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Multitool Leatherman: review of models

Anyone who does not know what a multitool is, is unlikely to immediately understand what will be discussed. This is a special tool that combines carpentry and plumbing accessories. It is a small pliers with hollow handles that fold, and inside them are other elements.

Multitool Leatherman is the leader among the rest. This is due to the fact that, in fact, the idea of creating such a tool belongs to the founder of this firm Tim Lazerman. Therefore, we can say with certainty that the models of this company are standards.

A feature of the tool is its functionality, as well as auxiliary elements: they range from a knife to a corkscrew or file. It should be noted that there are many options with different designs.

Children's multi-leap

For children and teenagers, the company has released the multitool Leatherman Leap. He can be a wonderful gift for both young boys and 16-year-old boys. The surprising "ability" of the knife is its removable blade. It, by the way, is made of steel and has medium strength (420HC).

The pleasant moment is that the children's multitool does not represent a standard set with cut-off functions, but, on the contrary, it is a separately developed tool. Great attention from the manufacturer has been paid to safety. Do not ignore the size of the multi-tin Leatherman, they took care of the designers, so that the subject is conveniently in the hand.

Although the knife blade is removable, it is necessary to look after the child's actions anyway, because the instrument contains scissors, pliers and a hacksaw.

Multitool Wave

An ordinary person is quite suitable for an interesting multitool Wave. This is not about the original instrument, but its "reissue" of 2004. It contains about 17 devices, which are in a compact and convenient housing. The tool easily fits in a small pocket. Among the various instruments of the multi-tin Leatherman contains two knives (one of them with a corrugated blade), a file, an opener, a bit holder, nippers, pliers, scissors,

The tool is made of stainless steel, the manufacturer has added a holder and a small cover. Weigh a multitool 230 g, dimensions: 10 x 5 cm.

Why is this model so popular for several years in a row? The thing is that it combines excellent functionality, price and availability.

Multitool Leatherman: review of the Charge TTi model

This model is light enough - its weight is 240 g. The steel used in the manufacture of the knife blade has a density of S30V. In the kit there are a couple of bit holders. In general, the tool has 19 auxiliary elements. There is a small saw, an opener, a screwdriver, a file and scissors.

Those nippers that are installed in the multitool can be used as nippers and ordinary pliers. Charge TTi is able to shrink in size for a more compact placement, which is a significant plus. However, the fact that there is a ring for the lace, the manufacturer does not provide a cover.

Unlike the previous version of Wave, this model has the best quality blade, titanium handles, a set of bits. However, the cost is about 2-3 thousand rubles. Therefore, if there are extra funds, it is better to shell out this particular multitool.

Multitool Leatherman: reviews

Before buying a multitool, most buyers are thinking about which company and model to choose. On the one hand, I want to buy the top version, which everyone has heard and few people fail, and on the other hand, there is no desire to spend too much.

If you want to please yourself, your friend, your brother or your child with an inexpensive and worthy multitool, it's better to choose a model of Leatherman. Reviews about this manufacturer are in most cases positive. When ordering some tools, a flashlight is provided. According to the owners, he meets the declared characteristics of the company and in fact is able to serve about 10 years.

Among the disadvantages of buyers highlight that in some models the knife opens hard or only in the next order (after the opening of the pliers). The weight of such devices is too big (for hand-made socks), so as a mobile option for everyday use they are not very convenient.

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