What is mutual assistance? Detailed analysis

The article describes what mutual assistance is, what it is needed for, what kind of role it plays, and what role it played in the development of human society.

Ancient times

Human society has existed for tens of thousands of years, and during this time it has passed from a fragmented tribal primitive system to a modern, civilized one. Scientists are still arguing and are building theories about why a person has become a human being. There is no single and absolutely correct theory until now, but there are a number of undeniable factors that strongly influenced the course of human physical and moral evolution in a beneficial way. And one of such factors is mutual assistance. In addition to her, an important role was played by kindness, caring for the close - the old, the wounded and, of course, the children.

This is what distinguishes a person from an animal, even at a time when our ancestors and people were not very similar, they understood - to help each other in a difficult moment, take care of loved ones and make friends much more profitable than non-stop enmity. These factors along with monogamy gave a strong impetus to evolution, because when the eternal rivalry for females and endless strife disappeared, our ancestors began to unite for joint and more productive hunting, defense against hostile tribes, predators, etc. And in all this an important role Played such a thing as mutual assistance. So what is mutual assistance and friendship? In this we will understand.


First, let's look at what this word means. According to the dictionary, mutual assistance is the rendering of mutual assistance to each other by two persons or several on a mutually beneficial basis. In simple terms, you - me, and I - to you. In the time of the primitive system such relations played an important role. Of course, their shape was unlikely to have the kind we are used to now, because the times were different, but nevertheless, according to paleoanthropology, highly developed anthropoid monkeys cared about their elderly, wounded and crippled for several million years ago. So now we know what mutual assistance is.

Times have changed, but the importance of these relations has been preserved, even in the modern world in the most prosperous countries, where there is no such savagery and danger that persecuted people in primitive times or the Middle Ages, mutual aid still remains an important factor in people's lives.

Mutual assistance of people

So what exactly is this phenomenon expressed in? Naturally, over time it changed a little, but its essence has always remained the same.

Sociality lies in the very nature of man, even few of the wild animals can survive alone, with man the same, even in a modern and more prosperous world than before. So what is mutual assistance? If we give specific examples, then this manifests itself in situations when, with some problems or difficulties, relatives, relatives or friends come to help. At the same time, both sides know and understand that their help will not remain invaluable, and, if necessary, they will help in the same way.

By the way, mutual assistance can be applied not only to people who are well acquainted, but also to completely outsiders, this is the value of this phenomenon. For example, when an occasional passer-by helps to stand up to a fallen or elderly person, when it becomes bad, this is also mutual assistance. Of course, they are unlikely to meet in the future, but nevertheless the one who helped, can be sure that he will not remain alone in the same situation.

The concept of "friendship"

Before we disassemble this social phenomenon in detail , let us define the terminology. Friendship is a close relationship between two people or a group of individuals, based on personal interests, similar life principles or some kind of overt or covert benefit.

Probably, true and sincere friendship is the second most important feeling after love, which poets praise, and simply all people understand its importance. It is inherent in everyone, even those who do not have friends, sooner or later understand the importance of their availability.

By the way, almost everyone finds friends, regardless of their social status, moral or political beliefs, it is helped by the fact that people are all different, and finding like-minded people is sometimes difficult though real. So we disassembled the notion of "friendship".

Refusal of mutual aid and friendship

Despite the importance in everyday life of these phenomena, at all times and in any society there were those who deliberately refused them. It's impossible to blame for this, all people are too different. Of course, if the rejection of these social phenomena does not harm anyone. Otherwise, such individuals in ancient times were expelled from the communities, and in the modern world they simply limit their contacts with the society as much as possible.

So now we know what friendship and mutual assistance are, what they are important and what role they played in the development of human society. Maintaining and distributing them is very important at all times.

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