Washer Bosch WLG 20260 OE: specifications, comparison with competitors and reviews

At present, people's everyday work is greatly facilitated by innovative technologies. For example, washing machine Bosch WLG 20260 OE performs the tasks with minimal human participation. It is enough to choose a certain mode and after a few minutes just take out clean clothes.

Every domestic buyer is familiar with the Bosch trademark. For the entire period of activity she earned an excellent reputation. The technique sold under this brand, for a long time, works without breakdowns. The manufacturer uses modern technologies and high-quality materials, which significantly extend the operational life of the devices. The company pays special attention to functionality. The Bosch WLG 20260 (reviewed below) is equipped with a large number of programs, intelligent control, has a high class of energy efficiency. And also, importantly, there is an economical washing schedule. The price of such a model is 20000-23000 rubles. Of course, there are cheaper versions of less well-known brands, but German quality is worth this money.

So, let's figure out what advantages and disadvantages the given model of the washing machine has, and also we will make a comparative characteristic with competing variants.

Short description

Bosch WLG 20260 OE is an automated device equipped with intelligent control. The height of the body is 85 cm, the feet are adjustable, the cover is removable. The width of the standard is 60 cm. This model of the washing machine is narrow, its depth is only 45 cm. The loading hatch is located on the front panel. The manufacturer does not recommend using the top cover, but if you place light objects (powder, conditioner, cosmetics) on it, they will not damage the washing machine.

The instructions that come with the device include information on the technical characteristics. The most important is the classification of the efficiency of the device: washing - A, electricity consumption - A (0.19 kWh / kg), spin - C (1000 rpm). The washing machine is designed for 5 kg - approximately this is two sets of bed linen and a few towels. Such a load is quite enough for a family of 3-5 people. The water consumption per wash is 45 liters.

Design Features

The case of Bosch WLG 20260 OE is covered with white enamel. The design is made in a classical style. The control panel and the powder compartment are a rectangle. On the box there is a special hole for the hand, above it the name of the brand and the model series flaunt. It is divided into three cells: on the sides - for the powder (preliminary and main wash), in the middle - for the air conditioner. In the center is a digital display and control buttons (temperature selection, Eco, spin speed, etc.). On the right side there is a regulator with which you can select a specific washing mode. Between them is the work indicator, which is lit in red, and the power button (pause). The control panel is informative. It is easy to understand it, since all the buttons are signed.


Washing machine Bosch WLG 20260 OE is equipped with 16 automatic modes. The main ones are designed for certain types of fabrics.

  • Cotton. Maximum load of laundry. It is possible to use the options of preliminary and intensive washing. Temperature regime: from cold to 90 °. Spin speed - up to 1000 rpm, if necessary, you can reduce.
  • Mixed linen. Filling the drum can be no more than half - the optimal weight - 2 kg. The temperature is selected from cold to 40 °. The spin speed is programmed to a maximum (1000 rpm).
  • Thin lingerie / Silk. Loading incomplete - 2 kg. The temperature range is cold, 30 °, 40 °. Spin level - medium (600, 800 rpm).
  • Wool. It is recommended to wash in one cycle not more than 2 kg. The optimum temperature is 30 ° - 40 °. The regime of spinning and rinsing - with stops, speed - no more than 800 rpm.
  • Synthetics. The weight of the load is 2.5 kg. Temperature regime: cold, 30 °, 40 °. Spin speed - the maximum.
  • Jeans. Filling the drum - 2 kg. It is not recommended to wash at temperatures above 40 °, can be reduced to 30 °. The laundry is pressed for 800 and 1000 rpm.
  • Shirts / Blouses. Washing things happens in a delicate mode. Loading - 2 kg. The temperature is 40 °, 60 °. Spin - 800 rpm.
  • Outerwear. Weight - 2 kg. Temperature - 30 ° or 40 ° (depending on the type of tissue). Press no more than 800 rpm. You can use a super rinse.
  • Night wash. Loading of linen - 2 kg. The temperature range is cold and 40 °. The spin and the beep are disabled by default.
  • Kids' things. Loading in this mode is maximum. The permissible temperature is 40 °, 60 °. Spin at maximum speed.
  • Express laundry 30 '/ 15 '. Used for a small amount of laundry (1 kg). The range of water heating is 30 °, 40 °. Spin speed - 800, 1000 rpm.

In each described mode, you can use the timer functions, spin off.

Additional Features

The Bosch WLG 20260 OE provides additional options.

  • Spin - change the rotation speed of the drum in one minute. The admissible indices are 400, 600, 800, 1000 revolutions.
  • Drain - the machine drains the water without rinsing and spinning.
  • Rinsing is an option that includes an additional rinse cycle with spinning.


Model Bosch WLG 20260 OE, like many other devices, has a number of significant advantages. The main ones are:

  • Modern design.
  • Convenient control panel.
  • A sufficient number of automatic modes.
  • Low noise level during operation.
  • Notification by an audible signal.
  • Correction of temperature and spin speed.
  • Excellent washing and rinsing underwear.
  • Compact size.
  • Removable cover for embedding.
  • A convenient box for powder.
  • There is no vibration.
  • Availability of protection against leaks.


The Bosch WLG 20260 OE model has practically no drawbacks. The only thing that was noticed is small shortcomings.

  • Low-quality filter on the drain hose.
  • Whistling at high speed during spinning.
  • On the door seal, water remains after washing.
  • Sound notification does not turn off until you close the door or turn off the power.
  • Weak castle, quickly out of order.


The Bosch WLG 20260 OE can compete only with models of such brands as Electrolux, LG, Gorenje, Samsung.

  • Electrolux EWS1052NDU - washing machine for 5 kg. Equipped with a touch-sensitive display. Dimensions: 60 × 85 × 38 cm. Washing modes - 15. Efficiency: washing - class A, electricity consumption - class A ++ , spinning - class C. The maximum speed of rotation of the drum is 1000 rpm. Noise level: at washing - 58 dB, at pressing - 76 dB. Unlike the Bosch model, a fast program takes 20 minutes. Equipped with Fuzzy Logic technology. The cost is 19000-21000 rubles.
  • LG FH0C3LD. Dimensions of the device: 60 × 85 × 44 cm. The maximum load is 5 kg. Automatic programs - 9. Noise during operation - 55 dB (with washing), 76 dB (with spinning). Express program is designed for 30 minutes. There is a diagnosis SmartDiagnosis, adjustment system - 6 motion. Classification: energy consumption and washing - A, spin - V. Price range: from 19,000 to 23,000 rubles.
  • Gorenje W529S is designed for the same load weight as the Bosch WLG 20260 OE. Customer testimonials indicate that these devices are similar in many respects. Dimensions of the model of the brand Gorenje: 60 × 44 × 85 cm. The number of programs is 15. There are delicate modes. The spin speed is higher than the Bosch model - 1,200 revolutions. Consumption of water is 49 liters. The energy consumption class is A ++ , washing is A, pressing is B. In the spin mode it works quieter, producing a sound that is 66 dB. You can only change the temperature on your own. Sold in the same price category as the washing machine Bosch.
  • Samsung WF60F1R0E2WDUA can compete with the model described. For one cycle, you can wash up to 6 kg of laundry. The control is mechanical, there is a display. The programmed modes are 6. Dimensions: 60 × 45 × 85 cm Noise at the time of spin is equal to 77 dB. In this mode, the drum rotates at a speed of 1200 rpm. Electricity consumption corresponds to class A ++ . The cost is approximately the same as the Bosch model.

Washer Bosch WLG 20260: reviews

So, let's now learn the owners' opinion about the model WLG 20260 OE. Were they disappointed after several years of operation? Having studied the reviews, it is safe to say that more than 90% of the buyers were completely satisfied with the acquisition. What was particularly emphasized? First of all, on the functional. A quick wash, which takes only 15 minutes, appealed to many. The remaining programs are programmed with optimum temperature and spin speed. It is possible to wash delicate fabrics without fear of damaging the texture. The control panel is quite convenient and intuitive. All buttons have information. Programs are not coded with numbers, which many owners like.

But what disappointed the buyers, - the lock on the door. Many argue that the malfunction with it begins after a few months of operation. In the rest to work the washing machine claims are not present.

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