Timeless Classics: Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France

Some cars are decisive in the history of the automotive industry, for example, such as the Ferrari 250 GT. Initially, this machine received the nickname "Berlinetta", but pretty quickly it changed it to TdF.

What does this mean? And than this car was remembered?


So, immediately it is worth saying that this classic car got its nickname in 1956. It is deciphered extremely simply - Tour de France. Naturally, this car is so called precisely for the reason that it was on it that year that the largest races in the world of the Tour de France were won.

It was then that "Ferrari" began to receive more and more popularity, and it is this model that should be thanked for the fact that now people have the opportunity to buy the latest Ferrari models and ride them without any problems.


Naturally, such a machine could not win the biggest competition for nothing. Of course, it is worth paying tribute to the driver, Alfonso de Portago, who led the "Ferrari" to the finish line first. But the car itself was extremely powerful, especially when it was customized directly under the driver. It was in 1956 that this "Ferrari" model returned universal attention to sports cars, which gradually lost popularity. But such an excellent result could not but affect the way people perceive machines. Naturally, this is not the only reason that "Ferrari" to this day is one of the most influential and successful car manufacturers. But the classic is eternal, and the Berlinetta, which eventually became TdF, once again proved that sports cars have always been and will be an integral part of the automotive industry.

Concrete machine

It is worth noting that de Portago managed to win many more races in his Berlinerte, until he died in the accident.

After that, the car was at the collectors, until it was restored in the nineties, after which again began to take part in the race.

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