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Why are we so cold when we leave the shower?

Waking up in the mornings is not easy, but some are even more difficult to get out of the shower in the mornings. It all begins very pleasantly, you enjoy the hot water that envelops the body, and then turn off the tap, push the blind and you get pierced by the cold! Why is the shower so cold? The answer is pretty simple!


The reason for this sensation is hidden in the evaporation of water. As soon as a person leaves the shower, the drops of water left on the skin begin to evaporate. To turn into gas, water requires thermal energy. This energy it receives from the environment. As a result, the drops on the skin seem cold and you freeze. This effect does not inspire joy in the winter, but it can be very pleasant in the summer. It is similar to the principle of the appearance of sweat, which serves as a natural cooling mechanism. Sweat does not help only on wet days - nothing evaporates from the skin, you suffer from heat and dampness. For the same reasons, water does not evaporate from the skin and in the shower - there is too moist air. But outside the shower, the air is much drier, so that the evaporation of water does not interfere. That's why you feel a strong cold after leaving the shower, causing a desire to quickly wrap yourself in a towel or a warm dressing gown.

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