The drug 'Tonzylgon N'

"Tonsilgon H" is a herbal preparation that is used to treat diseases of the respiratory system, both chronic and acute, namely laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis. This agent is used together with antibiotics in the presence of bacterial infections that have arisen in the respiratory system. Also, the drug "Tonzilgon N" is used to prevent possible complications after the acute respiratory viral infection. It has been used for a long time, since 1934. In its composition, it has the root of an altea, chamomile flowers, walnut leaves, horsetail grass, oak bark and dandelion grass. The drug "Tonzilgon N" is produced in drops (100 ml in a vial) and in a pellet (50 pieces in a package).

There are many components in this product that have anti-inflammatory effect, therefore it very well helps in the treatment of chronic tonsillitis. Herbs that are part of the drug, help to stimulate the immune system of the body, as it activates the cellular link of immunity - phagocytosis. It was found that the glycopolysaccharides of althea and chamomile are comparable in their effect to purple echinacea. This drug helps to optimize antibiotic treatment, and it also compensates for immunosuppression, which is caused by antibacterial agents.

Tonzillon (drops) has a local analgesic effect. The use of the drug can shorten the course of the disease and prolong remission. Also, this agent stimulates humoral immunity. In some cases, depending on the severity of the disease, the characteristics of the patient's body, the drug "Tonsilgon H" is used as an alternative to tonsillectomy.

The drug is widely used during recovery after operations, it helps to quickly stop pain in the throat and reduces swelling in the wound area.

Tonzillon children is prescribed if they have chronic adenoiditis and tonsillitis. The medicine is used to treat acute diseases, it also helps to prevent and prevent repeated diseases. It is noted that children who have been treated with tonceligone are less prone to manifestations of exacerbations and are less likely to be prescribed antibiotics. The medication enhances immunity and is often used as a preventive measure to prevent complications of viral infections.

By appointment, the doctor is allowed to take the drug "Tonzilgon N" for children of any age and pregnant women. For infants, 5 drops are enough, for preschool children - 10 drops, schoolchildren are prescribed 15 drops, adults - 25 drops of this drug. It is recommended to take three times a day, but in the presence of acute forms of the disease, admission and 5-6 times a day. Duration of treatment is about a month and is adjusted for each patient individually.

Advantages of tonsilgong:

Is a high quality phytopreparation;

- it has an anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating effect;

- allows you to eliminate pain in the throat, and also restores the immune system after taking antibiotics;

- used as an auxiliary in the presence of bacterial and viral infections and prevents relapses;

- can significantly reduce the duration of the disease and accelerate recovery;

- protects the body from the risk of ARVI;

- Admission at any age is possible, also allowed for pregnant women;

- almost does not cause side effects, is well absorbed and transferred.


The drug is not assigned to people who have allergic reactions to its components. The use of drops should be carefully prescribed to people with a sick liver and alcoholics. Dragee should not be taken to diabetics and patients who do not tolerate lactose.

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