The best condom. Means of modern contraception

Among the huge variety in the modern pharmacy market, the choice of contraceptive is becoming quite a challenge. Let's still find out what each adult person (and sometimes a teenager) needs to know in order to choose the best condom.

Is there a choice?

Every sexually active person, regardless of gender, has found himself in a situation that awaits that fabulous night, but it faces a difficult task of contraception. You should be absolutely sure of your own safety, but do not know which condom to choose? Which brand to give preference, how to choose the most suitable type?

So, here you stand at the chemist's shop window and in perplexity examine all this diversity. Why so many condoms? It's just a penis, not a space rocket! So what do I need: super thin or super strong, anatomically shaped or enlarged, ribbed or with pimples, or even with antennae, transparent or black, glowing in the dark and with the aroma of a banana or strawberry, with a silicone or antibacterial grease or maybe , Long lavas? How here to understand? There is a temptation to grab the first caught and run. So, what do you need to know in order to choose the right condom correctly?

Where to buy it?

The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, a pharmacy. But por, you need a contraceptive urgently, to the pharmacy to run away, and in general the night in the street ... And we set off for the nearest twenty-four-hour stall at the corner. Remember, never do so! Since, firstly, the quality leaves much to be desired, as, indeed, the assortment presented. In addition, storage conditions and shelf life in such places, as a rule, are also not observed. Therefore, if you value your health, it is better to buy contraceptives elsewhere.

Immediately pops up in the memory of the nearest supermarket, where on the counter are exposed whole shelves. Here you can study the available assortment for hours. But why?! If you can go to any specialized online store and, having previously acquainted with all the information, make your choice. But the delivery time, alas, will be long. Therefore, it is best to buy condoms in the pharmacy - it guarantees you and the quality from the manufacturer (not fake), and compliance with the terms and conditions of storage. Although a substandard condom can be bought here, but it will remain on your conscience, so do not skimp on your safety.

Which type to choose?

Here everything depends solely on your imagination and preferences. First, decide on the size. By the way, keep in mind that XXL-contraceptives - this is more the advertising course of the manufacturer, rather than the real need of the consumer. Their size exceeds the standard only a couple of millimeters. And for 95% of men fit the most common condoms. By the way, if you decide to buy larger items just to show off to the lady, be prepared for the unexpected - it can slip at the most inopportune moment. If this is your main problem, then everything is simple - buy tightly fitting so that the condom does not fall off.

So, with the size determined, and then? As for the surface relief, it's a matter of taste. And not your taste, and your girl, because you still do not feel the difference.

If you want to diversify your sex life, try experimenting with color, smell (not taste - these do not happen!) Or luminous contraceptives.

Material issue

Another important point is the material and the type of lubricant. It is not uncommon for a partner to have an allergic reaction to latex. In this case, there is an excellent alternative - condoms made of polyurethane or polyisoprene. As for the type of lubricant, it also happens to be different. The bulk of the condom has a silicone lubricant. In its composition, most often (except for the cheapest options) is nonoxynol-9 - a substance that protects against venereal diseases and reduces the activity of spermatozoa in case of accidental damage to the condom. And everything would be fine, but, unfortunately, nonoxynol is often the cause of vaginal dysbiosis in women and the development of thrush.

An additional bonus is a special lubricant that prolongs the sexual intercourse (so-called long lavas condoms).

Let us consider this question in more detail. Depending on whether you want to firstly please your girlfriend or get it yourself, the chosen condom will also differ.


If you already have your favorite manufacturers, it's much easier for you. And if not? Keep in mind that the more popular the brand, the higher the quality of the product, but also the price, perhaps, too.

Condoms Crown (the country of origin - Japan) are popular both in men and women due to their fineness, and, accordingly, the brightness and naturalness of sensations.

Condoms "Dyurreks" are the deserved leaders among all manufacturers who are heading the rating for a long time already not the first year. And they enjoy such fame, they are quite deserved - reliable and delicate, as it should be.

Condoms LifeStyles produce an interesting model with a lubricant containing L-arginine. This amino acid increases the sexuality, excitement and sensitivity of both partners, which greatly improves the quality of sexual intercourse.

Contex condoms are loved by both men and women for their reliability and an abundance of grease, which makes intimacy much more natural and comfortable. In addition, the condom of this line is represented by a large variety of types (relief, lubricant, color, aroma, etc.).


Scientists of all countries have repeatedly conducted their studies in an attempt to choose the best condom. Now they are joined by journalists and bloggers. And what did they find out?

  • The most expensive, as a rule, are Durex condoms, and the most budgetary (within reasonable and without loss of quality) is Lux.
  • The most durable condom is Life Styles on a par with Vizit, and Sico (Caution!) - the least durable and often rushing.
  • Contex condoms became the most reliable in terms of protection from venereal diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

How to choose the type of product?

  1. Super-thin - these condoms are almost not felt during sexual intercourse and are ideal for lovers of maximum natural sensations.
  2. Super strong condoms.
  3. Relief - there are 2 types: with a relief from the inside or outside. Accordingly, for him or her. It is believed that they improve the quality of sexual intercourse, but statistics say that there is no special effect.
  4. Flavored - created for oral caresses, but, contrary to popular belief, have no taste.
  5. Colored and glowing - yes, just pampering for teens!
  6. Condoms without lubricant - for very passionate women with an excess of their own natural lubrication.
  7. Desensitizing condoms (with an anesthetic) - prolong the sexual intercourse.
  8. Original condoms (spiral, in the form of a dolphin, etc.) - created solely for the purpose of luring money from a naive consumer.
  9. Vibro condoms are a condom complete with a silicone vibro-ring. A great experiment, but we'll have to look (most often all in the same intimate stores or on the Internet).

Too many options, or Eyes run out!

All in any way you can not decide the choice? Then just try it all! But remember that safety is first of all! Therefore, it is better to focus on well-known brands. But the unknown condoms, reviews about which you found on the Internet - not the best option. Most likely, these are bought opinions that are not true.

Readiness №1!

So, you have chosen the best condom for yourself and are eager to fight! But do not forget a few simple rules:

  1. Never store condoms in your wallet and in the glove compartment of your car - they do not like the heat. Let them lie better in the bedside table.
  2. Condoms whose expiration date has expired are subject to disposal, but not use - even if there is no money for a new one and it is urgently needed, but there is no other. You can not - and the point.
  3. When using latex condom is strictly prohibited to use additional lubricants on an oil base (petrolatum, massage oil , etc.).
  4. Packing of condoms should be opened by hands, but not with teeth or other sharp objects.
  5. A condom should be worn on a fully erect penis.
  6. Condoms, feedback about which are negative, it is better not to really use it, so do not hesitate to share experiences with each other on the Internet and with live communication.
  7. You can put on a condom mouth only if it is flavored. From others you just vomit.
  8. In case of damage to the integrity of the condom, be sure to use postcoital contraceptive methods (Postinor or its analogs), as well as local antibacterial drugs (eg Miramistin).
  9. Do not throw away the used condom in the toilet! Dispose of it exclusively by means of a garbage container.

During the last decade the assortment of condoms has significantly expanded and continues to improve. Do not be afraid to experiment and look for the best option for you.

And most importantly - do not forget about safety and enjoy each other!

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