyone indifferent.

However, we want to warn you that a dog of this breed should not be bought on the market. Someone will object and say that, they say, here at very reasonable prices are offered a variety of puppies. Laika Yakutia, the photo of which we have placed in this article, should be purchased only in a specialized nursery. Only in this case you can be sure that you have bought a healthy thoroughbred animal.

Take the baby is recommended at the age of 8-10 weeks. Preliminary it is necessary to check all the documents: pedigree, passport, get information about vaccinations made. The puppy must be active, agile, not too thin, but not too fattened.

If there is such an opportunity, pay attention to how the adult animals are kept in the kennel, get acquainted with the parents of the baby. Look at how the nursing mother behaves towards puppies. She should fully feed them with milk, in no case should she show unreasonable aggression to the kids.

When a new tenant appears in your house, you should already have a spacious enclosure ready. For the puppy it is possible to establish a small house where the kid can hide and easy to have a rest. Do not forget that huskies can not be kept in the cage all the time - they need space and freedom.

Where to buy husky

This sled dog is extremely popular in the northern regions of our country. In other regions, it is rare. There are only a few breeders who breed the breed of Yakut husky. You can find a breeding nursery for these animals in Yakutsk, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Bryansk, Moscow and Tver. All of them (except the Yakut) appeared about two years ago.

Animals of this breed are rapidly conquering the hearts of dog breeders in Europe. Today, these dogs are already in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands. In Switzerland, even went out a magazine in which the honorable place on the cover took the Yakut Laika.

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