What is upper and lower case on the keyboard?

When you first get acquainted with the keyboard from beginners, the following question often arises: "What is the upper and lower case on the keyboard?" It turns out that everything is very simple. Upper case means that at this time from the keyboard capital letters are entered , and lower letters , respectively, are lowercase letters . That is, each sentence begins with a capital letter. To do this, we use the upper case. The rest of the sentence is "small" letters, that is, lower case is used . This is the answer to the question of what is upper and lower case on the keyboard. There are various ways to switch between these input modes, which will be further discussed.

Short-term switching

Now we know what the upper and lower case is on the keyboard. Let's look at the basic ways of switching between "big" and "small" letters. There is a short-term and constant switching. Another way is programmed in the office software. It will also be considered within the framework of this material. Let's start with a short-term one. On each computer keyboard there is a key "Shift" (on some of them instead of an inscription there can be an arrow upwards). If at this time, capital letters are entered, then pressing this key in combination with any text symbol will appear in lower case, and vice versa. This method is convenient to use at the beginning of the sentence. That is, they entered a capital letter, and then everything is typed in a string format.

Long-term set

The upper and lower case of the keyboard can be switched by another method. For these purposes there is a special key "Caps Lock". It is usually located in the far left of the keyboard between the "Tab" and "Shift" keys. When you press it, the register changes continuously. To determine the current mode, look at the LED on the keyboard with the exact same label - "Caps Lock". If it is lit, it means that capital letters are entered , otherwise - lowercase. To switch from one mode to another, we press this key again. This method is best used when you need to constantly type text in one format (for example, only uppercase characters), and switching between the input format if it does, it is not so often.

For office applications

Another way to change uppercase and uppercase characters is implemented in the office suite of Microsoft. Most often it is used in the word processor "Word". In the process of entering, you forgot to accidentally switch from big letters to small letters or vice versa? The upper and lower case letters can be modified in this case as follows. Select the required text fragment either with the left mouse button, or with the use of "Shift" and the cursor keys. Next, in the "Home" toolbar, we find the "Font" subsection. It has a button for changing the case. It shows the big and small letters "a". Click on it with the left mouse button once. The menu in which you want to select the item we need will drop out. For example, if you entered uppercase, and you want lowercase, then select "Change register" or "All lowercase". Regardless of the choice, the result will be identical - all the letters in the selected fragment will become "small". This method can only be used in the Microsoft office suite, and only on the text that is entered into the computer.


Within the framework of this article, the answer to the question about what the upper and lower case on the keyboard is. The main ways of switching between uppercase and uppercase characters are also shown. One, strictly defined way to use is not recommended - it will significantly reduce the productivity of the work. It is best to combine them and, depending on the situation, use one or the other.

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