The metro station "Tulskaya". Its features, ground infrastructure

A huge role in the Moscow city transport system is played by the metro. It has a lot of stations, among which there is a metro station "Tulskaya". Consider its features, architecture, design and attractions, located in close proximity. What is it remarkable about and what streets can you get off at this station?

History of the station

The Tula metro station was opened in 1983, on November 6. It became part of the first section of the Serpukhov line Serpukhovskaya - Yuzhnaya. According to the original project, the station was planned to be called "Danilovskaya", then, in 1991-1992, it was proposed to name it "Danilovsky Monastery", but it was named "Tulskaya", and then it did not change its name.


At the moment, this station is part of the Serpuhovo-Timiryazevskaya line. It is surrounded by such stations as "Serpukhovskaya" and "Nagatinskaya". Metro "Tulskaya" is a single-vaulted station, which has a small deposit. Its depth is only 9.5 meters. It was built according to a project developed by the well-known architects VP Kachurinits, NG Petukhova and NI Shumakov. The main material used was a monolithic reinforced concrete structure. For similar projects, several other stations were built near the Tula station. It has only one platform and two vestibules underground, which are located between the Refrigerating Lane and the Big Tula Street. It is the last station on the south side with a small deposit.

The design of the vestibules is dedicated to the armourers of Tula. Its travel walls are covered with white marble, and the floor - with gray granite. The main decoration is the original lamps, shaped like a diamond and carved ornament. They are installed at the junction of the arch and the traveling walls. In addition, the edge of the vault is decorated with a peculiar ornament for concrete, consisting of geometric shapes. Along the center of the platform are benches with pointer points located on them. This is a station without track development.

Exit to the city

The metro station "Tulskaya" does not have ground vestibules, so in order to get to its platform, it is necessary to pass through the underground passage. From the northern vestibule you can reach the Bolshaya Tulskaya Street, the Serpukhov Val Street and the Danilovsky Val Street. From the southern vestibule you can reach the ZIL platform of Paveletsky direction of the Moscow railway. Here is the famous shopping center "Yerevan Plaza" and ground transportation stops. Lifting to the surface is carried out with the help of escalators.

Ground infrastructure

Near the station there is a number of restaurants and cafes, among which the sports bar "Arena sport" with Mexican cuisine, the cafe "Rake", offering dishes of Russian and European cuisine. Here you can have breakfast on the terrace and enjoy the scenery of the morning city. In the estate of Count Orlov on the prospect of Mikhailovsky there is an excellent restaurant with Uzbek cuisine. It is visited not only by local residents, but also by many guests of the city. There are many other restaurants, bars and pubs where you can perfectly spend your free time and relax while walking around Moscow.

The metro area "Tulskaya" has a lot of other entertainment venues, including the "Almaz-Cinema-Almaz" cinema located on Shabolovka street. Here you can not just relax, but enjoy watching the movie. Nearby is the no less popular cinema "Karo-Film in Sevastopol." On the street "Bolshaya Tulskaya" there is a cinema "Cinema-Star Yerevan Plaza".

In addition to the cinemas, next to the station is the night club WIN-CLUB, the swing club "Adam and Eve" and the Z-Club. The doors of these institutions are always open to fans of nightlife.

For applicants who come to receive higher education in a city like Moscow, the Tula metro will be an outlet to the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship and to the Moscow Financial and Law Academy. " And in the shopping and entertainment complexes "Roll Hall" and "Yerevan Plaza" will find themselves in the minds of not only children, but adults.

Religious buildings near the station

Metro "Tulskaya" can become one of the exits for pilgrims and other guests of the city. In its area there are many religious buildings that represent not only religious interest, but also attract connoisseurs of magnificent architectural structures. Thus, in the Danilovsky Sloboda stands the temple of the Resurrection of the Speaker, next to the temple of the Descent of the Holy Spirit. Its beauty attracts visitors to the city of Trinity Cathedral. In the area of the Tula station there is also the Temple of the Reverend Seraphim of Sarov.


The metro station "Tulskaya" opens its doors to visitors at 5:45, and ends its work at 1:00. Not so long ago it worked only until midnight, but according to numerous requests the work time was extended by 1 hour, which is very convenient for those who work on the second shift, since there is no need to spend a taxi.

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