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Types of packages for dumplings

People often face the problem of lack of time. Semi-finished products, including pelmeni, are in high demand among the population, as they are quickly and simply prepared. For their preparation, you need a minimum of time and culinary knowledge. But in order for frozen products from the manufacturer to reach the consumer in a diligent manner, it is important to pack it in a special package. Not every packaging is suitable for semi-finished products.

What is the packaging for dumplings?

For reliable protection against external factors, the packaging for pelmeni should have the following qualities:

  • Resistance to frost in deep freezing;
  • Good heat-sealing;
  • Flexibility and resistance to punctures;
  • Absence of brittleness during freezing.

In this regard, for the packing of pelmeni and other semi-finished products, a film of polyethylene and polypropylene is used.

Multilayer PE films with surface printing

Polyethylene films, folded from several layers, are often used to pack frozen food. They have good operational capabilities, but at the same time their price is low. A drawing on such a package is printed on the surface of the film. The film has a white color or transparent with a pronounced luster.

PE / PE with interlayer printing

This is a combination of two polyethylene films, between which there is a seal. Such a package has increased resistance to punctures, welding seams at low temperatures do not lose their integrity. This ensures the integrity of the packaging, as well as the preservation of products. In addition, the pattern, located between the layers of the film, does not abrade.

PET transparent / PE white or transparent with interlayer printing

The composition of these materials is most often used when packing pelmeni and other frozen products. Such a package has excellent properties for frost resistance, strength and resistance to punctures. Good barrier properties perfectly preserve the product from the effects of external factors, including the effects of moisture and odors. In addition, the film has an attractive appearance. The composition of such materials is excellent for filling equipment operating at high speeds.

BOPP transparent / PE white or transparent with interlayer printing

The use of a transparent BOPP in the composition makes it possible to improve the aesthetic appearance of the package. Thanks to this material, the packaging gets an attractive shine and gloss. But the most important thing is that the BOPP film differs from PE with the best properties to withstand minus temperatures, strength and resistance to punctures. Weld seams perfectly retain their integrity. Also, the material is perfectly suitable for use in filling equipment.

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