What men want from women: looking for answers

What men want from women, you ask. More than one generation of representatives of the weaker sex is struggling to find the answer to this question. This topic is devoted to songs, books and films. But why do we still do not know then what men want from women? Let's start with what you need to answer this question for. The illusion of every girl lies in the fact that as soon as she finds a solution for herself, harmony in relations will come at once. And the secret is actually quite simple. In our world there is not a single person who would look like the other for one hundred percent. So maybe, and do not look for generalizations, but it's better to take a closer look at who's next, or just ask?

Secrets of Understanding

As it may sound trite, but what men want from women is love and understanding. And every man strives for this. Other desires are due to individual characteristics of the character and a specific life moment. The majority of the representatives of the stronger sex wish that:

- A woman gave him the opportunity to make himself a goddess, that is, provided a chance to take the initiative, take care and take care of her. Believe me, if you really are very interested in a man, even though a thousand times timid, he will certainly find the opportunity to show you this. Do you need others?

- The woman showed sexuality without excess, giving the chance to solve her secret day after day throughout her life;

- the woman became his friend. And it is from this he will never want to leave, and it is with her that he can talk in bed and share plans for the future;

- A woman did not allow indecent behavior towards herself as from other men, and from him. It is this he can respect and cherish.

So, now you know what men want from women. Now let's talk about another popular misconception.

Conversations about the innermost

There is an opinion that men want sex, women love. Part of it could be agreed with, if not for a mass of reverse examples, which say that the weaker sex tends to speculate on an intimate topic, making it largely a subject of bargaining. Perhaps the root of the problem lies in ancient times, when the prevailing morals forced the girls to deny their sexuality, and sex for true ladies should have been no more than a conjugal duty. The views became free, but the prejudices remained. So it turns out that there can not be equal relations, and a woman should not have an intimate relationship without love.

Hand on heart, it is possible to declare with confidence that sex without feelings is possible not only from the stronger sex. The only difference is that when a man really wants a woman, but does not feel anything to her, he, as a rule, is ready to admit it to himself, but the girl is likely to seek in her "justification" the beginnings of love for a partner .

Of course, all of the above does not pretend to truth in the highest instance, but it has a strong logical basis and a lot of practical examples from life. Advice one - listen to each other.

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