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Such a different gravy. Recipe for every taste

While preparing various dishes, we always try to make them more tasty. In this we are helped by gravy, the recipe of which can be chosen for every taste. It can be vegetable, meat, fish and mushroom. Most often, a white sauce or "Beshamel" sauce is prepared. It does not take a lot of food to prepare it, but the appearance and taste of the dish are significantly improved.

Everyone remembers its taste, but at home, such a sauce, as in the school cafeteria or kindergarten, is rarely obtained. And all because at home, we try to add to this dish a variety of herbs and roots, to give a unique flavor. In public catering, on the contrary, everything is strictly verified. And if the recipe specifies to put only 30 grams of oil, then just that much will be added. But it's not about us. We take into account the characteristics and tastes of all household members. The gravy, the recipe of which almost always changes a little, is obtained every time with a rich taste and aroma.

Let's look at several options for cooking gravy. Welding ordinary horns, but selecting them every day a new sauce, you can diversify the family for a long time. Do not believe me? Let's see.

A gravy, a recipe with meat.

It will take any meat. It can be chicken, beef, pork or rabbit. You also need onions, carrots, peppers and salt, vegetable oil and a little garlic. Take the amount of ingredients at your discretion based on the tastes and availability of products in the refrigerator.

We cut meat in small pieces, it is best straw. Fry until crusted in oil, then pour water and leave to stew. The liquid should be exactly as long as it takes to cover the meat. While it is preparing, we clean the vegetables from the peel. Onions, carrots, garlic crushed. You can simply cut into strips or pass through a meat grinder.

Vegetable mixture must be allowed in vegetable oil, then add to the meat. Add seasoning to taste. Mix the sauce. If this is stopped, then we get a liquid gravy. But it can be thickened if desired. To do this, take a tablespoon of flour and dilute with water until the consistency of the dough for pancakes. The resulting liquid is poured in a thin trickle into the sauce, without interrupting stirring. Cook for about five minutes and remove from heat. We insist for another ten minutes, put the horns on a plate and pour on top with gravy with meat.

Sunflower, recipe with seafood.

We need three hundred grams of any fish, two hundred grams of sea cocktail in the freezer, one Bulgarian pepper, one onion, four cloves of garlic, three tomatoes, a glass of tomato juice, seasonings and salt to taste. To begin with, we clear all the vegetables from the peel and seeds, and the fish fillet from the bones. We cut the bulb in half rings. Turn the tomatoes into cubes, and pepper into straws. Garlic is passed through the press.

Fish with onions fry on a Teflon pan without adding oil. Take a small saucepan and pour tomato juice into it . We bring the liquid to a boil and immediately add roast from fish, sea cocktail, spices and salt. We cook not more than 10 minutes. Add garlic, stir well and remove from heat. We insist under the lid for another ten minutes. Now you can put the horns on a serving plate and water it with gravy.

In this way, a sauce with mushrooms is prepared. We will consider the variant of vegetable sauce on a bouillon cube. We need one carrot and onion, one cube, a tablespoon of potato starch and tomato paste and a half glass of water. Peel the onions and carrots from the peel and grind them. Fry the vegetables in vegetable oil until cooked.

In a glass of water we brew a broth cube. Add the solution to fried vegetables and stew for about ten minutes. We make a spoonful of starch with half a glass of water. Pour the resulting mixture and tomato paste into the frying pan, without stopping stirring. I cook until I thicken it. If you want a homogeneous sauce, you should rub the fried vegetables through a sieve.

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