We study the feedback. Dishwasher: Pros and Cons

More and more modern kitchen is becoming like a space shuttle. The mistress only needs to press the right button in time, and household appliances will do everything for her with brilliance and just in time. And if kitchen combines, multivarks and aerogrills have already taken root in the kitchen, then with the purchase of a dishwasher many do not hurry. They believe that its presence is just a whim, and do not see it as an urgent necessity. But is it really so? For those who are still hesitating, it is worthwhile to study more carefully the remarks left by others about it.

The dishwasher, being in the kitchen, quickly turns into an indispensable assistant. Now you do not need to wash the dishes daily, standing by the sink for hours. In addition, the family once and for all decides the question of who and when should do it. However, as studies show, because of the ignorance of the technology of the dishwasher, disputes continue already because of how to properly place the dishes in it.

Rules for loading dishes

Due to ignorance of these simple rules, even the most high-quality technique often receives a very unflattering comment about itself. The dishwasher can cope with the most difficult dirt, if you follow the manufacturer's recommendations when using it. So, be sure to use a special detergent and carefully select a standard program for washing dishes. Pans and baking can be washed at a higher temperature, but to rinse porcelain cups and glass wine glasses, you need only cool water.

It is very important to fold the dishes into the baskets correctly. Nothing should stop the water from removing the contamination first, and then dry all the devices. Therefore, all pots, cups and plates should be folded in an inclined position. There must also be a small gap between them. In addition, small cutlery, knives and ladles should be placed in specially designed compartments for them.

Dishwasher: built-in or stand-alone?

After the hostess finally becomes convinced of the need to acquire such an assistant in the kitchen, she faces a difficult choice between built-in and stand-alone equipment. And here professional help can come to the rescue. The dishwasher is often bought during repairs in the kitchen. And in order to preserve the aesthetic unity of the lower facades, it is better to choose completely or partially built-in equipment.

If the repair is already done and it is not planned to change furniture in the near future, it will be more convenient to purchase a separately standing model. Moreover, it will cost less such a dishwasher. The price for it will be about the same as the built-in equipment. The cost of dishwashers starts from about 9 thousand rubles.

Useful little things

When choosing a dishwasher, it is important to pay attention to other useful trivia. So, in embedded models, the option that displays infrared information on the execution of the program on the floor will be very useful. In addition, recently there was a technique with three baskets and the ability to model the space inside. This is very convenient when loading different types of dishes.

For those who have already left their review, the dishwasher has become a real wand-contributor. And they never regretted their purchase. Especially since now you do not have to argue about who will wash dirty dishes today.

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