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The average weight of a wrestler sumo. Weight of sumoist

On TV, they seem ridiculous, sort of fatties in funny bandages. They raise their legs high, make strange sounds, and then grab each other and try to fall down. Probably every person, sometimes glancing through the sports channel, thought to himself that sumo is not a sport, but rather entertainment, fun for the audience. But who would know what emotions are in the air in these competitions, how long the training is and how important it is to correctly understand the battle philosophy in order to reach heights! And what is the average weight of sumo wrestler? Is it necessary to be large or is it a stereotype?

What is sumo?

Japan seems to us a country of exquisite traditions, long tea-drinking, patient eating of rice with the help of sticks, a country of miniature women who in old age do not get wrinkles and keep the legs of a ballerina. How could sumo appear in the country with the most correct food system? I must say that the martial art of sumo came from antiquity. The first mention of it is found 2,000 years ago. This explains the abundance of ancient myths and legends associated with such a struggle. Then the importance of the struggle was enormous, because the winners became rulers of the country or even were called gods. Although several countries pretend to be the inventor of Sumo wrestling, the Japanese still consider it their own. Painfully many sumo wrestling contains traditions and customs.

Is there a maximum for the wrestler

Is there a standard weight of sumo wrestler? Many people in fact still believe that if there is uncontrolled everything that they want, then you can go to the sumoids. I want to dispel these myths once and for all - a weak-willed person who has gained a life-threatening amount of kilograms, will not be able to adapt to the struggle. So gain weight is necessary with the mind. By the way, not every sumo player has a lot of weight: there are weight classes in sumo. So it's not the size, but the quality and depth of knowledge. The largest fighter was found in America. With a solid growth of 2 meters and 3 centimeters, it weighs 313 kilograms. We must think that in the fight he is invincible! But his health is such a weight, he has a disservice, because excess body weight affects the liver, heart, kidneys. Arthritis, diabetes mellitus and hypertension are progressing. The Japanese have a healthy lifestyle, and why they live on average 82 years, but sumo wrestlers often barely live to 60. After all, physical training rarely gets along with excess weight. The Japanese are also a very measured people, therefore, after the sports career is completed, which, by the way, is possible for a sumo only up to 35 years, return to moderate nutrition, adhering to balanced sports loads. For a few years they lose weight. If you look at the weight of the sumo look professional dentist, then there will be serious deviations from the norm. So, the body mass index of a sumo is 2.5 times higher than that of a healthy person. To come in this form, you need to eat a special diet and lead the way of life prescribed to athletes. But stereotypes do not work here, because sumoists gain weight by no means absorbing a huge mass of food with a predominance of fat.

How to gain weight correctly

The question may seem strange, because in the media, the slender and athletic body is cultivated with might and main, and not the trembling folds, but sumo wrestlers do not look like ordinary people with excess weight. They remain tight, strong and active. The requirements for the daily regime of sumoists are strict, but somehow subtly resemble the daily routine in the kindergarten. It's understandable, because the weight of a sumo player is not so easy to dial. In addition to a clear number of meals, they have time for sleep. At first glance it seems that here it is - a dream of a sweet tooth and a lover of a delicious meal! But it's not so simple. Sumo wrestlers accept food twice a day, both before bedtime, as calories are more quickly absorbed in sleep. Respecting himself and his coach, a sumo player can not uncontrolledly eat a chocolate bar or spend the whole evening in front of a TV with a bundle of chips, because he has a special menu focused on the accumulation of fat stores, but that the weight is distributed evenly, the consumed fats should be correct. So, the day your wrestlers begin with a long workout on an empty stomach. Training lasts from 4 to 6 hours, and in complexity it is as great as a ballerina. Hypothetically, such activity should accelerate the metabolism and burn fat, but in reality it leads to a decrease in the level of metabolism, which the intelligent body perceives as an alarm signal and begins to stock up on fuel for the future. By the way, it can take note and slimming girls who deny themselves breakfast and can not control the amount of food consumed, and therefore overeat for lunch. After training, the wrestler dines, and the caloric value of lunch should not fall below 10,000 calories! That is, for lunch, a sumo must consume the daily rate of eight adults! After lunch, you need to sleep 3-4 hours, so that the body has time to translate the resulting calories into fat. When you wake up, it's time to start the second workout. And then another 10 thousand calories for dinner and sleep.

Pleasant gastronomic pleasures

But the described daily routine does not mean that the wrestler should push food into his mouth, even when you do not feel like eating. Yes, and completely cut yourself in the consumption of goodies do not. Weight wrestler sumo allows you to drink beer and sake while eating, and in fact nutritional value alcohol does not carry. During the meal the wrestlers communicate and at times get so carried away that they do not notice how they eat a huge portion. Especially for weight gain they are treated with a dish with an intriguing name - "chanko-nabe". In the recipe, a lot of meat, rice and vegetables. Meat is better to take fatter, and vegetables are more populous. At home, you can cook from all that is in the refrigerator, that is, you can take beef, pork, poultry, fish and seafood. The meat is seasoned with bean paste and sesame oil, and the fragrance is given by ginger, garlic and soy sauce. Do not forget about the garnish for which rice is stewed with soy cottage cheese, tofu, eggplant, Chinese cabbage, carrots, radish and spinach. It will not be superfluous in the recipe and Japanese noodles with rice cakes, eggs, mushrooms and seaweed. A couple of years on a diet with such a basic dish - and the average weight of a wrestler sumo will be 150-200 kg. And the secret of fast mass recruitment in the consumption of this enchanting amount of calories before bed. Note that with an abundance of ingredients, wrestlers do not consume fast carbohydrates, flour and sugar. That is, in fact, they do not eat anything harmful, so they do not pollute their bodies and after the completion of their careers they can easily return to their original weight. It is this approach that distinguishes the Japanese from the Europeans, who can cut to the limit the amount of vegetables and fruits consumed in favor of chips and donuts with chocolate.

Sumo history

As already mentioned, sumo appeared in ancient times. The first data on the struggle is attributed to the middle of the 7th century. In 642, at the court of the Emperor, a wrestling tournament took place in honor of one Korean ambassador. The tournament was a success due to the spectacularity and emotionality of the struggle, so it set the trend and was arranged every year to the end of fieldwork in the fall. Formed on the rise of the ring or, as it is called, Doha, outside of which there were sharp pegs. There were also their own rules. You can not beat an opponent with an open hand, you can not aim at the eyes and genitals. All the same sumo is a noble kind of struggle, therefore there is a ban on suffocating captures. Do not miss the hair, ears and fingers. But slaps, jerks, grips are possible for parts of mawashi, except for those that cover the genitals. In amateur sumo, it is important how much the sumo wrestler weighs, as the pairs are formed according to the weight. But the professional wrestling of weight classes does not recognize. The main thing is the average weight of the sumo wrestler: almost all of them are under 100 kg, but the fighters of the higher divisions, bearing the proud title of the satori, should have a mass of more than 120 kg. Many people, far from sumo, will be surprised, but the percentage of fat in the mass of sumo is the same as that of the average inhabitant. Accordingly, the more the sumo player, the more his muscle mass and weight. Sumo is a sport that does not recognize restrictions, so everyone can get carried away by it.

Nuances of a way of life

Erroneous will be the stereotype, according to which there are no tall and slim sumo players. Famous in certain circles sumoist Tienofudzi was above average growth. There are no dimensionless fighters. Still, a man weighing 200 kilograms and more is unlikely to be able to fight without shortness of breath and arrhythmia. The average weight of a wrestler sumo is far from the declared "ceiling", and "light" wrestlers have an advantage over heavyweights, as they are more mobile and technical. In the history of the battle is marked, when the wrestler Minoumi held a shot against the wrestler Konisiki, who was twice his weight. A very large sumo player limits his arsenal of techniques, faces unpleasant troubles, such as excessive sweating and clumsiness. In an amateur sumo, the representatives in different weight categories do not converge in a pair, but their divisions exist.

In contact single combat two wrestlers participate on a professional or amateur basis. Professional sumo at the same time is a colorful match with the participation of selected heavyweight fighters. Women among the wrestlers were not. Sport sumo can be equated to the Greco-Roman wrestling, as wrestlers, divided by weight, enter the competition. By the way, the first wrestlers of sumo were samurai or ronin, interested in an additional source of income. In the 17th century 72 canonical sumo receptions were recorded, based on sacred rituals with divine symbols. Since still since the advent of sumotori were a category of persons close to the emperor and therefore were kept on the state security.

And the game is worth the candle

Indeed, is there a rational grain in being a Sumo wrestler? Is it worth to gain weight, to trample on the world standards of beauty, to refuse the opportunity to shine in a bikini on the beach? After Sumo has long ceased to be an exclusively male sport, at international competitions women are increasingly active. Sumo has many rules: fighters of one hey, brothers can not come together in a duel. Sumo wrestling is a fairly profitable business, so those interested in it can at least become quite rich. If you count averaged, in a year the wrestler of the highest category, who is also called yokozuna, gets as much for fighting and third-party earnings as a world-class football player. In Japan, to be engaged in sumo is doubly advantageous, since only here professional duels are held.

Exit to the fight

A respected wrestler can not get out of Doha without being picked up. Everything is taken into account. Even a special hairstyle is for wrestlers sumo. A photo of her from a close angle allows you to see the functionality and beauty. This haircut is called takaya, it softens the impact on the temples, which is almost inevitable in the fall. By the way, wrestlers are forbidden to drive a car. And violators are waiting for a serious penalty, for example, disqualification, which equates to a significant loss in rank. Usually wrestlers go by taxi. In addition, there are restrictions on the presence of foreigners in this sport. A wrestler is considered a foreigner not only by citizenship, but also by descent.

Russians in sumo

The technique of conducting a duel is close in spirit to our people, as it is rich in traditions, full of respect for the rival. But still it is rather strange to observe how Russian girls, really beautiful, choose this still exotic for our mentality sport. It is worth immediately making an amendment to the understanding of many people fighting sumo: sumoists do not fight. Their struggle is noble, the purpose of the fight is to push the opponent abroad Doha. The one who touches the ground with any part of the body except for the foot will lose. Svetlana Panteleeva absolutely does not meet the idea of how much the sumo wrestler weighs. In Svetlana, 75 kilograms with an increase of 170 centimeters, that is, the weight is normal. That's how the stereotypes collapse that fat people are going to sumo. Svetlana came to the sport from choreography and judo. Sumo firstly mixed, and then tightened, it is too painful emotions hot. Svetlana is out of the rules and keeps herself in shape with the help of proper nutrition: more protein to build muscle, not fat.

Tenderness in the struggle

Who would have thought that a sevenfold World Sumo Champion could be a homely and cozy woman, a real keeper of the home. It was such a Catherine Cape. She is still very young, but has achieved a lot, so she can afford a breather in her career. Ekaterina managed to try herself in pedagogy and politics. There are many interests, but without sport there was a passion for Japanese cuisine. While actively engaged in sports, Katya abstained from land, and now eats with pleasure. From the model forms of Catherine is far, with a fairly high growth of 180 centimeters, it weighs 138 kg. This is the average average weight of a wrestler sumo, and even slightly below the standard.
And the prize-winner of the European Championships Olesya Kovalenko is even a little astenichna for sumo: she weighs only 118 kg with the same growth. True, she believes that this is her combat form, in which she is both strong and mobile.

Success through exposure

In the absolute weight category is Anna Zhigalova, which is also outside the framework that sets the average weight of a wrestler sumo. With an increase in 185 cm, Anna weighs 120 kg. In her childhood she dreamed of being a ballerina, but her complexion was large. On a special diet does not sit, except that the coach sometimes forces to gain weight. The traditions of the founders of the struggle Anna does not adhere, she eats properly, although she has her gastronomic predilections. In general, it is necessary to imagine a certain gradation in weight of athletes: light weight is limited to a frame of 65 kg; The average weight is in the range of 65 to 80 kg; Heavy weight category begins with 80 kg and above.

Japanese sumoists and their difference

To the full people in the world the attitude is ambiguous, as sometimes they do not fit into the usual standards of beauty. In a tradition rich in Japan, the situation is somewhat simpler, since human beauty, its inner filling, the ability to combine harmony and sport development are paramount. Therefore, they can afford people to eat in accordance with the history of sports. People who are completely focused on the struggle, who know their daily routine ahead of time and are engaged in sumo on a professional level, literally live at the expense of their working form. In Russia, everything is different, because a modern person can not give up on himself and abandon critical views in a cafe or transport. Full people are limited in choosing clothes, in visiting public places. Who noticed a resting person full of people in a nightclub? And who saw the dancer with the magnificent forms? Our ladies do not want to get out of the clip, so their weight is not enough for professional sumo. Girls remain normal, live in weight, in which they are comfortable, so they are successful not only in their careers, but also in their personal lives.

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