How to choose a navigator for a car: some useful tips

With the advent of GPS-navigators, many drivers sighed with relief. Now you can easily get anywhere in the city or country without any problems, because a clever device always prompts the right direction, lets you know when to turn, and what obstacles can wait on the road. But in order not to be disappointed in your purchase, you should know how to choose a navigator for a car. Now you will find out what to look for.

Navigation system

You should start with it, because this is the main thing, without which the navigator is no longer a navigator. Each navigation system works with a specific GPS brand. Those. To understand how to choose a car navigator, you need to determine the system, thereby narrowing the search for models. Currently in our country four navigation systems are common:

  • Garmin - is considered the leader among all navigation systems, is very popular.
  • Navitel - provides the most matched maps, more than once made attempts to provide complete voice control of the device.
  • IGO is a budget navigation system, but the quality of the cards is quite decent.
  • The autosatellite is a domestic navigation system, working mainly with Hyundai and GlobalSat. Plus, the Autosputnik is that it allows you to track traffic in real time.


To know how to choose a navigator for a car, you must definitely determine the size of the display. It can be both 3.5 inches, and all 7. Manufacturers do not get tired to improve their novelties, making the screen as large as possible. Small displays are the cheapest, the picture quality is not at their best. Therefore, the larger the screen size, the better. Especially in the case when using the navigator you are going to not only lay the route, but also watch the video, roam the Internet (there are also such models).


It should be enough to load maps. Therefore, if there is not enough internal, it should be possible to install an additional memory card.

Reliability of fastening

In search of an answer to the question of how to choose a GPS-navigator, you should also take into account the mechanism of attachment. It should be reliable and not fly, for example, in case of a collision on a hummock or pit.

Additional Features

Currently, you can find a wide variety of navigators on sale. They differ not only in value, but also in their functionality. Think about what you need, since choosing a navigator for a car means getting a device that will completely satisfy your requests. The presence of Bluetooth allows you to update the maps via a satellite and control the device without stopping from driving, and Wi-Fi connect to the Internet and use the navigator as a PC. You can choose a device on which it's easy to watch movies and listen to music. Again, the more versatile the filling, the higher the cost.

Now you know how to choose a navigator for a car. More precisely, we got acquainted with the most important, which must be paid attention. Also it is necessary to take an interest in the opinions of other people about this or that model, about its advantages and disadvantages.

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