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"Turbo-ground squirrel" system - reviews of specialists

The book with the title "Turbo-ground squirrel. How to stop fucking your brain and start living "appeared in electronic and printed versions almost simultaneously. There was it in 2008. The author has not added any changes, additions or new secrets since. There is no audio version of the system, there is a book "Turbo-gopher", reviews and studies. Distributed in PDF format for free.

What is a "gopher"?

Calling himself a "king of nature", a man often behaves quite un-royal, subject to some of his own states, fears, shame, anxiety. Suddenly, the "king" can turn into a small cautious and shy creature, who is afraid to move away from his mink. From the standpoint of a small animal it is more reliable: buried in its complexes and sit yourself, no one will get it! Deeply I sit, I see nothing, I'm afraid of everything, but I'm whole! What "Turbo Ground Squirrel"? Read reviews and then scary!

But some individuals still remember that they are "royal", a human race-tribe. The mink becomes less comfortable, more often there is a desire to "go out into the world", the intellect is included and the search for ways to change one's way of life begins. This is where the fun begins. Rushing from one method to another, grabbing the top of knowledge and techniques, the "king" rushes between systems to no avail, scolding everyone without exception. And only a few, especially gifted with consciousness and diligence, find their way, their system. Starting to act consistently, step by step, in accordance with precise instructions, they grow out of small and alert animals into real "kings of nature".

Who is to blame and what to do

As you know, everyone finds the way to which his mind is ready. And since it is easiest to find the cause of your troubles from without, the process begins with the accusation of spoiled karma. The method is good, but ineffective. Seldom something changes, but the soul heats. Like, it's not me, it's all the ancestors anointed, but now I have to suffer. Pity me, good people, save, perish!

The ancestors, of course, are relevant, but only those who directly participated in the upbringing of this "king". Who influences the origin and consolidation of human complexes? The closest people of the most good motives can become enemies of their own offspring. After all, it is proved by a pleiad of psychologists that children copy the behavior of important adults for them. And they themselves "suffered" from their parents, grandparents, teachers and other authorities. That's how Karma accumulated.

Who are these adults? This is discussed in detail by the authors of many techniques, including Dmitry Leushkin. "Turbo-gopher" (the reviews are mixed) clarifies some important points in my head. In addition, the system provides an easy way to solve the problems tracked by replacing the control systems in the brain with the desired ones.

The man finally realized that it was his own "garbage" thoughts that hindered him in different situations, forcing him to be practically a slave, a puppet of internal problems. The "king" behaves differently. He seeks and finds an opportunity to learn how to be adequate, react and think consciously, and not under the influence of children's emotions.

Personality is "we" or "I"

It is not new that the personality of each individual consists of a multitude of "I" or roles:

  • At work - the chief;
  • At home - wife or husband;
  • With children - parent;
  • In the store - the buyer;
  • On the beach - having a rest;
  • In the kitchen - the hostess, the cook;
  • In bed - a lover;
  • With the parents - the child himself and so on ad infinitum.

Reviews of the "Turbo Ground Squirrel" confirm that the use of the protocols of the system helps to make the personality, fragmented by multiple roles, harmonious, holistic and happy.

The main thing is to know what hinders

Stop worrying and start living! It's easy to say, but how to do it and where to find the cause of life's failures? Everyone already knows that a person takes conscious decisions under the influence of his unconscious experience. That is, at one point in time there was an event that left a "notch" in the internal memory of the individual. The episode itself can fall out of consciousness, and its mental shadow is deposited in the depths of the mind as a subconscious. More precisely, the emotions associated with this life episode are tightly imprinted into the inner brain and brazenly, without demand, control the behavior of their host in similar situations. From the point of view of mentality, this keeps their owner alive.

To cope with this "monster", or "gin", as the author of the "Turbo-ground squirrel" system calls him, experts' reviews recommend contacting psychologists. Years of work on themselves, as well as spent financial and brain efforts will eventually bring a certain result.

And for those who want to solve problems independently and get rid of their problems at an accelerated pace, there is another - an efficient, fast and optimal way. On any system, and "Turbo-gopher", including, the reviews are always ambiguous. How many people - so many opinions on absolutely any question. Reading, studying various systems, the result is not achieved. Only directed by focused attention leads to the goal. There are no actions - accordingly, it will be impossible to wait and the result. This is true for absolutely any system or technology.

Differences from other systems

Modern psychology offers many options for cleaning subconscious pantries from accumulated "deposits" of unnecessary, often unconscious beliefs. Most of them involve the joint work of a specialist and actually the "king of nature", who wished to understand the consequences of his perception of life. There is a sufficient amount of literature on these topics, a lot of trainings and specialists. Unfortunately, even the grievances that have been worked through these methods, heaps of fears, complexes and fantasies can return at any moment, spoiling the existence. Each of the psychological techniques at a time can only work out one of the problematic episodes associated with the past.

Feedback on "Turbo-Ground Squirrel" proves that:

  • Skills, loaded into subconscious depths, remain there forever;
  • The possibility of working on "autopilot" is used;
  • Work is conducted with a whole heap of psychological episodes and injuries at the same time;
  • Time of obtaining results from the application of practical actions - from a couple of weeks to 5-6 months (depends on the efforts of the "king");
  • The regularity of independent work brings colossal and stable results.

The "Turbo-gopher" system (reviews give this confirmation) is one of the most effective independent ways of changing one's own life.

What is the basis for the system of "batch" purification of personal mentality

The subconscious is the magic power of a person. It is from there that commands and orders are issued to the body for the necessary actions. Whoever does not agree, let consciously, controlling and directing every second of the movement of his mouthpiece, try to eat an apple. The lower jaw moves downward, then upwards. Language here and so, pushing a chewed lump in the larynx. Saliva goes from there and there. And so on.

The main part of human skills is fixed in the depths of the subconscious and works for the benefit of its owner in an automatic mode. From there proceed the instructions of the conscious part of the brain to perform the necessary actions, and not vice versa.

It is this feature that is used in psychotherapy and the "Turbo-ground squirrel" system. Negative reviews of some authors do not hide the indignation that it is simply the processing of other well-known practices. However, such a statement is unfounded and far from reality. Each practitioner works with a subconscious "gin" in his regime and has the right to exist.

Stages or phases of work

Any strong system begins to give results only when a person has realized the existence of a problem and assumed responsibility for solving it himself. No moaning and tears will not be useful without real actions and a painstaking change in your inner content.

In the first phase of practical work, work on opposites takes place (courage and fears, confidence and shyness). The system "Turbo-ground squirrel" (reviews the most diverse) special techniques teaches to process various emotions. In this case, pairs of polarities can be made independently.

The second phase is working with the most negative and painful incidents in the past. Write and work out you need only those situations that are easily remembered. There is no need to "dig deeply," plunging into the depths of the subconscious.

All the rest can be worked out at the next stage, working with automatic components of the "Turbo-ground squirrel" system. Feedback from experts and this phase received. As a result of processing past situations, the emotional charge is removed, the mind is purified. The reactions and behaviors associated with the negative emotions fixed at the reflex level simply dissolve. In the future, in such a situation, a person acts consciously, and not under the guidance of a reaction to mental "rubbish" from his own past. Of course, all episodes in memory are preserved, only the emotional coloring of the traumatic event is neutralized.

Free automatic handlers

After working with the most painful episodes from the past during the first two phases, you can start using so-called protocols, that is, specific thematic tools. This, for example:

  • "Quasimorda" - processing of obsession and discontent with its external data.
  • "" - problems of dating with representatives of the opposite sex for especially shy.
  • "Sick" - fear or the desire "not to protrude".
  • "Eyes in the eye" - for those who hide behind glasses from the world or from interlocutors, afraid to look into the eyes.
  • "Slug" - a complete lack of confidence in their abilities, actions, fear of expressing their opinions.
  • "Scoffer" - bullying, ridicule, jokes and other similar material.
  • An empty form, a template for compiling your own protocols for specific or narrow topics.

As a result of correct protocol processing, the problem is resolved, the pain passes, just disappears. The clearer the intent and the observation of what is happening, the better the result and the faster the speed.

How to use "Auto-Mashka"

No matter how much you read "Turbo-ground squirrel," no matter how much you study, without concrete practical actions, there will be no shifts.

How does the "Auto-Mashka" protocol work? A problem is taken, for example, indecision, all thought forms, somehow connected with this situation, are written out. After reading out and running the protocol, the problem "bursts" and stops torturing. For example, about indecision, you can write down the following thoughts:

  • Finally, you need to calm down!
  • I hate myself like that!
  • I will be laughed at when my shyness becomes known.
  • It is necessary already to calm down!
  • How can I become more courageous and resolute?
  • Why am I so shy?

Write down all the thoughts that climb into the head about the problem. When the flow is over, all this is stuffed into the "Auto-Mashka", read out and launched into the processing.

The subconscious mind is very obedient. It received the assignment and carefully performed it. A person can quietly do their own thing. Usually such activity is observed the day after working with the protocol on any of the topics. It is necessary to "catch" such a moment and everything that gets out of your head, to write down. Then run into "Auto-Mashka". The result is assured.

Similarly, processing of negative beliefs, unbeliefs, doubts is carried out. They can be personal or common, like someone's "clever phrases", sayings, folk sayings:

  • Do not stick your head out and be more modest;
  • Be like everyone, do not stand out;
  • Better be humble, not arrogant.

All this nonsense exactly in the same sequence you need to shove in "Auto-Mashka", read, run and breathe freely.

About the search for enlightenment

Those who came to the Turbo Ground Squirre system, the reviews studied about different other ways, tried to find themselves true and free. Those who are seeking spiritual enlightenment, who are convinced of the complexity of the world order, can really approach such practices as PEAT or other psycho-correctional methods.

For those who need not just sensations of clarity and awareness, but, first of all, quick practical results, the book "Turbo-gopher" is suitable. Reviews - reviews, and you need to have your opinion. If the information has come, then it's not just that. It is better to study, use, and then evaluate the system, after receiving the results.

"Freebies" dubbed "Turbo-gopher" negative reviews. From freebies are not sausages during kickbacks, there is no depression and the desire to send all these gophers and the rest, taken together, where far away. And not everyone is given independently and correctly "upload" themselves to sleep the future. The effect of working with protocols is that problems do not hide even deeper, they simply dissolve. Remains of memories of emotions and events that were experienced before. The practitioner's reaction to the former stimuli is radically changing. A shy person becomes confident, timid - bold, guilty - calm and healthy.

The financial problems are solved by themselves, relations are being adjusted, and the body and mind are improving. Only spiritual enlightenment does not come. Who is looking for exactly this and that, can use other, more complex and lengthy practices. After all, everyone finds what he is looking for. And many come to the "Turbo-ground squirrel" system. Reviews of the book and the results obtained for many more years will help our compatriots find their "I" in the tangled expanses of their own subconscious.

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