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How to degrease the surface before gluing: methods

Before gluing or painting it is necessary to remove stains of grease from the surface. Otherwise, the finish will not stay exactly in those places where there are oil marks, dust, dirt and other pollution. For each individual surface uses its own individual degreasing agent. Although now there are such glues that do not need to be pre-cleaned. Despite this, degreasing before bonding is a very important element that will extend the life of the surface.

Eliminating grease and oil stains from the metal surface

When finishing the metal coating, it is necessary to work in rubber gloves, a mask or a respirator. Still need to protect the eyes, so as not to get burned by accidentally getting a solution in them. To do this, use special protective goggles. Then you can proceed directly to the work. It is worth taking a sheet of sandpaper and begin to mash the metal surface. This will remove the coating from rust, dirt and dust. When the entire bonding area has been completely processed, it is necessary to wipe it with a rag soaked in a metal treatment solution. This will help remove residual contamination.

Well-proven solution for degreasing metal number 646. Many users give it to such a tool preference. If the coating of metal is small, it can be completely immersed in the finished solution. Further, after thorough drying of the coating, it is possible to begin work.

How to degrease the surface before gluing? For the treatment of metal used water detergents. A solution of "TMS-31" or "Sintamide-5" is very effective for such work. There are rules for the stage-by-stage cleaning of the surface. A thorough rinsing of the coating with one of the solutions listed diluted in water is done. The water temperature is about 80 degrees. Wipe the surface for at least ten minutes. Then alternates washing with running water - first hot, then cold. From above it is recommended to coat the metal with a solution from corrosion.

Degreasing of a wooden surface

To get rid of wood from the old paint, tar or fuel oil, you can carefully wipe it with sandpaper or a brush with metal teeth. In case of severe contamination or crushing of the coating, it is necessary to plan the wooden surface with a planer. After this treatment, you can not use additional solutions, but immediately proceed to gluing. How to degrease the surface before gluing with double-sided adhesive tape? You can use an alcohol solution. It is also possible to wash the surface well and allow it to dry.

How can I degrease the surface before gluing yet? Parts made of wood are very easy to machine. It is worth using a stiff brush.

Organic solvents on wood should be applied with a roller. This will degrease the coating and remove the old paint. But the best way to clean the surface of chemical compounds. Then they can easily be removed with a spatula.

How can I degrease the surface before gluing plastic?

This surface especially needs degreasing very carefully. Plastic is very poorly stuck together with other materials. Degreasing before gluing can be carried out with a soap solution. Then wipe the surface with a cloth soaked in acetone. Now, when the plastic dries, it is worth treating it with alcohol-containing solutions. It is necessary to degrease carefully, otherwise a reaction may occur and the surface will be damaged.

It is best to use alcohol, medical or technical. With degreasing, there is not much difference. Many users wipe the plastic coating with vodka. Only use it with caution. First, it is worth testing the solution on a small piece of plastic.

Other methods of surface degreasing

In the production for degreasing the surface, a cleaning solution and ultrasound are used. Here we use installations with radiation of the type UZU-0.25 s. In this way, any surface is prepared for gluing in minutes.

Alkaline compounds are also used for surface treatment. To increase the quality of cleaning, this solution should be heated. Then the surface is washed with clean water and well dried. The better to degrease the surface before gluing the parts in production conditions, a specialist with a diploma in chemistry will tell.

Passing the test for the quality of degreasing

Apply a few drops of boiled or distilled water to the treated surface . This is the most affordable and fastest way to test degreasing. Especially this applies to metal coating. With poor cleaning, the drop of water will take a spherical shape and solidify in one place. With an ideal cleaning, the drop spreads over the entire surface and becomes flat.

With vertical coating, water should flow smoothly, leaving a trace behind. This will mean that the surface is ready for gluing. This test is not entirely suitable for plastic coatings. It can be clean, but the drop does not moisten it.

Abrasive surface treatment for bonding

This treatment will make the surface more rough, which will improve the bonding. After such treatment, you need to make sure that there is no dust and dirt left on the surface. Therefore, wipe the coating with a solvent. Then wash it with a brush or vacuum. Having processed this surface, it is possible to obtain a good gluing result.

How can I degrease the surface before gluing rubber?

You can treat with alcohol, gasoline or acetone. The product should be kept at a temperature of at least 20 degrees for about ten minutes, until the entire solution evaporates from the surface. For gluing rubber use special glue, which is designed for this work.

Sandblasting treatment

How to degrease the surface before gluing to get a high result of the treatment? Sandblasting is one of the most popular and practical. It is performed with a solution of quartz sand and water. The mixture is sprayed using a special device under high pressure. All dirt or paint remains immediately removed from the surface. This treatment is widely used for gluing and painting the car body and other parts of the machine.

After the sandblasting, the top of the parts turns out to be rough, which makes the bonding more resistant. You can also degrease the surface by ionization and etching. But this method is used only in production conditions. It is worth such processing is quite expensive. Before degreasing the surface before gluing, you should carefully wash the coating with clean water and allow to dry. Then wipe the parts or surface with rags with a solvent or technical alcohol. Wiping is carried out until the rag is not perfectly clean, without traces of grease and oil.

How to degrease the surface before gluing yet? There are many methods and means. The most popular methods have been described above. However, before starting the treatment it is necessary to conduct a test on a small area.

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