Valor - what is it? The ratio of the concepts of "valor", "courage", "honor"

In the life of every man comes a time when he wants to know, valor - what is, and whether he is capable of it. Usually a person tests life for quality, and spontaneously (without a suitable situation) to discover any virtues in oneself is very difficult. In our article, we will try to determine the differences in the concepts of honor, valor and courage (courage).

Variations in the definition of courageous action

Usually, when a person performs some self-sacrificing act that reveals the nobility of his soul, he is called "brave" or "brave." If a person does the same in wartime on the military field, then he is called "valiant." It is difficult to say why, but historically, it has traditionally become that when we talk about military exploits, we mean "valor", and when about civil - "courage". I do not want to ask: "Valor - what is it?", Is not it?


There is a common misconception that valor and courage is the absence of fear. Forced to disappoint: this is not so. In the world there is only one person who is not capable of being frightened - one woman, now she is about thirty years old. Scientists study her closely and wonder how she could live so long.

Fear is necessary for man, this is part of his system of self-preservation. The solution is that a brave, brave, valiant person is able to overcome his fear, in contrast to those who do not possess this internal quality. We hope that now there are no questions about how valor is what is, and how this quality relates to fear.

Valor, courage and honor

Now it is time to divorce the notions of courage, courage, valor and honor. As we have already explained, the first three concepts are united by two main characteristics.

  1. These are different names for the quality of a person's character, which reveals his ability to courageous actions and sacrifice for the sake of others.
  2. Suppose overcoming fear.

"Honor" is a concept external to a person and has in some way a compulsory social character. There are certain groups of people who give honor (that is, how a person looks in the eyes of others) a justifiably high value (army or criminal world, ie any organization dominated by hierarchy and structure), for in such an environment this Not a whim, but a matter of life and death.

And the protection of honor does not always imply the overcoming of fear. Since the concept of honor is abstract and, rather, social than personal, fear can fully co-exist with the desire to defend its honor in the public eye.

Thus, honor and valor are the external and internal side of one phenomenon - courage. A valorous person can be quiet and modest in a peaceful life and courageous in crisis situations, and a man of honor is rather a social literacy and a way of recognizing a person as valiant in the eyes of the majority. The title of "man of honor" can be an object of veneration of other people, and a reason for a variety of manipulations of questionable nature, so we must be very cautious in determining whether valor is what and what honor is. Maybe it's sometimes better to back out?

"Braveheart" - a 1995 film by Mel Gibson

Everyone knows Mel Gibson's masterpiece. It tells the story of the "ordinary peasant" William Wallace, who went to war with England, because the English lord killed his wife. We are not very interested in the plot now, the main question in the context of our article, why Mel Gibson called his film Braveheart, and not "valiant". Probably, because William Wallace, in the treatment of Mel Gibson (W. Wallace as a historical person, we leave aside) was not originally a soldier, but showed civil courage. And, perhaps, it's just a matter of euphony.

The question of what valor is, is thoroughly analyzed by us. We hope that after reading this article, the reader will no longer have any doubts about the definition of terms.

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