My IP address of the computer on the local network: how to determine the newbie

Many people are interested in the question: how to find out your IP address on the local network? And the Internet receives information from your unique address! The article describes the method of determination, as well as the main types of addresses.

The concept of wireless LAN

Computer network, which includes computers of one room or building, is called local. Local networks are always used by enterprises and companies. It's also very convenient to set up a home LAN if you have several computers at home that you constantly use.

For a local network, a parameter is very important, such as the speed of data transfer over the same network. Therefore, whenever possible, the best quality communication lines should be used. In the case of a home network, two computers can be connected if they are connected to the same Wi-Fi router.

The local home network will allow you to significantly expand the capabilities of your computers, and this:

  1. Accurate organization of data and its instant transfer between devices.
  2. Data distribution.
  3. The data transfer speed over the local network is significantly higher than all other methods.
  4. Wireless LANs organize your working hours.

To connect several computers to the network, you need to know about the concept of the address and what is "my IP address of the computer on the local network."

Understanding the IP Address

The Internet protocol of your computer is called the "ip" address. In fact, this is the address of the computer you use on the Internet. The address consists of numbers (always from 0 to 255). The numbers are separated by dots. Before reading the IP address, the computer first converts it from the usual decimal form to the binary system of calculus.

The IP address has two components:

  1. Number of computer network.
  2. The node number.

Together, all the digits of the address help determine the location of the computer. This is necessary for other computers to "know" where to send a request or data. Absolutely all devices that have access to the Internet, have their own "ip" -address. However, the number of addresses on the network is limited. To do this, there are several types of addresses, each of which performs its role in connecting to the network. To better understand what "my IP address of a computer on the local network" is, you need to understand the types of IP addresses.

Types of IP-addresses

There are several types of addresses:

  1. Internal. It is often called local.
  2. External. Other names: global, public.

Local addresses are not used on the Internet. They are designed for use in local computer networks. Access to this type of address can only be obtained if you are within the boundaries of your local network. Determining the IP address of a computer on a local network is a fairly easy task that any user can handle. More information about how to do this is described later in the article.

The external address is used by the computer in the Internet. It allows you to identify the device in the World Wide Web. Get access to the device, which has an external "ip" -address, you can from anywhere in the Internet.

How to find out your IP address on the local network

All data about the local address is stored directly on the computer. To find out "my IP address of the computer on the local network", you must include the command line of Windows.

To open a row, follow one of the following methods:

  1. From the Start menu, find the Run tab, and enter the text in the empty text line: cmd. Press "Enter" - and the command line will open.
  2. In Windows 8, open the "Search" and enter in it: cmd. Select the first application found and turn it on. This is the command line.
  3. Also, the command line can be opened through the "Task Manager".

After you have opened the command line, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the following text in the window that opens: ipconfig.
  2. Click "Enter".
  3. Then you will see all the data about the current connection of the computer. From the whole list, we need only one line. All information on the command line is divided into blocks. Each unit is responsible for a specific device with which you can connect to the network.
  4. Select the device in the command line list through which you will connect to the network. Next, find the "PV4-address" field. The numbers opposite this field are the local address of the computer that you need.

The above method is the fastest way to determine "my computer's IP address on the local network."

Determine the IP address on the Internet

The IP address on the Internet can be determined almost instantly. There are many services that determine the address of the computer on the network, the user's location and the name of the ISP.

To determine the address of a computer on the Internet, contact your provider or use the services of "Yandex", "Internet", "2Ip" or "whatismyip". It will take a little more than five minutes, and sometimes even less. Depending on where the person decides to go.

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