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Than to smear a chicken pox? How many days to smear of chickenpox. What smear with chickenpox, except zelenki

Chickenpox is a disease that needs to be treated once in a lifetime. Most often, it affects young children, the probability of infection after 5 years is significantly reduced. Despite the low risk of the disease, any parent worries about his baby, noticing the first symptoms he had. The main signs of this disease are copious skin rashes and fever. Appearing pimples are itchy and cause considerable discomfort, so the actual question becomes: "What smear of chickenpox?" Are there any alternative means besides all the famous zelenok?

Traditional method of treatment

Already more than one generation of parents treats chickenpox with bed rest and treatment of rashes. In Russia, the most popular remedy is the "brilliant green" solution. Zelenka (as well as any other alcohol tincture) really well dries up the inflamed skin and prevents infection of wounds. Do not forget to ask the doctor how many times to smear chicken with chicken. Usually it is enough once in the very beginning of the disease, if the symptom does not become less pronounced, then the procedure can be repeated several times. Remember that the baby's skin is very gentle. And if you update the layer of alcoholic antiseptic several times a day, its drying can not be avoided.

Why is it bad green?

Outside of our country, no one even heard about the fact that rashes with chickenpox should be treated with greenery. Foreign doctors consider this treatment wild, because "brilliant green" is an alcoholic antiseptic and can dry the skin. A lot of dissatisfaction is also caused by the comical appearance of patients who are carefully painted "in speckles." Do not forget that the green is getting dirty, which also makes its application uncomfortable. On a question, than to smear a chickenpox, except zelenki, any foreign doctor will respond with the list from convenient in application and safe antibiotics. However, often in Europe or America skin irritations do not work at all, but are limited to recommendations on the careful observance of personal hygiene rules. It is also desirable not to violate bed rest and adhere to a special diet.

Can I do without processing?

If, for some reason, you want to abandon the use of zebrafish with chickenpox, you can start the process of healing skin irritations on their own. Bed linen in this case should be changed as often as possible. It is also important to take a shower regularly, with intense sweating - often two times a day. You need to follow the clothes of the patient, only natural fabrics are allowed, you must completely change your clothes at least once a day. Remember that it is not difficult to rip a pimple, and an open wound is an entrance gate for infection. In order to minimize the likelihood of infection, prohibit the child from scratching the inflammation. And yet it is much more reliable to know what to smear of chickenpox, and to choose from all the recipes that are most suitable for you and reliable.

Popular antiseptics

If the cosmetic effect is of little importance to you, you should consider using a solution of potassium permanganate. Buy the powder can be in the pharmacy. When chickenpox is recommended to make a concentrated solution, leaving the skin brown spots. You can simply wash the inflamed areas with a weak pink solution. But remember, this method is less effective. If you ask a pediatrician: "Why smear chickenpox except zelenok?", You will probably recommend salicylic alcohol. You can buy it without a prescription, but with too frequent application, dry skin is possible. Quite good results and the application of "Zindol". This remedy has a low cost, it not only dries out the skin irritations, but also speeds up the healing process.

Other drugs from the pharmacy

You do not know what smear of chickenpox is preferred abroad? One of the most popular drugs can be purchased from us. Its name is Fenistil. If the entire tube is not used during the illness of the child, do not rush to throw away the leftovers. The product is suitable for treating any skin irritations, including allergic origin. Used against chicken pox and "Fukortsin" - a disinfecting solution of pink hue. If we talk about the combination of acceptable cost of the drug and its safety, attention deserves tea tree oil. As well as other means, its tampon is applied to the affected areas of the skin, and then left to dry completely.

How long does it take to smear chickenpox with antiseptics?

Most often, skin irritation with chickenpox passes in one week. In particularly difficult cases, the disease lasts about three weeks, but the rash is not observed for the entire period. If you listen to doctors, each specialist will give out their own appointments. One will say that it is enough to spread the pimples on the first detection, the other will say that it is necessary to treat the inflammation before they are fully healed. If you decide to use antiseptics, it is necessary to disinfect the affected areas of the skin in the first days of the disease. Then focus on the patient's condition. The question of how many days to smear chickenpox is purely individual. It is necessary to assess the patient's condition and make a decision independently.

Remedies for itching

The greatest discomfort of chickenpox delivers to the patient precisely because of the burning sensation and the desire to scratch the inflamed skin. Fighting this symptom can and should be done. Pharmacological companies offer a number of lotions and ointments that have a cooling effect. When chickenpox is recommended to use "Calamine". In agreement with the doctor, you can take and preparations of complex antiallergic action. This "Tavegil" and analogues. To choose a medicine it is necessary proceeding from the age of the child, at reception it is necessary to observe a dosage carefully. If you do not know what to smear of chickenpox from soothing agents, refer to folk wisdom. Many plants help to get rid of unpleasant sensations. This is a daisy, a peony and a string. Use can be in the form of lotions, rinses or even baths. Not bad with the itching zinc ointment.

Baths with chicken pox and folk remedies

Pediatricians of the last generation confidently said that water procedures with chickenpox should be minimized. This recommendation is not considered current in our days. In the absence of an increase in body temperature, the patient's water procedures are not only not prohibited, but also recommended. It is useful to take baths with decoctions of herbs that have antiseptic and healing properties. The most useful are chamomile, sage, turn and celandine. You can brew one herb or a collection of several. From infusions of these plants you can make and lotions. To do this, brew the collection firmly: half a glass of water, two teaspoons of grass. After cooling, the infusion should be filtered and moistened with a cotton swab or a piece of clean cloth. Apply lotion to the affected area of the skin for several minutes. You can use this infusion and instead of lotion, washing it with irritation. On a question, than to smear spots at a chicken pox, the national medicine gives also other answers. Safe to use are infusions of the oak cortex and calendula. If you plan to use a more complex recipe, for example a mixture of vodka and vinegar, to disinfect the inflamed skin area, consult a doctor.

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