Minitractor "Uralets" and its characteristics

At present, agriculture plays an increasingly important role in the country's national economy. An important role is played by small agrarian complexes, farming and households. If a few decades ago, all the work on the fields was carried out manually, now it is impossible to see an auxiliary agricultural production in which there is no equipment. One of the most common tractors for work in a small farm is the Uralets minitractor.

Emergence in the market and development

The first copies of this technique were delivered to the territory of Russia in 1991. At the moment, a miniature tractor is produced in the city of Chelyabinsk at a local tractor plant. The history of its creation has a huge number of trials and errors: for a long time, designers have tried to create a machine that could combine many characteristics. So, the instructors wanted to meet the growing demand for machinery, which would be rather compact, powerful, could work all year round, and the industry of its application would not be limited solely to agriculture. So, after a while, the Uralets mini tractor entered the market from the factory conveyors.

Its excellent technical characteristics were instantly appreciated. The tractor was compact, relatively light and small. The zone of its use was automatically extended: this technique can be used equally well both on soft soils, and in limited areas, narrow roads and so on. The Uralets Minitractor was also tested in the municipal economy. Cleaning snow, garbage, performing loading and unloading operations, cleaning roads - this is not the entire list of works that this technique is able to perform.

Design features

The equipment of this machine with an articulated mechanism allows performing welding and pumping operations. However, the Uralets mini-tractor has another very important design feature: the possibility of changing the wheel travel by a caterpillar mechanism. This gives a huge advantage of this technique over other analogues. During work on sowing, harvesting and other agricultural operations caterpillars are used to facilitate the patency of transport. In addition, the pressure on the soil is significantly reduced and, consequently, its destruction decreases. Economic operations conducted in urban conditions are carried out by a tractor with a wheel drive.


There are different models of this technique. Thus, the Uralets-180 minitractor is very popular among consumers. The price for this model varies depending on the presence / absence of accessories, the seller and the buyer's region (from 130 thousand rubles.). This compact miniature tractor has a capacity of 18 liters. from. And can accelerate to 27 km / h. In this case, a vertical two-cylinder diesel engine equipped with a water cooling system is installed in the machine.

Most recently, the agricultural machinery market has been supplemented by the Uralets-220 minitractor. The main distinguishing features of the previous generations are its improved technical characteristics (increased engine power, noise reduction during operation, etc.).

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