The "Ginkoum" tool. Instructions for use and description

The preparation "Ginkoum" instructions for use characterizes as an angioprotective agent. The medication is of vegetable origin. Many people mistakenly believe that this is a pill. "Ginkoum" is available in the form of capsules and a solution for oral administration.

Mechanism of action

The medicine promotes normalization of metabolic processes in cells and microcirculation, improves rheological properties of blood. The agent regulates the activity of the vascular system. The mechanism of this action is based on the expansion of small arteries, increasing venous tone. The drug shows anti-edematous effect due to a decrease in the permeability of the walls of blood vessels, both peripheral and brain.

The "Ginkoum" tool (the instruction for use contains such information) prevents the aggregation of red blood cells, slows the action of the platelet activating factor. When using the medication, there is an improvement in the supply of blood, glucose and oxygen in the brain.

The drug has antithrombotic effects. This effect is manifested by the stabilization of membranes in erythrocytes and platelets, the normalization of Pg synthesis, a decrease in the activity of biological compounds, and a thrombocytoactivating factor. The drug prevents the formation of free radicals, peroxide lipid oxidation in cell walls.

To the positive properties of the drug "Ginkoum" instructions for use include the normalization of the release, reabsorption and catabolism of a number of neurotransmitters (acetylcholine, dopamine, norepinephrine), as well as their ability to bind to receptors. The drug prevents the enhancement of fibrinolytic blood activity, has antihypoxic effect. On the basis of reception of the agent in cells, the accumulation of macroenergies increases, the utilization of glucose and oxygen increases, and the central nervous processes of the central nervous system normalize.


The drug "Ginkoum" instruction on the use of recommended for discirculatory encephalopathy on the basis of TBI, stroke, in old age. The drug is effective for eliminating and alleviating such symptoms as memory impairment and decreased attention, sleep disorders, fear, deterioration of intellectual abilities. The medication is prescribed for disorders in peripheral circulation and microcirculation.

Among the indications are Raynaud's syndrome, arteriopathy in the lower extremities. The drug is recommended for violations of the neurosensory type, manifested by hypoacupuncture, ringing in the ears, dizziness. The indications include diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration (senile).


Do not prescribe a remedy for hypocoagulation, individual sensitivity to components, infarction (acute). The drug is contraindicated in patients with peptic ulcer in the gastrointestinal tract, disorders of cerebral circulation of the acute course, erosive gastritis. It is not recommended treatment during pregnancy, in childhood, with arterial hypertension. Contraindicated therapy for nursing patients.

The "Ginkoum" tool. Instructions. Price

The drug is recommended for 40-50 milligrams or 1 ml of 3 r / d. The duration of therapy is about three months on average. The cost of the medication is from 160 r.

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